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A story centering on a eleven year old boy, named Jonas in the seventeenth dimension. A future where freedom relies on his talents to assist him and others to escape, while battling dangers across the land while searching for freedom in a land faraway captivating a sanctuary where no danger, can reach them.

Action / Adventure
Andrea Kastel
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

There was no time for him to think. Jonah found himself surrounded by what mutant hyenas with vicious red eyes and sharp, white teeth outshining their black fur mixed with a little brown. He looks around frantically for a way to defend himself. No weapon lies within his site. If there is no weapon the other option would be to find a way out. He looks around for a ladder to safety. He discovered there is none. He's doomed. He's about to die from a brutal attack in a dark corridor. His eyes become watery, as his heart pounds hard against his chest. He could feel himself becoming very overloaded with emotional imbalances. He begins wailing, "HELP I AM BEING ATTACKED BY MUTANT HYENAS!!!"
The lights in the room come on, and three professors which were in their seats stand up holding their clipboards, as the hyenas which seemed realistic, turn out to be projector screens. They disappear, as Jonah begins trying to settle himself and viewed the professors shaking their heads with disapproval.
Jonah could witness the one professor with purple, spiky hair and indigo eyes standing up. He was shorter then the rest as he stood in-between the two teachers on his left and right side, who are much taller and stronger. He spoke, "That'll be all Mr. Jefferies," while taking off his goggles, with a flat mouth planted on his face, as he makes his final mark on his paperwork, requiring the diagnostics of the simulation battlegrounds.
"So how did I do Professor Purspike?" Jonah asked, "Did I pass this time?"
"I'm afraid not Mr. Jefferies," Purspike says, "Once again you fail the most important part of the test. Dealing with an experimental animal species which escaped containment. It's very important for all different rankings in our academy who are in training, to be prepared for anything if they're going to be chosen to be a top agent."
"So, I fail?"
"I'm sorry to say so," Purspike says as he then handed his clipboard of notes and observations to one of the other professors, as he approached the boy having a seat on the simulation battle stage. He takes a note he wrote straight to the point and handed it out to him.
Jonah glances at him, then asks, "What's this?"
"A conference invitation for your folks," Purspike informed, "We have to discuss what to do now, since you have failed a second time in a row."
"Great, aren't I lucky," Jonah mumbled sarcastically, as he took the note from Purspike and places it into his carry on bag with frustration.
"Don't worry I am sure your folks, would be understanding," Purspike started, but is interrupted by Jonah's groans as he clutched knuckle, "What's wrong?"
"You think you know my father, and you don't!" Jonah pointed out, "You just think he's going to be happy as a clown, when he hears he has to go to the battlegrounds for a meet. Then when you finish talking he will leave with a fake-smile after hearing, what you tell him. He comes home to grounds me like he does to grain when it comes to baking bread. He is going to smash me up, with his mighty fists and breaking me down just like the grain he uses, rather then pestle it. I am totally going to get smashed. I've been warned last time."
Purspike reaches a hand out in order to pat Jonah on his shoulder. He knows the father is going to be infuriated with him.
"Everything will be fine, trust me," Purspike reassured Jonah before leaving with the other two professors, "have a nice night, make sure he reads it and signs it."

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