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chapter 2

Walking home in the dark after another failure at spy school was pretty disappointing and quiet. Jonah walked in a rather slow, sluggish pace down the streets outside of the training building, to his neighborhood as he went over the note given to him. The note was clearly understood. It says:

Mr. and Mrs. Jefferies please report to the Strategy Building. It’s urgent.

sincerely yours,

Purple Spikeston

Jonah sighed as he closed the note and placed it back into his book bag. He rather not go home. He feels as if he needs to go somewhere, quiet where he can vent his feelings. Not just vent his feelings but get over the fact he had failed.

He came to the decision of going to the park. The small park which always made him feel at ease. It gives him the sense of tranquility. Tranquility is one word fitting the description of perfect. A pro at spying is one thing he has dreamed of being, but now he knows he could not ever become one. Dad is going to be so mad, this is going to taint his side of the families name. However he wasn’t sure about his mother’s side. He doesn’t know much about it. He never questioned or asked her.

Jonah has a seat on a bench underneath a large oak tree still losing its leaves. He then throws his head back and stared straight up at the starless night sky. He then mutters after another exhale, “If I’m not meant to be a spy, then what am I?”

“meow...” Jonah looks around, feeling confused. Where is that sound coming from. It calls again, “meow.”

Now it’s close by, Jonah felt something grab him around his legs. He glanced down to see a small, black kitten, with golden eyes and white boots on his paws. His eyebrows raise as he noticed the small feline rub up against his legs, giving off a sweet, purring sound. The collar around the small kitten is a light blue with odd indigo symbols upon it.

He then looks around in wonderment, this kitten was too sweet and welcoming not to belong to someone. He calls out into the streets surrounding him, “Hello? Did anyone lose a black and white kitten with a blue collar?”

The streets remain silent. There was no signs for anyone close by to come and the kitten settles itself in-front of him comfortably. He had only one option. Take the kitten home with him. He places the note given to him by his teacher into his book-bag. Then he picks up the kitten and says, “I’ll take you home. I don’t see anyone around. So, you might as well stay with me.”

The black kitten closed his eyes, and rests, for he knew he will be safe with Jonah.

Jonah kept walking t0 his house. It’s hard, for anyone to tell which one is the Jefferies’ because most of the residential buildings are quite alike. If you notice their structural designs most of them have very long and enormous glass windows which are a circle shape and had beautiful red doors in between them. The color of the walls around the structure is white. There was even a driveway to fit one single car, for one family to share it. Jonah was fortunate to live in a neighborhood like this one, cause only the rich can afford it.

The wealth his family had all came from his father’s hard work and persistence. He was a magnificent man who was a spy, and inventor. That was another reason Jonah never spoke of him, while being under pressure at spy school. He hated how his father speaks of high-success makes yourself the best. His father expected him to live up to his expectations and keep a good name to the family.

Yuck, Jonah thought to himself as he came up to the driveway of his home, petting the kitten. He then tells the black kitten, by whispering into its ear, “I don’t know what I’m going to tell them Symbols.”

He opens the door to their home only to be greeted by their robot dog.

“Welcome home Master Jonah, bow-wow,” the robot dog says every elegant in a British accent.

“Thanks Bot,” Jonah says while hanging his coat and book bag upon a hook.

“Got anything for me?”

“Yeah, take this to Dad,” Jonah hands the invitation to a conference to Bot who then put on his magnifying glasses to read the message from Purple Spikeston and said, “Oh...this looks like a terrible news for your father to get from your school. Do you want me to shred it with my paper shredder?”

“No,” Jonah dismissed, “Just give it to Dad.”

“Are you sure? I mean it’ll be much of a great relief from...”

“I said NO!” Jonah shouted at the top of his lungs, “God so help me, I just want it signed by father, and then sent right back to Professor Spiketon.”

The robot dog snarled rather snarky and admitted a, “Fine, whatever you say just trying to help you avoid...” he was interrupted by a catch of a smell of an enemy nearby. He then glanced towards Jonah and noticed he is holding a black kitten, while he rubbing its neck with his fingers.

Bot growled, “Is that a robot cat?”

“No. At least I don’t think so, I found him crawling around our area. Why did you hear something? I think he’s a normal kitty,” Jonah was a little surprised to witness the dog becoming defensive about a cat being in the house.

“It looks like a robot cat to me,” growled Bot, “cause I recall your father has bit of a rivalry with one of the infamous... second wealthy man who he wished to be unwealthy...”

“I know Joseph Skittles,” Jonah heard this story a million times since he was a boy. This is what made most of their rules go around inside the house. The rules went like this during his father’s lecture the first time he heard it. He remembers it by heart, “Son never trust another man you are in competition with. He is full of tricks get my drift.”

His father’s rules suck. Especially when it involves him. It’s not right. There wasn’t really much Jonah had in common with his father other then living inside the same house. He did not have his father’s movie-star looks, his black shiny hair, snow white skin and dazzling brown eyes. All he had was more of a shady physical feature to his body while his eyes are as blue as the ocean and crimson hair. That isn’t the only thing they had in common. The second thing he had not in common is the rivalry his father had with Joseph Skittles and other spies. He got along with everybody and never wished anyone to be poor or have ill will happen.

The sound of rolling desk chair wheels could be heard coming from upstairs. Probably it’s his father getting ready to come downstairs, awaiting to hear news if he passed the tests in strategy or not. As Jonah predicted the office door opens up at the top of the stairs, and Mr. Jefferies comes into view.

He was dressed in his best business suit, and had a tad more firmness on his expression in a proud way. He speaks with pride, “Well how did it go today son? Did you have a good report on the secret agency testing?” He comes bounding down the stairs, “You will have no idea how proud I will be of you if you pass...” it didn’t take long for Bot to stick up his metal head, with the note from the professor of the strategy building in between his robot k-9 teeth.

Mr. Jefferies looks at Jonah who wasn’t smiling and crossing his arms about the note, being handed out to him. He knew for a fact there is no good news for him to hear. Instead there is a note full of bad news right in-front of him.

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