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Character driven psychological action/thriller...

Action / Thriller
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I flicker in and out of the recurring rapturous dark fantasy I keep, triggered by the black dagger strapped to her thick naked thigh above the winding black crossed lace wrapped around and over her knees, spiralling down powerful calves, entwining becoming the straps of her 3 inch black crystal heels as she steps over the body of our latest victim. Blood still leaking out of his jugular, his limbs twitch and jerk sporadically. excitement courses through both our bodies...

An open black military jacket exposes the skimpiest black bra of her slutty black panther uniform. Black fingerless gloves black beret and the tightest short shorts, as black as our hearts. My militant black bitch wipes a splatter of claret off my cheek as I peer into her wide eyes, deep into her soul. Lust has a grip and we can both feel it. I slide my black ninja sword back into the black sheath on my back, with a lusty grin and gruff tone I muse “ we’ve got 15 minutes”. The knowing look and subtext in my voice sends a vibration through her body gathering in her loins. Falling to her knees, she yanks my belt loose with manicured black nails in a hurried horniness yet with even more cock hunger. Commando in fatigues, my already hard hot meaty member swings loosely the moment she unzips the fly on my black militia trousers. Licking puffed lips coating them with the requisite slickness, she lets out a slow deep breath then slams her mouth down the entire seven and some inches to the base. Her warm tongue caresses my heated girth as she lets out a little gag, accommodating me with a smile as she closes her eyes and loses herself in the moment I reach behind the small of my back and pull out a black desert eagle, from a black back holster. My left hand free I grab her hair firmly, gently pulling her head back. Saliva, pre-come and gag fluids spill from her kinky lips and off my glistening swollen helmet, with a long slurp and Lipsmack, her eyes open slowly, staring down the barrel of the gun she loaded for me earlier. “ suck it” I command. She hesitates while she wanks me slowly. I look at her with a strong will, and with a firm rhetorical tone I ask “ do you trust me?” She nods her head coyly so I repeat “Suck it”, I pause and add “like you need it”. She opens her mouth wide salivating with risk filled lust, fear and exhilaration, I slide the Bucky into her gaping muzzle, keeping it slack and open she watches me flick the safety off. Giving me the sluttiest slitted eyes she lets go of my cock and with both hands grabs the wrist of my gun hand proceeding to show me the skillfullest wet, loose mouthed, chicken head. A talented display, making me so entranced I grab my engorged prick tightly and start jerking off aggressively. So furiously I might yank my cock off, this further encourages her already filthy display.

So intoxicated at this point, we are inbued with the moment and each other, everything is turning us on.The smell of still warm blood of our hit in the air, the taste of the metal in her mouth, the pain I am causing by wanking so hard, she feels a flood in her panties. Expertly and assured, yet lost licking slurping and twisting back and forth wildly on the gun shaft as if she wants to make it burst emptying it’s load into her wanton mouth “ yes baby” I growl at her loosing my breath, “get your fucking fingers inside you” her right hand immediately drops from my wrist to between her widely parted thighs, kneeling seated on heeled feet she unzips her skin tight shorts and enters her drentched eager beaver. Rubbing and gripping herself with an urgency of Now! Now! Now! The smell of my cock sweat fills her nostrils, engulfing her taking her over the edge. Bucking and thrusting her hips onto her fingers, so wet I can hear squelching sounds, which cause my tastebuds to tingle. Her mind overwhelmed, concentration falters, the orgasm rips through her body, jaw slackening, spittle dripping from both her lips and gun drooling. I push my ready to blow bellend in at the corner of her mouth, gun barrel still occupying space. The stretch brings her back to focus she begins licking both tools feverishly arching her mouth round the two, I shake her hand off the wrist of my gun hand, and tell her “give me ur other hand” she switches her hands continuing to frig ‘n’ buck on her left hand, I take her right wrist and bring her fingers to my mouth sucking her sweet juices off whilst doing so I bust my load into her over stuffed mouth, a white waterfall cascades down her chin. My cock flops out and she poses for me showing me her teeth clenched around the pistol we both giggle, until she notices me slowly squeezing the trigger closing her eyes she flinches…

To be continued

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