The Snake in the Tiger's Cave

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Everyone wants to be independent, but at what cost? Yu Hui Zhong finds himself in a maze of politics and love, where the love can sacrifice her everything for her motherland's freedom. Jhilmil can give up every bond of humanity just to see her country independent but she finds hard to give up on her beloved Police Chief Yu

Action / Romance
ShiLi | 视力
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British Concession

Late 1920’s

The Hamptons was bustling with people both foreigners and Chinese aristocrats. Yu Hui Zhong took the seat beside Victor Campbell, a prominent British official. Victor gawks an aristocratic Chinese girl, who is sitting alone.

“Mr. Yu, if I didn’t went to India first, I might have married her.” He points at the girl. Yu Hui Zhong keeps his whiskey down afraid that he may spill it, “Mr. Campbell, I never knew you were married”.

Victor laughs at Hui Zhong’s response, “Well, not yet though. But we will get married after she graduates”. Yu Hui Zhong spins the amber liquor, “So, I’ll assume she in college”.

Victor nods, “Yes, Trinity College. She is studying literature. She dreams of becoming a novelist”.

The two men continue to laugh and chat. But suddenly gunshots blare resonates. And a bullet hits Victor.



British Burma


A jeep arrives in a secluded forested area. There already a man was waiting. A woman emerges from the jeep. The two people greet each other. The man speaks first, “I know you have just arrived from China. But this is important.” “Yes sir, I know.” The woman’s voice deprived of any emotion.

“You know what has to be done next.”

“Yes sir, for motherland.”

“Yes, for motherland.”



British Concession

A week after the Hamptons Shooting

The carriage stopped in front of the Campbell Estate. An Indian girl exited from the carriage; her white silk sari made her look like an angel. Hui Zhong was leaning on the wall, “I assume you are…” She curtsied, “Payal Ganguli, Late Lord’s fiancée.”

“I have heard a lot about you.” He tries to make small talk. “Oh, xie xie nie.” She thanks him in Mandarin. He says thoughtfully, “Lord Campbell was a good man.”

She pauses, “Well, are you Police Chief Yu, Yu Hui Zhong?” Her Mandarin accent amazes him. He stutters, “Yes”.

She stops walking.

“So, you’d probably know, Yu Hun Jin.” She removes her sunglasses. He looks at her like he saw a ghost, “That… that’s my sister.”

She chuckled as she entered inside.

“She has strong views against foreigners, why are you supporting them?” She asked when she settled herself on the armchair. Hui Zhong laughed at her such question, “I see, you know her. Ms. Ganguli we are same. Aren’t we?”

“Shén ma?” She almost yelled.

“Ms. Ganguli, you were betrothed to a foreigner, while I’m just following their orders. Unless…” He pauses. “So, you think I killed my fiancé? For what though?” She fiercely switched to English. “Sorry Ms. Ganguli if I offended you. But your fiancé’s death has caused a lot of commotion here.” He apologised.

After all, Payal Ganguli belonged to one of high tables. If he somehow upsets her, that mistake would take him to grave.

“Don’t worry. I won’t be staying here for too long.”


Payal closed the door as Hui Zhong went away. She sighed heavily. The upcoming storm made her quiver. This is Shanghai and she could trust no one. Except Yu Hun Jin and…

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