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Something impossible happened, a second bug of the millennium and this would not be a problem if a while later the world had not started to have aspects of games. First items started to appear, then people started to gain strange abilities and finally the places changed, where there had been huge buildings and towers, forests appeared with trees and fruits impossible to grow. The world kept changing and then the Moobs emerged, they would create an era of destruction if it weren't for the players. The story tells how Jun Saie, one of the strongest players, lost everything he had and now needs to get everything back.

Action / Romance
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"Hey, do you know video games? Well, a silly question these days, but have you ever wanted to join your favorite game? Yes? So welcome to my world, a place where there have been big changes and now the world has aspects of games".


[Name: Jun Saie]

[Position: Player rank A]

[Family/friends: private]

[HP Current: 10,000/10,000]

[Matches: 997]

[Status: alive]

[Loading ....]

[Jun saie - offline]

A young man with brown hair wearing only jeans and a sleeveless shirt, was going against a group of lizards with black skin and several blue and red spots on his body.

'Jun are you sure of that? Even if it's an A rank, you're unarmed.' A young woman with black hair spoke while holding a long sword, where on her worn blade she had old inscriptions. His blade was black, as black as the darkness that dwells in the depths of the ocean, the handle of the sword was made of a gray metal and on this handle there was a drawing of an ancient colossal beast. Only by looking at the drawing would the viewer feel a colossal pressure on his body, at the end of the blade there was a small missing part that was probably lost in a colossal battle. The sword was stuck in one of the many lizards that were in the room. The sword emits a green light, as if some mystical power were being channeled into it.

"Selins, I think after that I won't want to be healed by you, it's okay, if it weren't for the excessive number of mobs I could zero out this rank D match alone."Jun Saie spoke while deviating from the lizard attacks, Jun saw Selins piercing the body of a largato and then the body of the same began to deteriorate by the excess healing that the sword was causing.

(When are we going to do something?)

I thought a group of people stood in front of the entrance door of the room, while they looked at Jun Saie grabbing one of the lizards by the neck and smashing it against the ground, after which he grazed the lizard next to him and slammed his hand shut at the chest of this reptile and went through his chest with his fist.

"Let's go to the last room. This is too easy." Jun Saie says this while throwing a lizard's body on a floor filled with them.

(This must be because you are too strong, it took only a scratch that has already healed)

One of the young men thought he would have ended up with only two lizards. The door in front of them opened and showed a completely different room from the previous ones, in the room there was a huge statue of a woman. This statue had 5 meters, in the hand of the statue was a sword as large as the statue is of the same material, on the blade of the sword had several words and runes in red, they were located between numbers demarcated in the blade going from 5 Thousand to 35 Thousand, there was still an empty space on the blade until the demarcation of 45,000 in it being empty of any word or rune.

'Come back, there are still living creatures.'The statue spoke at the same time as he moved his arms and shoved his sword into the ground, sinking it until only the handle was visible.

"Don't panic, surely she meant herself, see"Jun arrived in front of the statue punching the body of the statue

[ Damage = 0]

(Wait, this room shows the damage then...)

Before Jun Saie concluded his thought he was struck by one of the girls in the group who used a knife.

[Damage = 130]

"Jaden, why did you do this? " cried Selins. Jun then without hesitation, hit Jaden in the head who was sent away.

[Damage = 780]

'This is the only way out, look at the statue.' Jaden spoke before he passed out. When the rest of the group looked at the statue they saw that it had torn the sword off the ground and turned the shape of when they had arrived. The stripe had increased in size

[Final Mission: Kill jun saie player and deal damage of at least 45,000 on the player's body. Damage per bullet = 100 - Total damage = 100. Player life 9,995/10,000 . Punishment for mission failure: Death]

'Keep shooting, the only way we can get out of here and rack up 45,000 damage, he's an A rank and has 10,000 health is him or us.'

(Looks like I've come to my end, these bastards...)

Eight people, four girls and four boys, they had automatic rifles and were shooting at a single person who had no chance of moving under the rain of bullets.

[Bullet damage = 100 - Total damage = 13,000]

[Damage = Unknown]

[Damage = Unknown]

[Damage = ######]]

A sweaty young man woke up looking at his trembling hand, he was panting and with a severe headache.

[Name: Jun Saie]

[Position : Player rank F]

[Family/friends: private]

[HP: 0/0]

[Matches: 1]

[Status: alive]

[Loading ....]

[Jun saie - offline]

[Update installed - resetting settings - error removed Jun Saie is online]

The young man in only white boxer shorts gets up and goes straight to his bathroom where he washes and goes to his residence room."When did I clean the room?"

The young man wondered when he saw the entire apartment, which used to have several papers and weapons thrown around the place, a few seconds later his stomach snored."It seems I haven't had food in years."

The young man turned on the television and let time pass while making a sandwich and listening to his television.'The world is going through an update again and this can change several things, even if it is so small, confirmed that each person has a unique window and only she can see the same'

"Many things changed in a single night."The young man cut off his finger and an annoying voice immediately came to his head.

[Small cut, damage = 2]

While the finger was bleeding the voice is repeated several times."Shut up."

The young man was about to punch the ground but stopped when he heard a different voice.' If you wish to interrupt the voice in question, I suggest not to do so, Mr.bug.'

A young woman with white hair with beams of rays shaking her hair and with the numbers being the most one and zero marked on her body appeared. She had left the television in a magic pass."What's a Game Master doing here?"

'So you already know us!?'

"Who does not know the group of people with white hair, gray eyes, numbers marked on the body and who pass the leg on idiots who believe in them!? "Jun Saie took the knife thrown to the ground and threw it at the young woman, this held the tip of the knife between the red nails, after doing so she dropped the knife that fell apart and became a window with a complete plug of Jun Saie."You're kidding me, right? What do you mean rank F?"

'That's why I'm here. On the day of the game, something took him offline and that wouldn't be a problem if his body hadn't been destroyed.'Before the young woman continued to talk, she took a glass and started filling it with water until it overflowed.

"Let me guess, the idiots lost the line and gave the statue too much power, right? How many of them died?"The young woman went after him hugging him and talking softly in his ear.

'I like smart guys, but I'm sorry to say you're not one of them.'She ran her hand across his face.

'You were the one attacked by her and that's what made you look like this'She stuck her hand in his rib and instead of an annoying voice, a window appeared in front of him showing

[Rib injury, perforation - damage = 189]

[Current HP = -191/-191]

Jun elbowed her in the stomach, he turned his hand over her face and threw her to the ground. Pressing her face on the floor while sitting on her back he started talking."I had said I understood, so I didn't need a demonstration."

The young woman appeared behind him passing his hand on the wound he had done.'You can call me Bina, and don't worry, I've cured what I did, so could you drop my hologram?'

The young woman sat in the sink, crossing her legs and pulled out a roll of paper directly from the fabric of the dress. 'In short, you died and it took you four years to come back to life, in addition to the damage you suffered, the fact that you were offline made it a bug.'

Jun slams his hand against the wall and comes face to face with it."So you intend to erase me? or will I be your slave?"

The girl gave jun saie a quick kiss on the mouth. Putting his hand behind his head makes him touch his forehead with his. 'It's the complete opposite, I came here to reward you for not let you die in peace, but as that alone would not be enough, we will give you two bonuses, a map that shows zeroed stages that are appearing...'

Jun caught the map touching his surface. "I understand, and second option then, I'm out"

Jin threw the map at her and went to her room waving at her as she spoke. "That was good enough, there's something I need to do so you can go now."

'That's right, Mr. Jun.' The young woman who had used television to appear returned the television to her normal state, as she had burned it during her arrival at the apartment, Bina heard something coming in the direction of the television and stopped her going.'So Mr. Mangtoon was the player who zeroed out the blood sword game'

'We can say yes, I say it just wasn't easier because a nuisance was in my group, but at least whoever matters came out alive. '

Jun threw a coin that was in his pocket toward the young woman who again grabbed her between his fingers."Bina, you said two bonuses, didn't you?"

'What made you change your mind?'

"Well, I remembered I left some insects taking care of my belongings."An hour later, wearing a black suit Jun was in front of the door passing his hand around his neck

"I think I overslept, it's time to move this old body." After Jun left, Bina would be lying on the couch with the TV on talking to herself.

'What's he going to do with it? Well, whatever it is, I just hope she doesn't die early, in front of the building where Jun lives, a young man with white hair and red eyes leaves a bar looking at his wallet.

'Man, I have to stop spending money for free. It's annoying the face they make when they lose everything, but I need or can't afford the sefeni hours' The young man started looking at all the people who passed in the street seeing a window over his head showing how many pranks that person had made.

(No, he did 100, or not even think this guy made 1,362, this looks good 78, but this 32 is perfect, he still shouldn't have... a match? it seems that I do not need to worry for long)

The young man stretched one of his legs back and hit the ground with the other at high speed in the direction of Jun who took two steps back and stretched his arm forward causing him to hit the same and almost break his neck."Thank you"

Jun spoke by grabbing him with his arm and leaving him standing preventing him from falling, with a smile on his face he pulled the young man's arm hard by dislocating him and taking his wallet, thus dropping him to the ground "Documents, documents, player license, more documents, debts and here are, only thirty dollars seriously? More is enough." Jun with his back to him threw his wallet back, holding the thirty dollars and a few steps ahead he felt his hand tremble and stopped when he saw a window in front of him.

[Impact damage = 300]

"So my hand is a little useless now, but at least I could prove that my physical abilities remain the same." He passed his head hand and began to think.

(But unlike before now players above the rank D give a lot of work, but now it's time to visit an old friend.)

[CURRENT HP = - 491/- 491]

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