Zombie land (boyxboy)

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Its 2078 and The machines has turned against humanity. The machines have made a virus that can make a human crazy in seconds. They turn... cannibal. After the virus has been spread they closed off all the power in the city's

Action / Humor
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Chapter 1

listening to the growls and yelling from the inhumans is maybe the worst thing to listen to! its like lisening to some messed up bird in voice change, its pretty annoying.

this happened recently, its 2078 and the machines have turned against humans, they invented a virus that could make a human go crazy in minutes. I was one of the lucky ones that got away from the city in time. before the virus was everywhere.

and right now im running away from some inhumans. i promised myself not to set a foot in the city again, but i was just serching for food! but I almost ended up being the food! its dangerous in the city.

i was originaly with my group, but i got lost in a mall, we accidentally split up so now i was trying to serch for them before those stupid inhuman bastards started casing me!

right now im running around like an idiot trying to find help. i cant yell after help either, those bastards would hear me and make me like one of them, i dont want that.

i turn left, and to my suprise its a dead end, fuck... i can hear foodsteps, they are coming closer, i tried looking for an safe exit but it was to late, the inhumans had blocked off the only exit there were. i am seriously gonna die here, no... i dont want to die. i still need to find the others. it cant end up like this.

while i was panicking the inumans was closing up to me, when i snapped out of it i slowly backed away untill i touched the brick wall. i saw a wood plank laying on the ground besides me, i took it and started swinging at the inhumans as they came closer. but the wood didnt take so much thought. it broke pretty fast. and now the inhumans were probably around 15-20 and im only one person. i could never take them down on my own!

“WROOM!” it was a suddent noise that strattled me. the inhumans turned away to look where the sound was coming from, was i saved? was it the group that had found me!? i ran out as the inhumans walked away. i looked ewerywhere but no sight of anny normal people.

“GURH!” it was a bird in voice change! that annoying tone i can hear behind me. i turn and behind me was an inhuman standing, he was big and ran towards me, i jumped away from his path in time, but the man turned towards me again, i got up and ran as fast as i could, i could heard the man right behind me. but i tripped on my legs because i have never ran this fast in my entire life because im so damm weak! i fell down with a big thud. i could feel my foot get hit by something heavy. “argh!” my foot was crushed by a heavy box, and the inhuman was closing up.

i saw something shiny behind it and then the inhuman fell down infront me, it was a man standing behind the inhumans body, he was quite attractive. he was probably around 18-21 years old “you need help?” he asks while reaching his hand towards me. how the fuck am i gonna get up if there is an heavy box chrushing my foot huh!? stupid man!

i tried to get up by myself, but the screaming pain in my leg was to unbearable. the man lifted the heavy box of my leg and then helped me up, but i couldnt stand properly. the leg was hurting so bad, so the man helped me move by him supporting my shoulder.

we started walking out of the city, or what it seemed like we were. “where are you taking me?” i dared to ask, there was something not right with this man. “getting you help of course! but i have a question are you bitten? not that it matters annyway”

he didnt care if i was bitten?!?!? this man has a problem or two.

if i was bitten it wouldnt take long before i end up like one of those inhumans. “im not bitten, and why are you helping me? what if i am a murder or something?!” the man put his finger up to his lips “be quiet” there was a horde of inhumans just walking. there were so many of them. if we make one wrong move we would be dead in seconds! the man took me to another exit. when we were out of the city a group of people was standing there “hey! why were you taking so long-” the man stops when he noticed me “You took with another!? its as hard as it is to find food!” the man started arguing with the man that helped me

i needed to do something “its fine, im usless anyway, my foot is what i think broken. im just gonna be a burden. ust leave me” i looked up at the men arguing “hold it!” another man shouted, his voice was deep it was pretty nice listening to. and when i saw his face! he was so handsome!

a kid walked up to the handsome man”leader Roman!! you should decide what to do!” the two men that were arguing stoped “right..” the man called Roman walked towards me, i feel a throbbing pain in my leg “ugh!” i fell, but i didnt fall on the ground, noOo, i fell on ROMAN!! “sorry!”

i pushed Rowan away “whats your name” asked Roman with his deep nice voice. please dont talk, your voice is just too deep its making my legs go weak... i think im gonna die! “A-Aiden...” i stuttered, this man was so perfect.. “allright, Aiden is coming with us!” i was shocked, with just saying my name and falling on him like a total ididot made me worth having?

i got placed on the motorcycle with the guy that helped me walk “we will walk to the base now! gather the food and supplies” Rowan was acting like a true leader, and everybody satrted walking “start the motorcycle when we are in the forest" Rowan patted my shoulder "welcome to the white Crow Aiden"

a new chapter of my life has started, and its with hot guys!??! i think i am willing suvive in this shithole a little longer!

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