Finding A MC Princess

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The Prez of the baddest MC finds out he has a daughter! Will She be found in time? Will she willingly be apart if his world? Will she run denying him of being her father? People are after her and she doesn't even do it! She's fierce and feisty and determined to protect those closest to her!

Action / Romance
Holly Thompson
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Chapter 1

Bitch get up or so help me i'll drag your worthless ass to the Prez by your fucking hair. NO! shouts Sky one of the club whores. Fine I like it the hard way anyways. I grab a handful of her hair and start dragging her ass down the stairs where the Prez and the rest of the guys are. AGHH! Shout screams. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? Prez she was talking to the Reapers. Not about club business Sky says. The Prez stands up and walks until he is standing in front of her. What were you talking to them about Sky. "They asked me where to find Jessica". WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY? "Jessica you know your ex old lady" She says with an attitude. Prez is pissed, he pulls out his gun and says "Tell me everything or you die". Fine she has a daughter Cheyenne and she's yours! They live in Thomasville! Sky I don't have a FUCKING DAUGHTER! "Jessica took off when she found out she was pregnant, so yes you do! She looks just like you and Jessica". says Sky. Did you tell the Reapers where to fine them? No I swear! Take her ass to the fucking cellar! Sky if I find out you told them where to fine Cheyenne I'll kill you, Slim find me her address men lets ride out. That's how the Prez and the MC found out there's a Princess.

Dodger Prez POV
I'm known as Dodger the baddest President of Silencer of Men MC. I'll be steeping down in a week and what a week it's going to be. I have many men but my VP is my son Digger, the enforcer is Blaze after our main guy was killed, Then there's Rex, Dagger and slim all my top men.
Before the men and I get on our bikes I tell Slim to find everything on Jessica, and to call me within the hour with the location of my daughter. He says "Got it Prez." The rest of our men head out on our bikes. After an hour we are pulling up to a diner in Thomasville waiting for slim to with the location. While i'm lighting a smoke Digger comes over. "Dad, if it turns out Cheyenne is yours what are you going to do to Jessica?" She took my fucking daughter! What do you think I'm gonna do I say. "Think about Cheyenne pops." I turn to look my son in the eyes. Jessica left without even telling me she was pregnant, what am i suppose to just let that shit go? I ask him. Suddenly my phone rings and I immediately answer the call.
Phone Conversation
Talk to me!
Prez you've got to get back the Reaper's are planning an ambush.
I'm on the way! You got the location so I can send Digger and Blaze?
515 Saint Drive, Thomasville
Digger you an Blaze drive to 515 Saint Drive to get Cheyenne, Everyone else we are headed back the Reapers are planning a goddamn ambush. Rex my brother says "Let's Roll". Everyone obeys and follows orders.
Cheyenne's POV
My name is Cheyenne I'm 20 years old until tomorrow! My mom is nothing like me, I'm obsessed with tattoos and I love to have fun after all you only live once. My moms boyfriend Dalton of 5 years is a Preacher and we clash all the fucking time, his son Dylan is a asshole from hell. I'm walking in the from just getting my sleeve tattoo finished when Dalton sees me.
WHAT THE FUCK! He shouts and grabs my wrist. Your mother didn't raise you to be a tatted biker whore.Your going to pay to have those removed or so help me god, I'll burn them off your fucking body.
You can try. You are NOT MY FATHER! This is my body. Next thing i know he backhands me in the mouth.
Your going to Hell Cheyenne!
Then I'll see you there, hello you have fucking tattoos I say not giving a damn. Suddenly he yells for Dylan. A few minutes later he walks in. I have a hand gun stashed in the living room where we are all now standing.
What Pops? Dalton walks away and comes right back holding a torch! My eyes get big.
Hold her down Dylan!
O Hell No! I run as fast as I can and open the hidden door of the book case and get the gun out! I never put the safety on, I turn around at the exact moment Dylan get's to me. My gun is literally pointed and pressed to his chest. STEP BACK NOW!
You won't shoot us Dalton says.
O But I will!
Burning your flesh won't be the only thing we will be doing to your whore ass! He says with venom in his voice.
Ah pops are you saying I can finally have my way with her tight ass?
Yup and I'll get her pussy.
Like HELL YOU WILL! They charge at me and I immediately pull the trigger hitting Dylan right in the chest blood splatters on me from being so close. He falls then I instantly turn my gun to Dalton but he knocks me down making the gun drop. The gun goes off hitting him right in the head while his body lands on top of me. I push the dead weight of his body off of me and stand and pick up the gun. I stand in the middle of the living room looking at the massive bloody scene in front of me, then my mother walks in through the back door. When she Dalton's body on the floor she falls to her knees and screams "AHH! What did you do", with anger in her eyes. What did I do! Are you kidding me, they were about to burn my flesh and gang rape me I protected myself! I shout.
I guess during the shooting my adrenaline was so high I didn't hear the motorcycles, because the next thing I know two biker dudes just barge in!
Blaze's POV
I'm blaze the enforcer for the club and Digger's the future presidents best friend. Digger and I pull up and park at the end of the drive way. We shut our bikes off and hop off when I hear a gun shot.
Yo Digger did you hear that? Then another one goes off.
I heard that one!
We take off running pulling our guns out, we walk up to the door and hear a woman crying so we barge in the door ready for anything, but what we see. When we walk in we see two body's on the floor one dead and the other bleeding out, then the woman turns around! She has blood splatter all over her and she's holding tightly to a gun then she speaks.
Who the hell are you?
I'm Digger you brother and this here is Blaze! She turns to her mother. Mom what is he talking about?
Your Dodger's son? Asked Jessica. Digger answer her "Yes!"
Mother what the fuck is going on?
H.E.L.P! Says the guy while spiting up blood.
Jessica runs over to him and puts pressure on his chest wound. When Cheyenne aims the gun at her mother and yells "Get the hell away from him!"
Cheyenne he'll bleed out!
Good fucking riddance! He was going to hold me down while your boyfriend burnt my flesh then they were going to rape me! He deserves to die.
I won't sit here and let him die Cheyenne.
O mother mother you will or i swear I'll put a bullet in between your eyes and you'll join your lover in hell!
Your just like your father!
You lied to me?
Yes! I didn't won't you to be anything like him but yet here we are. Your covered it tattoos and a killer, hell maybe the MC can pass you around!
Cheyenne aims her gun and shoot her mother in the leg.
AGHH SHIT! Get out of my house, the only thing I regret is not getting an abortion when I found out I was pregnant!
I'll see you in hell mother.
Cheyenne walks up stairs. Her mother looks at both of us and says "Enjoy her boys." You sick bitch that's my fucking sister! You deserve to die, but i'm sure we'll be seeing you again! Digger says then I butt in and say "Real soon."
You'll all be dead! Shit did I forget to mention these men were apart of the Crows (Smirking).
Cheyenne walks down in a new shirt with her bags and hears her mother mention the Crows. She drops her bags and pulls her gun back out aiming it at her mother head. Jessica eyes widen.
Sweetheart just wa.. They killed Scarlet and Tony and FUCKING KNEW DIDN'T YOU? "Yes and I don't regre.." Cheyenne shootd her mother in the head without blinking. "FUCK" Digger says. She turns to us and says So i'm guessing my dad wants me? Digger replies and says Yes! Let's go then Cheyenne says turning towards the door.
Now it's my turn. Sweetheart we can't just leave the body's. She tells me not to worry and walks out side, a few moments later she walks in and starts pouring gasoline everywhere.
Let's go unless you want to burn. The three of us walk outside and she lights a match and tosses it inside the house! The house instantly starts burning. Digger takes her bags and tells her she'll be riding with me. Cheyenne walks up to my bike and I hand her the extra helmet. She puts it on. I try to give her my hand to help her on the bike but she just swings her leg over the bike and gets on like a pro. She smiles and says "Let's go." With that I get on and fire my bike up, she wraps her arms around me and we take off.

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