The Destroyer of Innocence

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Join Stephanie as she tries to overcome her traumatic past and get over the "One" who destroyed her innocence as she grows into the woman that she is now. As a person you can overcome so much. But once your innocence is snatched away, that is one thing you can never get back. Yet, now with each time she says yes to a job... She can't help but wonder if she is now the same as the "One" that damaged her all those years ago. Is she herself now a Destroyer of Innocence?

Action / Romance
Southern Desires
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The Mark

Frederick Stone looked at her from across the bar. His 6′4" frame with his broad shoulders, jet black hair piercing slate grey eyes would make any woman swoon and he knew it. So he bought her a drinks, passed sultry glances and head nods her way. Frederick Stone was a well known man in his underworld and was also very rich and powerful. But somewhere along the way he had made some enemies which often comes with the territory in his line of work. He had his security that he paid well and they were some of the best. A different woman every night. Tonight his attention was on the brunette in the dark blue dress that hugged her in all the right places. He smiled as she approached him."Conquest Won!" From afar she was good looking and up close she was absolutely stunning. That dark brown hair that fell in almost perfect waves accompanied with those eyes that seemed like melted pools of caramel. He was infatuated with her. They chatted with the usual small talk. Her seeming more interested in him as a person and his interest being far more primal. Stone felt absolutely deflated when she ended the night by thanking him for the drinks and his gentleman like hospitality. She once again flashed that million dollar smile as he gently kissed her hand as she went to shake his. And just like that she was gone. He did not know her name. Yet, he was not worried about that. He had his ways to get information. Stone liked to play games and she was going to make a great prize for this game he thought as he smiled to himself. He sat at the bar and drank a few more drinks waiting for it to close down and laughed when he saw his older brother walk out with some random blonde. His brother was 3 years older than him but they get mistaken as twins constantly.

Stephanie rushed to her car and immediately let out a loud breath she had not realized that she had been holding. She got what information she could from him, which wasn't much. Mr. Stone was very smart not to give out any real information to her. Other than his name, which she already knew. Sure he was extremely attractive any woman with a pair of eyes could see that even if she was half blind! However, that was her mark and she was not going to be seen leaving with him. That would definitely make her a suspect.

She changed into her “work clothes” in the car and waited for the club to close for the night. The wait surprisingly was not to long maybe a hour at the most. So Stephanie followed the car at a distance and watched as he and his "Toy" got out of the Mercedes and the driver pulled away. Stephanie waited outside of his house after the girl left in a cab and to her surprise she couldn't believe her luck when she saw his "Security Man" leave out on his sports bike as soon as the lights went out. She knew she had to make her move now whilst the coast was clear. It was all too easy to get a copy of his house key after scoping him out for the last 4 days. His "hiding" spot for his spare key was a rock by his mailbox out by the road... Seriously. She quietly entered his house avoiding the few cameras that were on the outer perimiter and praying that the alarm did not go off. Stephanie sighed in relief when she realized it was not even armed. "Was his security man in on this?", she asked herself.

She crept into his room with ease. Her heart jumped with anticipation as the dim moonlight that made its way through the window shimmered against the silver blade in her gloved hand. She the placed blade to his throat. “Good bye Mr. Stone,” Stephanie said in a sultry but audible tone as she used one hand to slide the knife across his throat and a smile spread across her lips as the blade cut across his flesh leaving perfect incision. His eyes opened wide. Mr. Stone tried to speak but it was useless all that cam out was a gurgling noise. He reached up placing his hands on the gash in his throat as the blood poured between his fingers and hands. As she started to see his slate grey eyes start to glass over Stephanie felt it was time to inform him of just whom it was that ordered his end. “Your wife sends her regards Mr. Stone.” Stephanie whispered into his ear it was a special request that she was happy to give this cheating piece of trash. Once he was gone she started cleaning up making sure she wouldn't leave anything at all. Then she heard the front door open and she realized she hadn't locked it back! She pressed herself against the wall behind the bedroom door.

The door opened and she saw a large man looking in shock at the bloody scene in front of him. He pulled his gun and she realized it was the Security Man. She didn't hesitate and sunk her knife into him once he took a couple steps into the room. She was trying to get him at the base of his neck but the moonlight betrayed her because he saw her shadow. So it sunk into is left shoulder. He turned around swinging and she wasn't fast enough. The blow he landed hit her right across her upper chest she flew into the wall and heard the sheet rock behind her crack from the impact of her body hitting . She slid down as she looked up she saw he was reaching for her so she came up with a right hook right to his chin. She felt satisfied as she saw his head snap back from the blow she landed. But that was short lived as he grabbed her throat lifting her up and pinning her to the wall. She could hear her pulse in her ears and she was starting to see bright white spots. This man was monstrous to her 5'4" 125 lb self. So Stephanie settled her mind and remembered her training. She would definitely need it to beat this man. She kicked both of her feet up into his chest and shoved with all of her strength. He slid back and she gasped for air. She waited, knowing his rage would lead him to charge at her so she was gonna be ready for him. Sure enough he charged her. As he did she side stepped leaving her foot out and using his force to ram him into the wall. As he hit the wall she yanked her knife out of him. The impact did not stun him like she was hoping. It almost seemed to do the opposite and give him a charge of adrenaline.

Stephanie turned and ran out of the room but he was faster or his strides were longer, probably both. As they reached the living room he grabbed Stephanie by the back of her hair and picked her up over his head and slammed her through the expensive glass coffee table. The wind was knocked out of her and her knife slid out of her hand. He gave her a few solid kicks to her left side and she felt and heard her ribs snap. The pain made her vision go blurry and her head spin. He yanks her back up by her hair. He punches her in her stomach three good times and she could swear she is going to vomit. But Stephanie was not going to just give up she was throwing punches where ever she can land them. But it didn't seem to phase him until she contact with his nose. The blood flowed and he dropped her.

She looked for a weapon of any kind as she noticed a lamp on an end table. Stephanie made a dash for the lamp and yanked the cord from the wall. Just as she turned he bull rushed her and slammed into a shelf behind her. Objects fell and shattered all around them. She smashes the lamp over his head and uses this as an opportune moment to wrap the cord around his neck twice and begin to pull it. He went to reach for her throat so she head butted him right in his nose again she saw stars again when she did that. When he went to reach up for his nose she slipped under his elbows and jumped on to his back. She pulled each end of the cord with all the strength that she had left in her. She did not dare release the tension on his neck until he hit floor unconscious. If he wasn't dead she would finish him off once she found her knife. After a couple minutes she found it under an end table. She stood up just and as turned he started to wake up. He rose to his knees trying to remove the cord from his neck. He couldn't see, Stephanie knew that due to the swelling of his eyes. Too bad for him it's a leave no witnesses kind of business that she is in. She sinks her knife into his stomach right below his belly button and yanked upwards. He grabs her wrist as he yells out in pain, but soon releases his grip on her. She pulls the knife back and watches him as he falls back dead while trying to put his intestines back into his body.

"Great look at this mess I gotta clean up." she muttered to her self in frustration. Stephanie was known for not leaving a trace and being meticulous about her jobs. She got to work and made sure not a clue was left behind. She glanced back as she left looking at her work, and she was quite pleased with herself.

Stephanie limped to her car and drove away leaving behind this town as fast as she could. Her work here was done. But she knew she was going to be feeling the aftermath of this "Mark" for a while.

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