Kill Him | 彼を殺せ (kare o korose)

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*AUTHOR IS ON A SHORT HIATUS FROM THIS BOOK* "Hey, pull the goddamn trigger! That little b***h knows too much, he cannot come out alive.", he told me. I tried to pull the trigger, my hands were numb, body trembling in fear and guilt, I can't shoot him, it's my fault, falling in love wasn't part of the plan. "I'm sorry.", I said as I pulled the trigger. Shino Toru, famous at the underground for killing and selling smuggled goods, finally meet someone who truly love him , but what will happen if he is ordered to kill the love of his life? Hikari Oyama, a desperate teenager who doesn't know what to do with his life, joined SCORPION, a secret underground -based gang, to waste his years, but little did he know the odds weren't in his favor. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS PURE FICTION. CONTAINS SWEARING AND VIOLENCE.

Action / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 : "Another woman was shot to death today in her apartment."

Disclaimer: Contains violence, swearing and romance between two boys, go away if you don’t like stories like this. Negativity, racists and homophobic people are not welcome.

You have been warned. Enjoy.

(listen to "Fuyu no Hanashi" while reading)

“A woman in her 20s was shot to death at 1:47 in the afternoon today, she was found dead in her apartment, the investigation is currently ongoing.”, the reporter said. The man wearing Doraemon PJs smiled and said, “It was nice to see her begging for her life, 2 shots in the legs and then in the arms, and lastly in the head. She was such a nuisance. めんどくさい! " ( medokusai= pain in the ass ), who would’ve known this man wearing Doraemon PJs killed someone?

Shino Toru, 28 years old, the man who killed all of his lovers including the one on the news. A lonely problematic a**hole, narcissist, kind to old people, looks nothing like a murderer.

Meanwhile, Oyama Hikari was walking home from school, blasting “Fuyu no Hanashi” in his headphones, paying no attention to his surroundings. Tears were falling from his eyes, we don’t know if it’s because of “Fuyu no Hanashi” or something else. “Argh! I f******g hate this! WHY CAN’T MY RELATIONSHIPS LAST LONG?! DAMMIT!“, Hikari said while crying endlessly, he just wanted to reach his destination, which is “home”. Now, that we know the reason why Oyama Hikari was blasting “Fuyu no Hanashi” in his headphones was because of a break-up, understandable.

[Oyama Hikari’s P.O.V.]

The 20-minute walk from school, felt like hours as if I can never reach my destination. Every step I take, it felt as if I was dragging my feet, it’s like I was carrying invisible heavy baggage.

I felt someone poke me, I took my headphones off to see who it was, it was a teenage boy around my age. He is beautiful, plump lips, doe eyes, my thoughts were disrupted, when I heard him ask,” だいじょぶ です か?( daijobu-desu ka?= are you okay?) ”

“Uhh--yeah I am.“, I said. “Are you sure? Your eyes are red.“, he pointed out. “Oh--that-was from---dust! Yeah--dust!“, I nervously said. This guy in front of me is beautiful than girls out there. “Uhhh--I’m Ikuya Fuko, how about you?“, he said. Gosh, this boy is so cute. I smiled and said, “I’m Oyama Hikari.“, right after I said my name a tall-man appeared. He put his hands around Ikuya’s waist, probably his boyfriend or brother? “Let’s go Ikuya.“, the man said. Ikuya apologetically smiled at me and waved goodbye.

I finally reached my destination, ”唯今!(tadaima!= I'm home/ I'm here!)", I said as I went inside. " and dad aren't here.", I sadly said knowing that they will never come back. Since my parents divorced, I now live alone. Mom left for me for good, meanwhile, dad lives in the countryside.

I put my backpack down and sat. My boyfriend broke up with me because "I was not the one for him". We were together for 2 years, I loved him with all my heart, but he left me because of his f*****d-up thinking.

My life is worthless at this point, so I plan on wasting my years on messed-up sh*t, cuz why not?


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