Kill Him | 彼を殺せ (kare o korose)

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Chapter 2: where did we go wrong? | part 1 |

*RING RING*, the alarm rang as Hikari groaned because it was too early for him to wake-up.

It was 8:30 in the morning and he is already late for school, “AH SH*T I’M LATE!“, Hikari said while hastily wearing clothes as he was brushing his teeth. He finally managed to make himself look presentable, but it took him 15 minutes, at this point the P.E. teacher will make him do 50 push-ups and sit-ups.

Hikari was so late that it was already 2nd period when he arrived. This 17-year old teenager actually does well in school, but he finds it very boring. After all of his classes, he plans on visiting a cafe, like always. But, today is different.

[ Oyama Hikari’s P.O.V ]

“Oi! Oyama, some girl is asking for you.“, I heard Shima Zuko say, I stood up and went outside to see the girl. I saw the girl standing beside the door, “Uhm, were you asking for me?“, I asked her. “Uhh---yes! I--wan--ted to....TALK TO YOU!“, the girl nervously said. Her face was red and to come and think of it, this was the first time I saw her. Who is she? “Uhm--I’m Matori Hanako! I have a crush on you senpai!“, she said, wait a minute...she likes me, no thank you.

“Oh. Well, I don’t.“, boom rejected. I have no intentions of hurting her feelings, but dude this is reality, not some fantasy sh*t. “Ohh...sorry for wasting your time senpai.“, she sadly said. “Well, rejection sucks, but this is reality.“, I told her and went inside the classroom.

It was lunch-break and I will eat alone as always. Ever since Kosuke broke-up with me I always ate alone. In the past, we always ate together, but yeah. I actually have no appetite so I'll just chill in the classroom. I listened to "Unravel" and stared into the abyss.

Kosuke and I lasted for 2 years and 4 months. I don't know what went wrong...I still feel broken. 2 years ago, I was feeling very empty, I was not sad nor happy. But, when I met Kosuke, I felt happiness, as if it was my first time. Now, that I am empty and broken again, I hope I can find something I can be distracted with.

I felt someone poke me, it was Shima. "What do you want?", I asked him. "Oyama, what'ya doin?", he asked. "Rethinking my life decisions.", I bluntly told him. "Oh--well, ya' free to talk?", he hesitantly asked. "Yeah.", I replied. He dragged me to the back of our building. If he'll do something illegal, I won't give an f about it, lol jk.

"Well--you see--I know that Kosuke broke-up with you...I heard him, he actually has a new boyfriend...BUT---are you okay with that? Oyama-san?", he asked, you know this is very weird, because he never calls me 'Oyama-san' it's always 'Oi Oyama'. "It's none of your business, so sod off will you?", I told him and started walking away from him. "Oi! I was just worried, because...I...never-mind.", I heard him say. 10 more minutes and lunch-break is over, so I headed to the classroom to read for awhile.

Oh God, I feel empty. I hate this. I feel heavy and my chest always hurt. Dammit, where did we go wrong?


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