Kill Him | 彼を殺せ (kare o korose)

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Chapter 2.5: decisions.| part 2 |

[ Oyama Hikari's P.O.V ]

My classes were already finished, I'll probably drink coffee till I drop, like literally drop. I drink a lot of coffee instead of drinking alcohol because my alcohol tolerance is very low.

After a couple of minutes of walking, I finally reached the cafe. I went inside and sat down at my favorite spot. I ordered the usual, which was a 'strong espresso Americano'.

"Oiii~~Yuma-kun~", I heard someone say, wait...THAT VOICE BELONGS TO KOSUKE! I turned around and saw him smiling happily while calling out the tall guy's name. They entered the cafe, I saw how different Kosuke is now...It's been 4 months since our break-up, wow...he already moved on. I finished my coffee in one gulp and ordered 3 more. They were sitting 2 seats beside me, I suppose Kosuke didn't notice me.

After a while, the waitress gave me my drinks, I drank all of them as if I was so thirsty. With each gulp I made, my tears fell, my body was shaking...I was so damn angry. I hate it here. I paid for my drinks and left.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH?!?!?! WHY??????", I screamed my heart out. I was so angry at myself, why did he leave me? It f**king hurts so much, why is life so unfair. Life will make you feel happy for a while and then break your heart again.

"Where am I?", I didn't notice where I was going a while ago so I don't know where I am right now. I was in a dark alley and there is a tunnel 100 meters away from me. Wait...I know where I am! This tunnel leads to SCORPION's base, I thought it was just a made-up story for naughty kids. My dad always told me to never go in a dark alley with a tunnel ahead, was he a previous gang-member?

Without hesitation I went inside the underground tunnel, not knowing what danger it would bring me.

[ Shino Toru's P.O.V ]

It was already 7:45 in the evening and I was cooking dinner. I live alone with my hermit crab named "Ren" (lotus). The hermit crab was a present from my mom, if you are wondering, my mom, knows all of the things I do, that's why she always nags at me every time I visit her. She's prolly sad because she has a son like me, I mean who wouldn't?

I happily ate, for the past few weeks, I haven't been in a relationship and killed someone, is something wrong with me? Because that is very unusual.

Today, I heard a boy scream his heart out, I guess he was heartbroken? I don't know, because I don't break hearts, I break bones. "I'm bored~ what crime should I do tomorrow? Nah, I wanna be a good person! As if I can.", I said while washing the dishes.

*RING RING*, my phone rang, "Hello?", I said. "Shino-san, we have a new member, it's a 17-year-old boy.", the man said and hung-up. 17 year-old?! The newbie will be the youngest in the gang. our oldest is 35 and the previous youngest was 20. Well...I hope that boy knows what he's in for.

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