Kill Him | 彼を殺せ (kare o korose)

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Chapter 3: " my distraction"

"Hello?", I said as I heard my voice echoing, it was dark and eerie inside the tunnel. It was so quiet that I can hear my own breathing. As I walked further into the tunnel, it got darker and darker with each step I made. I turned on my phone's flashlight and walked further, I saw a big metal door. It was guarded by 2 men who are accompanied by dogs instead of guns, which was unusual.

I'm scared, but you know what...Y.O.L.O b**ch. "Name?", the man asked, "Oyama Hikari.", I said.

The man's eyes widened, "O--yama?", he hesitantly asked. "Uhm...yes.", I answered. They phoned someone, and the last thing I knew was someone guiding me inside, they were treating me as if I was some prince. The inside of their base was neat-looking, which was very unlikely. I thought the inside would be full of violence-thirsty people and that there will brawl inside, but it actually looked like a workplace with minimalist decoration.

They guided me to an office. They told me to sit down and relax for a bit, hell they even asked me if I would like some tea or coffee.
"Oyama-san?", a tall and formal-looking man said as he entered the room. "I'm Tomo Osaku. Scorpion's leader.", he introduced himself. "My name is Oyama Hikari, I am 17 years old.", I said.

He sat down in front of me and asked, "What is your relationship with Oyama Akari?", I was surprised by his question, why the hell would a gang-leader know my father's name? "Well...he is my father.", I replied. His face lit up like a five-year-old child being offered ice cream.

"Mr. Oyama is your dad? Where is he now?", he asked. "Uhm--Tomo-san, why are you so interested with my dad?", I asked him.

"Well, you see...Mr. Oyama---no---Sensei was the previous leader of this gang. He was respected by all people, even enemies respected him. When he was the leader, there were no violence, the only thing that we did was, to stop the bad guys, but one day Sensei decided to quit, we were devastated, sad, angry, but when we found out the reason, we let him go. That's why I am now the leader, I think of myself as the temporary leader, because all of us here is hoping that one day...Sensei will come back.", he told me.

'My dad was a gang leader?! WTF? Wow---I am speechless.', I said to myself. what? Life is sh*tty and I got nothing to do, I want a distraction, I want something that will make me forget, and this is that "SOMETHING".

"I want to join!", I said out of nowhere. Tomo-san looked at me with wide-eyes and mouth agape. "W--what did you s--say?", he asked while looking at me as if I killed someone.

"I want to join.", I repeated. "No! It's dangerous. You are too young.", he replied. "Please, I want to join. My life has lost its purpose, my life is worthless at this point. my distraction."

Sorry for the very late upload, family problems and personal problems are the reason of my hiatus.
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