The Sovereign's Headsman

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Jonvan has known nothing but death and destruction in his life. He has magic which makes everyone fear him and think of him as a demon. On his journey an enemy shows him kindness and creates a spark of emotion. Will this ruthless killer take a chance at feeling alive, or will he shut down the thought with a swift strike of his blade.

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter One

***Cover will be updated once created. This is an action/anventure/sci-fi/fantasy novel. Graphic content is included.***

In one swift strike of his left arm, he decapitated two men while dodging another attacker from behind.

Jonvan is used to bloodshed. Everyone has been afraid of him since his childhood, even the king who hired him now is fearful. However, he promised the king he will bring no harm to him or his followers as long as he was paid well. The king was the only one who has shown him kindness in his life. He offered him a place to stay and the guarantee to never have to worry about food or money again.

Jonvan's profession is killing. He is sent into areas that people refuse to follow the king's rule and slaughters them like animals.

He is rewarded handsomely and it passes the time. Jonvan has never been one to feel that much. Of course he would feel pain if you stuck him with an arrow, but he is emotionally shut off from humanity. However, if you did happen to stick him with an arrow, his body's natural defense will kick in and it won't phase him anyways.

Nothing phases him anymore. He has a job to do, and gets it done. With that in mind, he sets fire to a dozen more townhomes with a flick of his wrist. He doesn't like using his magic that much because it does drain his stamina, but it is so much easier to set fires from a hundred feet away than up close. He perfected his melee combatant side so he never had to use his magic in battle. He has yet to meet anyone who can compete with a fraction of his abilities.

The townsmen rush at him in groups of ten, each group defeated in a few seconds. The ground is dyed red from the blood of these martyrs. He has been sent to kill thousands of people on the king's behalf.

Once Jonvan completed his job, he ransacked the homes, keeping anything of value.

He bursts through one of the homes and finds a mother and his teenage son alive and hiding.

"I'm going to kill you!" The boy lashes out at him with a hatchet.

"I don't think so." Jonvan pushes him aside, "I'd stay there, if I were you." His low voice echoes in the house.

He walks to the mother. "Please, you can have anything...just don't hurt…" Jonvan's sword pierces the women's heart.

"Don't worry. I won't hurt your son." He chuckles. Why is everybody so goddamn sentimental. How can someone mean more than your own life?

He turns to the boy and speaks, "You will live and tell the tale of how merciful your king is. He spared your life. Warn others that if they decide to rise up against him, they will suffer the same fate."

Jonvan finished his speech and left the boy with his mother's coldening body.

"No, I won't let you do this! You won't do this to anyone else!" The boy rushes the evil knight once more, only to fail and lie motionless on the ground.

"This is your last chance. Stay down and live another day." Jonvan warned and returned to his horse on the edge of town.

He looks over the damage that was needlessly caused today. Hundreds of dead villagers, all because they wanted to defy the king. Their fight was futile against him.

Even though his age was all but twenty-five, he fought with the wisdom and tenacity of a thousand years of experience.

Jonvan returned to the kingdom, a days journey away. When he arrived, they threw a celebration in his honor.

All of the other soldiers saluted him and were friendly, however, they have never spoken to him. They never invented him to share in the celebrations either. They respected and feared the horrors he has accomplished in life.

Jonvan slips away from the castle full of drunken idiots who were celebrating his victory.

He sits alone outside on the hill overlooking the most loyal subject's homes, just as he's always done. He has never had a home before, nor does he want one. His life is as good as it gets for someone who's said to be a demon.

He reminisces his childhood. He had parents once. They were decent to him but feared his magic. Those who have magic are seen to be possessed by demons. That may be true for him, because he doesn't feel, but he has never felt another presence within himself. Surely if there was a demon inside, he would know.

On Jonvan's fifth birthday, his parents took him to the priest to banish the demon within him. Despite the priests efforts, nothing worked. He nearly drowned the poor boy in holy water. The demon never manifested.

Since that day, his parents knew they were hopeless. They were raising a killer. They weren't wrong. He may have turned out different, but their fear controlled them.

One night they snuck into Jonvan's room, careful not to awaken him, and pierced their son in the heart. The metal knife melted and his father's hand was burnt to a crisp. Jonvan awoke to his mother screaming.

"Why didn't you die? That demon must be protecting your heart!"

Jonvan cried and exploded in flames with his hurt soul, it immediately killed his parents and disintegrated his house. If his parents can't even handle him, no one can. That is the last time Jonvan allowed himself to feel.

From that day forward, Jonvan has been alone. As a child, he would wander the forests, roads, and towns. He had a knack for finding food. Anytime he found any sort of civilization, he hoped someone would care for him like he sees others care for their children.

By the time he was ten, he had given up on his hopes. Everyone was frightened of the boy who wanders alone. They would scatter, leaving food, money and whatever they could so the child didn't kill them.

One day a squad of royal guards came to kill the boy and ease the townsfolk's mind. That didn't turn out well. The boy wanted to die. He didn't fight back. He had nothing to fight for. Yet, the magic inside of him bursted out, killing the soldiers as soon as a sword pierced his flesh.

The general of the king's army watched the horrors from a distance with a grin. He approached the boy shortly after his men were slaughtered and offered him a permanent place to live, be useful, and defend the mighty King Nirt.

Jonvan agreed and has been the king's headsman ever since.

There's nothing difficult in his life anymore, the phrase he goes by is 'live alone, kill alone, and die alone.'

For that's all he's really wanted, was to die. He was already dead inside. Everything he does means absolutely nothing to him. At least the king finds him useful.

He drifts off in the middle of the night, listening to the wolves howl.

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