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" I have one too many skeletons in my closet " Jayden Annabelle Smith has ghosts in her pasts, ghosts that she would rather like to forget about and for a few years the redheaded girl got her wish until it all went to shit. Her twin brother rolls back into town looking completely normal and not a scratch on him and Jade doesn't welcome him back with open arms. No, she believes she is being followed so is forced to move with her mother and half brother Luke As luck would have it a year into her new life in the state of Texas, her twin shows up again demanding that she was in danger and it was just about the time the boy that the whole town knows Tyler Landon catches her eye...and not for a good reason...

Action / Romance
Age Rating:

01 | Jaw Dropped

‘Jade’ Jackson sighs frustrated with being stuck with me as a partner, I mean who would want to be stuck with a nerd? Especially one that’s only 5′1 with fiery red hair (that makes you stand out more to the bullies?)

Not me that’s for sure...But I stumble over to the towering giant who is Jackson Collins with his 6′2 frame and muscles that rip on his body making him more toned than is humanly possible, most people think his some kind of Greek god or something - and that may include me in the mix of things.

I nearly make it if it wasn’t for that white almost golf shoe I would’ve completed 10 steps without being punched or kicked or tripped you get the gist and because of this one shoe I am sent soaring before crashing on the floor 10 yards from where I’m supposed to be, my glasses also skid along the floor and I worry for a minute before regaining my composure and shoving them back on my honey-like skin.

Before I ran out with my palms in my face, I quickly glance around at the class who are so busy laughing their asses off about my little ‘Clumsy-streak’ they probably wont care if I just skip the rest of the period, to go see Nurse Handgun (No that is her actual surname) I scurry out while the rest of them are learning how to block a punch.

The coast is clear. When I get out, which I’m kind of grateful for I don’t want to taste the ground again. Actually, now that I think about the corridor is deserted which is again good as I flip my grey P.E hoodie up I start to sprint a little faster towards the main block. My eyes and fist clench together and I want to punch something or someone-Jackson-to get all my anger out but I can’t because he’s all the way back in the P.E block and I didn’t want to go back there so instead, I find the nearest locker and punch it about five times - hard - No it didn’t overly hurt just a soar sting before strolling out of the main office (the secretaries Mr. Miller and Miss Greene aren’t doing a good job at their job they’re to busy sucking each other’s faces off. EWW!)

Whisking around the wind is cold and crisp, just the way I like it but I pull the cords on the drawstrings and pull my hood further over my head for protection and in case any of the others students/teachers see me out of school cause I couldn’t risk a permanent suspension which wouldn’t be bad for the other side of me but it would be for the nerdy, geeky, ugly ass side to me which I’m sure if anyone found out about my other life I would have to die...I mean it...

Pulling out my phone from my bra, I go through my contacts until I find the one that I want. Pushing the numbers into my phone and dialing it, it only takes two rings until I hear a deep voice.

‘Hello Darling’ My Dad {Dre} greeted me with his normal greeting for me.

’Hi...Dad I going to Pine Tree or coming to the ‘house’ tonight?′ I ask him in a whisper just in case anyone is around but the streets seem empty to an outsider, but I still have to be careful I never know who’s out there...

‘Pine tree training 4-6 and then come to the Gangs house I’m sure they would love to see you!’ He instructs me and with that, I cut the call not bothering saying a ‘Goodbye’ I don’t like that kind of stuff

It’s about 10 minutes until I get to Pine Tree Underground Fighters club so I put my headphones in and put my iPod on shuffle just listening to random tracks to pass the time. Finally, I get to Pine Tree and walk through the bar grabbing a bottled water on the way to the basement. Retreating downstairs I pull my hood tighter if that’s even possible...I then go over to the man with toffee skin and ask for a signup sheet. This is his reply

‘Sorry, I think your in the wrong place the regular gym is up the road and take a right’ He places his interlocked hands on the pop-up table in front of him with the crumbled sign up sheet resting between his hands and the table so I couldn’t get to the sheet without dropping my hood and revealing my identity, he flashes me a smile like he’s doin’ me a favor when it comes down to the gritty stuff he just pisses me off

‘Actually, I think I am in the right place!’ I sass back making my normal voice an octave deeper so I sound ‘manly’

’What are you 5′2?′ He asks his body shaking from mocking laughter

’5′1′ I correct under my breath and his body rumbled more from the sound of laughter, from that I began to grow inpatient I clenched my fists willing myself not to punch him out cold so he ended up in hospital

‘Give me your best fighter!’ I demand through gritted teeth, my nails digging into my palms as I try and even out the rises and falls of my chest

‘Okay,’ He agreed while looking at me like I don’t stand a chance

Before he turned around and commanded someone to come over here to fight me I jump in with ‘If I win I get to join deal?’ and he nods absentminded and scoffs at me like I couldn’t beat a toddler

That someone looked familiar with his beach blond wavy hair that flicks to the side and his piercing green eyes that slant, his muscular frame built up into a tall 6′5 frame he’s rock abs pop out of his skin-tight black shirt which cut off at the shoulders.

‘Ty you will be fighting that?’ He refers to me with a quizzing tone as I’ve not actually revealed myself yet nor am I going to at least not until the fight is over

‘Are you sure that is up for that looks like a little short stack of pancakes?’ Tyler Landon says glancing down at my entire and my height probably assessing me but not finding much on me apart from my height that is

‘Yes’ I growled ‘Now move I’m gunna change meet you in the ring’ I push past him purposely pushing my shoulder against his elbow - yes I’m short, get over it - and diving into the locker room. Luckily for me again the coast is clear so I strip off my hoodie and stuff it into my bag before pulling out a multi-colored sports bra and squeezing it on. I’m not fat like people say in fact I’m quite the opposite it’s just the baggy clothes that make me look fatter than I am. Next, I pull on some black sports shorts and putting in green eye color contacts - You never know who’ll be in the crowd and putting a fresh black hoodie over the sports bra, I tie my hair in a messy bun and flip my hood up so they can’t see my striking red hair. One more thing I remove my fake chunky rimmed black glasses and bury them deep in my bag before hiding my bag under multiple jackets and stinky shirts in a random empty locker.

I strut out my hood securely framed my face so it wouldn’t fall down I pull the strings tighter as the last check before I walked out and grabbed my water before halting next to the ring.

Tyler (or fight name Ty-Which is stupid cause you can easily figure out who he is) stood there smirking cockily to the crowd. Ha! That smirk won’t last long with his fight gear on and white tape and chalked wrapped around his hands I go to the chalking station strutting again - just to emphasize I’m not scared - and tape up my hands as well before ducking into the ring.

‘Ok everyone today we have a fight against the undefeated champion and a newbie!! Wishing the newbie luck cause that’s gunna need it’ The man with the toffee skin announced through a microphone the crowd cheered once before turning their attention to the ring and the fight. We begin circling each other trying to find out each other’s weaknesses from the look on his face I can tell he hasn’t found much on me but I have on him.
Favorite move-Left hook
Weaknesses-Limp on the right foot
Strength-Powerful left hook and choke hold

Oh, this is going to be easy! I’ll win this fight with flying colors it’s that easy! But just to make it fun and to give him a false sense of hope I’ll let him swing first, which he does and I saw his move from miles away - the left hook. Everyone seemed surprised when I blocked the shot with ease, his punch was powerful, but not enough to do any serious harm to me just a small bruise on my jaw which is where he was aiming. Tyler winced in pain as I grabbed his elbow and twisted his lower arm around his back rounding it off with a kick to the side of his stomach. Ouch, that’ll leave a mark. He manages to keep upright though and get a few punches to my ribs, I’m sure I heard one crack. But I don’t fall because of the pain I fall to give him a false win he then straddles me and I knee him in the groin and he cries -- like a baby. Then we switch roles he’s on the ground and I’m straddling him.

‘Tap out’ I hiss as I land at him another punch square him the jaw. He laughs ‘Tap out or I’ll make you unconscious in one punch your choice?’ I snarl landing him another blow to the lower part of his stomach

He groans in pain ‘Ha I’ll never tap out I’m undefeated and you’re a newbie, who are you anyway?’ He asks as he tries to through a messy punch to my throat but I saw it coming and I dive right keeping my weight on him

‘Your worst nightmare, and bad choice Ty’ I scold him as if he was a child and I was the mother before knocking him out with one punch to the temple if you punch a person there in the right way there out cold

The crowd’s jaw dropped even microphone man had no clue what the hell to say, so I just got up ducked out of the ring and going to the locker. As I passed I saw a medical person drag the unconscious body of the bad boy of the school: Tyler Landon - The same Tyler who just got beat up by the person he bullies day in day out its sort of funny really how a girl ‘nerd’ just beat him up. And damn did it felt amazing

I look at the clock and see its 5:30 shit! I run to the locker and pull my hood down quickly ripping it off stuffing it in my bag and ripping off my bra and with some baggy sweats no doubt we’ll be going out tonight to celebrate my win (I was out of the ring for six months and that was a pretty easy come back fight) and over the top my fake glasses and a hoodie as you can tell I have tons of hoodies.

Racing out the basement and across the bar making a run for the doors I pull my hood up before walking to the corner of the bar to collect my winnings. The shadowed man behind the bar slid his long grim fingers over an envelope and past me it his long grim expression didn’t change as I walked out the bar grimacing at the stale beer and wine that had a stale from the bar

I step out into the freezing air, I walk down the dimly lit streets by the cobbled docks before spotting my shiny black motorcycle (I park my motorcycle here so no one from school sees it) I swing my leg over the back of the bike and slide my helmet on pump the clutch then I’m off speeding down the empty roads

Pumping the break I pull into the massive old brick house I get off my newly parked bike and head to the glass door, sliding it open I am met by best friends Ana (Anastasia) and Brooke (Brooklyn)who jump into my arms I haven’t seen them in a year as they’ve been in Arizona doing a sorta mission for the leader of the Gang to take down a rival gang whose posing a threat to us

‘Hi!’ Ana squeals as Brooke pries Ana off my body and smirks at me. Ana is the girly girl of the friendship with long slick black hair that hangs past her shoulders, she always wears dresses or mini skirts don’t stereotype her for a slut or a popular cause she can cripple you or paralyze you in one swift move or shoot you with a 9mm gun.

Now, Brooke, she’s the tomboy of the group she wears skinny jeans and plaid shirts, she loves sports especially soccer and boxing (that’s how she got into the art of street fighting,) if she goes out she wears a button up shirt and joggers with combat boots. Her curly brown hair is styled into a medium pixie cut and her best weapon is her agility and quickness she is the fastest and the most agile out of us all of us expect Troy.

Me, on the other hand, I’m a mix of the girls I’m not a super girly girl but I can dress up when I need to but I’m not super tomboyish but I certainly can dress down when I need to - and that’s why I’m the nerd of SeaView High. But my normal appearance is pretty standard/average I normal wear mom jeans or skinny jeans/sometimes a mini skirt or dress with a plain crop t-shirt that drapes off my shoulders. My (natural) red curly hair just goes down past my breasts but I straighten it for school and hang it into a messy high ponytail.

‘Where are we going to tonight girls?’ I asked in a happy tone since my friends were back and that made me happy very happy indeed

‘Well, there’s a club the other side of town we could go there...We all look eighteen anyway so what’s the dif’ Ana informs us both with a warm smile etching across her skin making it look tight ‘But my dear girl Black we need to get you out of these sweats, sweats what were you thinking?’ She turns her attention to me.

‘If people think I’m a nerd they stay away leaving me less likely to fuck up again and move the whole gang!’ I shrug - yes incase you haven’t noticed I’m not a proper nerd, being a nerd is just my cover so we don’t have to move, again I’ve just moved from the big apple, New York to Texas and I plan on living a low profile to finish my senior year.

I chased up the stairs after Ana, who was skipping the stairs one at a time we walked down the small hallway until we got to my room (the room I use when staying here) Ana wasted no time in going through my pale birch wardrobe and ransacking through my party section. Till she pulls out a blue waist high sparkly dress and a black strapless silver stood one and let me choose which one I wanted I chose the black one and paired it with gold hoop earrings and white 5 inch heels, I added some makeup: A bold smoky eye, some dark green eyeshadow eyeliner - I went a bit OTT with the eye-makeup some concealer and a nude lip to match my pale skin tone.

Ana had changed too she changed into a blood red dress with diamantes on it glistening in the early American moonlight she had also paired it with gold hoops but her eye-makeup was a lot more subtitle but her dark wine lips made her greyish eyes pop under all the mascara she piled on.

‘Lettgo’ I exclaim smiling brightly before grabbing her hand and pulling her downstairs when we down we see Brooke in a black button up shirt with some grey leggings on and a nude handbag with some 3 inch high heels. This is as girly as Brooklyn will get.

‘Guys we’re going out’ I scream as I grab my bike keys off the coffee table and leap into the porch

‘Ok’ Jacob screams before yelling at the TV he’s either watching boxing or football.

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