The Abandoned God

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In a modern day Greek world Gods proudly walk among humans. The earth has seven continents and man follows and worships the God of each continent except the continent of the exiled God formerly known as Themis. He holds the most powerful and secret of mankind's gifts to himself. As countless men and women on behalf of their God risk everything to obtain these gifts no one dare to ask why was he keeping them away from man to begin with? Was he truly as selfish as he seem or are there more sinister intentions behind these gifts?

Action / Fantasy
Tiffany B.
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Another day, another battle with a man covered in armor who is sure to lose. I grew tired of the same tricks and tactics that they use—often using their speed when dodging my attacks, knowing of my love for fast-paced combat. Eventually, the brave fighter pulled out a gun my favorite weapon as he fired the holy bullets given to him by his God or Goddess to eliminate my semi earthly existence. You see, I am a forsaken God gaining my strength through the prayer of a few loyal subjects that stayed at my side through my tarnished name. I have moments of humanity while still having enough power to protect those who serve me. I froze the bullets in time and crushing them together, making a mighty sword as he pulled out his own, his body trembled. I could hear his breathing shakily come out, unaware I could sense the fear in him grow. I was at the most powerful form I could be at this time using the power of another God's prayers to my advantage, twisting them, so they were prayers directed towards me. My strengthen was amplified to its maximum potential as I started to look more and more ferocious. I was no longer a demi-human as I allowed my self-sacrifice turned me into the monster my former brothers and sisters made my out to be. My body was turned into a monstrous creature roaring out as the men screamed, charging towards me. As the battle continued, he refused to fall on his knees or give up but without his weapons and his armor slowly failing him. He stood with hands bald up into fist, ready to fight with his hands. I sense his desperation before noticing the wound on my side of my body healing as I revived back to my demi-human form. As I made my way closer to him, he trembled backward, falling over a rock, but before he could fall, I grabbed him and pinned him against the wall.

"WHY!? Why Have You Entered My Domain Knowing You Would Die?!" I shouted

"I Need The Bag Of Charity!" He said with a shaky almost innocent voice

As I pulled the helmet off his head, I was shocked to see a young man no older than fifteen as the magic from his God worn off the armor crumbled to dirt. His adult body was transformed back to his true self. I dropped him shocked by what I almost did, by nearly ending a child's life. I looked at my trembling hands before closing them to glance at the boy, struggling not to cry as he held his knees to his chest.

"W...why do you require the bag of greed?" I asked

"My God has not been very kind to my family. He refuses to heal my sick father and forces us to pay to treatment despite the fact we are too poor even to afford bread," He said

I looked at him carefully, making my way down his level before hugging him close, "It's alright. I understand your suffering and pain. You have done your family proud, and it was cruel of them to drive a young man at your age with so much promise to fight me. I'd never raise my sword toward a child so for them to deceit me by making you appear as an adult was unforgivable," I soft said rubbing his back

The kid couldn't hide it as his empty stomach rumbled; his body trembled, and the stress and pressure that was placed on him exploded out into a cry that honestly broke my heart. I picked him up and carried him inside pass the main hall. I walked past my holy followers, a small dedicated team of only five members that carefully look over the others with and without my input. I carefully bath the child in healing waters, giving him better clothes than the cloth he was wearing. After that, I led him to a dining hall, where all the youngest and oldest members of my congression where. I carefully set the boy down as he looked around nervously before holding his growling stomach softly, whining at the aching pain.

"My lord, please bless what little we could gather. Make it fulfilling despite the lack of its bounty," My lead holy follower said kneeling before me

I looked at the small number of vegetables that somehow grew in the only a few patches of land that was suitable for farming before gently placing my hands over them using what little magic I had to make the food easier to disgust and more hardy. After that, they went back to the kitchen, returning with a vegetable stew in wooden bowls. I looked wishing I could do more for my people, but watching as the boy slurped down the soup and genuinely smiled for the first time, in what I could imagine, a long time. I remember my purpose once more; to care for humanity. I returned to my hidden chamber, looking at the seven "gifts" my former siblings wanted to present to humankind. The gifts that would corrupt the soul as I held the small coin bag that never goes empty. I poured out a hand full of golden coins, small diamonds, and rubies. I gulped tempted to give in to the desire to have this wealth for myself until I closed my eyes, remembering my place among these humans. I took a deep breath placing the coins diamonds and rubies into a different small bag before making my way back to the dining hall. The young man smiled, taking nibbles of his diner roll while trying to take another roll, hiding it in his pocket. I softly smiled before guiding the young man to one of the four healthy horses I had after giving him the money he needed before giving him a horse and seeing him off. I was furious at the Gods for this evil trick they would sacrifice their followers just to bring me down lower.

"How dare they," I growled out to myself thinking about how this all started with the creation of those seven damned gifts

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