James Mallory

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A young detective is given a case to find a person gone off the radar that goes, by the name of Johnny Sting.

Action / Mystery
River Shannon
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Act 1

Act 1 - Scene 1

James Mallory sits in his office, waiting for a call.

James Mallory - My name is James Mallory, I’m a detective for hire. I`be been waiting for a case, my father was a detective too.

-Someone enters the detectives office.-

Peter - James Mallory, son of the greatest detective in New York, right?

James - Your at the right place, what are you here for?

Peter - My brother, Johnny, he’s gone off the grid, I haven’t seen him in a long time... the cops stoped looking for him, so can you find him?

James - I can start a search, I’m gonna need a lead though.

Peter - Well, he used to go to a bar not far from here. But I haven’t seen him there.

James - (writes on notepad) Got it, anything else?

Peter - He was caught up with some pretty bad people, I’m not sure, someone named Kingston.

James - Understood, Ill start right away, (Puts his coat on) you know where to find me, ill be in contact.

-End Scene-

Act 1 - Scene 2

-James walks into a bar-

James - Scotch on the rocks, -he looks around the bar-

Bartender - -passes James his drink-

James - James Mallory, private detective, do you own this bar?

Bartender - Nathen, -shakes James`s hand- yes i do, about five years now.

James - Well I’m looking for a young guy, goes by the name Johnny, you seen him around?

Bartender - He comes in late, normally talks to some sketchy looking guys, but he buys drinks.

James - Of course, now how often does he come here?

Bartender - He comes in about every night, I’m sure he`ll show up.

-Johnny walks into the bar-

Bartender - -whispers to James- That’s him.

Johnny - -Talks to someone in the bar-

Johnny - -leaves the bar with the person-

-in the ally behind the bar-

Johnny - -takes a breifcase from the person-

James - Hands up!

Johnny - -Runs-

James - -handcuffs the person- Son of a bitch-

-End Scene-

Act 1 - Scene 3

-James is talking to the person he caught-

James - Tommy Chart, right? I need your help.

Tommy - Why should I help you, tell me that.

James - I hoped you’d make this easy, look you’ve been caught selling weed, now tell me, you do this often?

Tommy - Hey fuck you- -sighs- ..no, I was running low on money, I had to support my family.. It was for my daughter, surely you understand.

James - -sighs- I do Tommy, I understand, family matters.

Tommy - Of course, I don’t want to go to jail.

James - Of course you don’t, so -sits down- if you help me, Ill help you.

Tommy - What exactly do you want to know?

James - Who were you selling to?

Tommy - A guy named Johnny Sting, I don’t know much about him.

James - So why did he buy from you?

Tommy - He buys from anyone at the bar, I’m not exactly sure why.

James - Thank you Tommy, -takes Tommys cuffs off- go home, be safe, and stay out of trouble.

-Scene End-

Act 1 - Scene 3

-James is sitting in his office, and an old friend walks in-

James - Lt. Norman, how are you?

Henry - Henry, were friends James.

James - Of course, Henry, how have you been?

Henry - I’ve been fine, how about you?

James - I’m on a case, and its confusing, it went from missing person to, worse.

Henry - Hey, if you need back up, call me and cars will be their.

James - Thanks Henry, -pours two glasses of liquor-

Henry - -Raises his glass- To catching the bad guys,

James -Raises his glass- To catching the bad guys.

-Camera zooms out of the building, and looks at the moon-

-Scene End-

Act 1 - Scene 4

-Johnny meets Kingston at his home to talk-

Johnny - Kingston don’t worry, no one saw nothin`

Kingston - Johnny you don’t understand, if you screw this up its my head!

Johnny - I understand that, its going to be fine, no one saw anything.

Kingston - I’m trusting you Johnny, now, Ive got a job for you.

Johnny - Okay, what exactly is this job?

Kingston - Ive got something in the works, but until then, your job is to lay low.

Johnny - Lay low? That’s easy, got it.

Kingston - Then we understand each other.

Johnny - Crystal clear.

-Scene End-

Act 1 - Scene 5

-James goes to the bar in hopes of finding Johnny-

James - -Sits in the bar with a drink-

Johnny - -exits the bar-

James - -follows Johnny-

-James follows Johnny to his hide out-

Kingston - -Walks over to johnny- Listen, Johnny. We’ve got a situation.

Johnny - Look I’ve got it handled.

Kingston - Johnny, I’m not saying you don’t, but I’ve heard of the possibility that someone is onto us.

Johnny - So we need to find out who it is, -

Kingston - Who was the last person you bought off?

Johnny - Tommy Chart, why?

Kingston - Keep an eye on him, make sure he don’t say anything.

-Johnny gets into his car and leaves-

-Scene Ends-

Act 1 - Scene 6

-Johnny goes to talk to Tommy-

Johnny - Hey,Tommy, buddy!

Tommy - Listen, i told you that was a one time deal.

Johnny - Tommy, I’m not here to buy from you. That night, didn’t you get caught?

Tommy - No i got away.

Johnny - You got away?

Tommy - Yes, i did.

Johnny - -pulls out a gun- wanna tell me the truth now Tommy?

Tommy - Look I don’t know anything, just put the gun away.

Johnny - Fine. Stay quiet. But trust me, if your not telling me the truth, ill be back.

-Johnny leaves-

Tommy - The detective!

-Scene End-

Act 1 - Scene 7

-James sits in his office-

-Tommy enters-

Tommy - James, i need to talk to you.

James - Okay, what do you need?

Tommy - It’s Johnny, him and whoever he’s working with, have something big in the works.

James - Thank you for letting me know, Tommy.

Tommy - I need to get out of here, what am i going to do?

James - Look I’ve got some friends at the department, I’ll get you some help.

James - -gets in his car and pulls out his phone-

-End Scene-

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