James Mallory

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Act 2

Act 2 - Scene 1

James Narrating - After taking to some of the people Johnny talks to, I found out where he makes his deals.

- James exits the car he’s in, and walks down the street -

James - This should be it.

- James enters the alleyway and hides behind a dumpster -

- End Scene -

Act 2 - Scene 2

Johnny - Where are ya Kingston?

Kingston - -Enters Scene- Johnny, nice to see ya.

- Two armed people enter scene -

Johnny - You need guards now?

Kingston - There not guards, -kingston gives them a signal and walks away- Sorry, can’t have any lose ends.

- One of the people shoot Johnny and follow behind Kingston-

-Enter James-

James - Johnny? Hey!

Johnny - Heh- its the detective, son of a bitch even if I live Ill be arrested,

James - No, Johnny an ambulance is on the way, but you need to help me.

Johnny - Why should I?

James - Because there not good shots. They shot you in the arm. Johnny, did you recognize either of them?

Johnny - The one on the left, his names Donny Lever.

- Enter paramedic -

Paramedic - What happened?

James - A gunshot wound, I’m on the guy that did it.

- James exits -

- End Scene -

Act 2 - Scene 3

- On a street -

James - Donny Lever, Detective James Mallory.

Donny - - Hands up - I come in peace, how can I help Detective?

James - Come with me please,

- The two exit -

- End Scene -

Act 2 - Scene 4

- In James Mallorys Office -

Donny - Okay detective, how can I help.

James - What do you know about Kingston?

Donny - - Leans forward - What do you need to know?

James - Well, he sent you and someone to kill Johnny,

Donny - Well detective, how bad do you think my shot is?

James - Well, someone told me that Kingston had something big in the works?

Donny - Your the guy that got Tommy and his family out of town right?

James - What’s your story Johnny?

Donny - My brother lives in a different country because of Kingston.

James - So, you want me to take Kingston down?

Donny - You solved the case detective, - Donny stands - I’m gonna go get a drink, this big deal he’s got. It’s at his private airport.

James - Got it, live easy Donny.

- Donny exits -

- End Scene -

Act 2 - Scene 5

- In James`s Office -

James - -Answers his Phone -

Peter - Thank you for helping Johnny, lll drop by your office with the money.

James - You got it, no problem, i hope johnny is out of all that. - James hangs up phone -

- End Scene -

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