James Mallory

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Act 3

Act 3 - Scene 1

- James is sitting in his office -

James - - Calls someone -

James - Henry, I’m gonna need your help, when can you get to The private airport?

Henry - James were gonna need a warrant, it’ll be a coupl-

James - Just be there, trust me, ill need back-up.

- End Scene -

Act 3 - Scene 2

- James enters a bar and sits down -

- Enter Donny -

Donny - You told me to meet you here detective?

James - I did, Donny I have hours before Kingstons deal goes down.

Donny - So, what do you need me for?

James - A gun for hire?

Donny - Say no more, detective.

- End Scene -

Act 3 - Scene 3

- James and Donny exit a call about to sneak into the airport-

James - - Loads his pistol - Donny, you ready?

Donny - - Looks up - Yeah, lets do this.

- Donny and James sneak into the airport -

- End Scene -

Act 3 - Scene 4

- James and Donny hide behind a crate, -

James - No turning back now, you ready?

Donny - Mm-hmm

James - Three, Two, One, lets go!

- Donny and James start shooting -

- End Scene -

Act 3 - Scene 5

- Kingston sits in his office -

- Enter one of Kingstons guards -

Guard - Sir, we’ve got gunfire

Kingston - Well, take care of it!

Guard - Understood.

- End Scene -

Act 3 - Scene 6

- James and Donny are pinned down -

- Kingston enters scene -

Kingston - Detective, hands up, and ill give you a quick death.

James - - James stands up with his hands up -

Kingston - Your outnumbered and outgunned, surrender.

James - Well, maybe that was the plan.

- Switch to Henry and officers entering the airport and arresting Kingston and his crew -

James Narrorating - See, I knew you had a deal going down, and the force would need a warrant. But it would take to log to get one, so... I had Henry wait outside the airport, me and Donny start firing shots so police had a chance to get in.

- Switch to Henry talking to a recording -

James - And bam, Kingston and his crew are in custody.

- Recorder clicks and the credits roll -

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