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Operation: Blausphimy

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Striker is haunted be his past and his present, with no one to turn to. All while he is fighting his personal demons, he is tasked on finding and retrieving a rougue Super Soldier. Dead, or Alive.

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Fires spiral across from town to town, smoke staining the sky. As the fires of anguish and guilt spread from home to home, the beast rips and tears his way through the innocent. Flesh is torn and cut in half, screams of the poor souls echoed throughout the night sky. The beast, cursed by his past and present, has nowhere left to run. That beast, cursed by chains and bonds that can not be broken. That beast, is me. Nickolas Johnathan Stiker.
I honestly never thought I would ever become such a monstrosity of man and machine. I was forced to slaughter so many poor souls. I am alone with my thoughts, I hide behind not only this helmet and armor. But I conceal my feeling from all those who control me, from all those around me. I have no one left. My mother, wife, and daughter are dead, my father is an old drunk who used to beat me, my friends are either dead or have their own families, and I am all that is left. Though I wonder. What more death and destruction will I bring? Especially to those around me, and to myself.
"Striker? Striker!" I looked up.
"Get your head out of your ass soldier we have another mission for ya." my officer said in a brisk voice. I got up from the crate I sat on and headed to the briefing room.
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