Operation: Blausphimy

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The Hunt Begins

I stood in the corner of the room as the senate members all seated themselves at the table. They then began to speak.

"So what is the purpose of this meeting?" One of them asked.

"We have a serious situation. It appears that we have an RSS, a rogue super soldier. The trooper is standard infantry of the third rifle brigade. We have reason to believe that the RSS is located in Liberia, Costa Rica. This is where you come in Striker." The lead member said while looking at me. I walked towards the table as the lead member spoke yet again.

"This RSS was the best trooper in the brigade, so we're gonna send you. Take the trooper and bring em back, dead or alive." He said. I nodded and proceeded to walk out the room as the other council members continued to talk. Walking past other troopers, I stood out amongst the rest. From the armor, to the height and stature, my high rank, and the rumors. Some Super Soldiers looked up to me, yet some were disgusted by me. But who could blame them.

Grabbing my Plasma Lance, and he charges to it. I walked out my room and walked to the Abbadon and got inside. It was a giant carrier with a steal and titanium alloy covering the outside. As I seated myself in, they took off from the docking bay.

I hate my job.

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