The Edge of Extinction

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Three friends in the year 2027 when a deadly virus turns the world into an apocalyptic setting in which they are assigned to deliver a very important package to a very important person but that person isn’t the only one seeking the package and the group are pursued by a group of bandits tying to get their hands on the mysterious package.

Action / Adventure
Ryland Cloud
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Chapter 1: The Package

The year is 2027 and the world is taken over by a deadly virus that had no name to the people that are trying to survive in this world of chaos and death. A 20 year old boy named Ryland Cloud woke up at 6:30, not an unusual time for him to wake up, he wasn’t always a morning person but he was one of the first awake almost all the time, today was no different. The boy had fiery orange hair and he was around 5’6 to 5’7, he was always a short person, he was also a little bit larger than the others in the group of friends that were with him in the abandoned supermarket, he would usually eat his breakfast for that day then he would wake up his best friend since the second grade, Devin Cummings. Devin was the same height as Ryland but was a bit skinnier then him, he had dark brown hair and was never a morning person and every time he was woken up by Ryland he would always sleep in for about 10 minutes. The last person he woke up was Sophia, she was about an inch shorter then the others and she had slightly wavy brown hair, but in the mornings it was very wavy. He would wake her up last because he liked keeping her not very annoyed that he woke her up so early, he woke Devin up at 7:30 and Sophia at 8:00 which is more a time that she was fine with, he didn’t care if Devin got annoyed at him. Every day was the same, wake up, eat breakfast, relax and occasionally go on hunts to get the group food. The group that the three were with had at least 14 people including them so they had to get enough food for that amount. This day was different though, the three were called up by the leader of the group, his name was David, he was a tall man, standing at 6’2 and he was very muscular, he was a soldier in the United States military. “We have a package that we have to deliver to a person who is all the way across No Mans Land.” No Mans Land was an area that goes around the borde states of Georgia, which was where the group was, in No Mans Land there was groups of bandits all in that area which is why they gave it that name. “The reason I am telling you about this is that you are the only people qualified for this task.” In which he was right, they were young, healthy and strong and the others were older, weak and there were parents that they didn’t want their kids to have them never come back, Ryland had that happen to him after his parents were murdered by bandits. “Where is the package” Devin asked eagerly. David then led them to a large box and a transport vehicle. It was big enough for them to live in for weeks. Ryland said with a tone in his voice of acceptance “This is our new home for a while.”

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