The Nerd With the Dangerous Secret

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Macy Connors has a secret. . . One that could just about destroy her if she ever let it slip, so she decides to finish her senior year the one thing she will not do is draw attention to herself, but when Jordan Fray bumps into her --literally she then has a harder time keeping everything under the radar When Jordan discovers more about Macy will he be her friend or enemy?

Action / Romance
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P r o l o g u e

Dear Gracelyn,

Nobody can know about this, it will go to my grave because

If anyone finds out, my life will be over

So promise me no matter how bad it gets

You’ll never tell

The secret that will go to my grave

I don’t really remember that night. . .

It was all hazy the morning after I couldn’t remember that much all I remember is the raving party that night that I attended with my best friend and partner in crime, Mason Woodley he persuaded me to go to the after party for the opening season of the football season. Mason was the captain and as he put it “I want my best friend there with me, when I go to the party you have to come”

I frowned and rolled my eyes “I don’t think I have to come its not a life or death situation”

“Come on! One party just one and I will never ever ask again I promise you” My best friend was on his knees and his hands were clasedp tightly together he was trying to get me to go to that damn party and it was working it was working really well

I knew I would regret this later, but I needed a night out I couldn’t stay cooped up in my room surrounded by what seems like endless notes and textbooks. I nod my head but instantly regret it when his green eyes light up and a mischievous smirk spread across his face “You wont regret this I will make sure of this”

“I better not” I mumble under my breath before sliding out of my bed and closing over my laptop, walking over to my closet I try and pick out a decent outfit that looked like I spent hours getting my outfit together but was quick enough to slip on and off. Finally, tucked in an abandoned corner of my closet was a beautiful, spaghetti strap blue dress that was ruffled at the top leading down to the midsection, the bottom part was straight with only a few creases here and there I paired my dress with a thick brown belt that went across my midsection and some brown strappy sandals. To finish it off I add in a silver heart necklace that had real diamonds encrusted around the edge

Walking out my closet I notice Mason had changed to, he was looking clad in a red and white checked dress shirt and some black ripped jeans which was a stark contrast to his white converse that he wore

“Wow, see now I know your actually a women you know what I’m saying” Mason jokes flashing me a dazzling smile. I knew what he was saying but yet I couldn’t help but notice how his eyes widened as he drank in the sight of how the dress made my legs seem longer and more tanned against the royal colour

“Nice to know you actually consider me a women Woodley” I retort biting back a grin

The thumping of the music made my heart race and the foundations of the house shake where it stood, it was nerve racking to be in a house this size with a party this big. I usually didn’t go to parties they weren’t really my scene but I thought I might as well come along to support my best friends win over The Tigers tonight

I struggle to squeeze through the clusters of closely packed teenagers as I go in search of the kitchen to find a drink to wet my dry throat which happens to have got tighter and tighter as every moment passes because of my anxiety

Why did Mason leave me if he knows I get panic attacks?

Granted it wasn’t really is choice to leave me because as soon as we walked through the grand doorway we were bombarded by his teammates who basically tackled him down to the ground and dog piled on top of him, cheering and wolf whistling which was almost drowned out by the sound of the music

Finally I manage to force my way into the kitchen and pick up a red plastic cup which contains something which looks like Coca-Cola and I down the substance in one expecting the fizzy pop to bubble at my throat and then slide down only the substance burns my throat making me nearly gag and recoil in disgust

“Tastes good right?” A voice that seemingly appeared out of nowhere in the swarm of sweaty drunk teenagers. He was tall and slender with a baby-face he hadn’t quite grown out of yet and light brown hair with a few lighter hairs when they catch the light

I nod unconvincingly still disgusted by the bitter taste of the substance. The boy laughs probably at my expression and my unconvinced nod and slaps my back so hard that it sends me careering into the counter in front of me.

“That’s all right that kind of alcohol is really strong, no offence but I’m surprised you actually swallowed the drink that you took” He continued to laugh tipping his head back and cackling like a hyena “My name’s Cameron but my friends call me Cam” He adds in a flirty wink touching my arm before getting ripped away from me by Mason

I could hear the deep growl in his chest even though the music is still blaring out of the speakers, “Stay the hell away from her” He looks about ready to pounds his face in, in a heartbeat he raised his fist and just before he was ready to swing and give Cameron a gruesome black eye I jump in the middle and look him in the eye

“What the hell Mason James Woodley he barely frigging touched my arm” I sneer at him, his eyes darting widely brimming with hostility everywhere before landing on me and softening ever so slightly

“But he was going to go further than that you do trust my judgement don’t you?” He asks slight worry laced in his voice. I knew he was drunk because when he gets drunk he gets angry and then his emotions spike going from sulky to flirty in a matter of seconds

“Of course I do but do you not believe I can take care of myself!” I scream

Mason looks taken aback by my sudden outbursts and blinks a few times before he opens his mouth again “Mace, its not like that of course you can in fact I know you can but it is my job to look out for you because I care about you deeply maybe more than a best friend should”

What? Did I feel the same?

Of course you do. . .

He continues “I’ve always had feelings for you Mace I just didn’t know how to tell you but I guess I just needed a bottle or two of whiskey to help me openly express my feelings” What he does next is what surprises me, his cool fingers latch onto my shoulders and pushes my back against the marble counter which his shaped like a horseshoe and starts kissing me passionately that makes my heart flutter with unexpected pleasure

He grabs my arm and leads me to a set of stairs and into an empty bedroom

Leading me to the bed he locks the door quickly before swiftly attaching his lips back onto mine I trip over the bottom of the bed and fall backwards into the covers, Mason’s laugh mingled with my own as he brought himself onto the bed and put his palms either side of my body supporting his own weight, all of this happened and yet he never broke the hot kiss

My hand entangle themselves into his hair as his roams over my body making my skin feel as if it is it is on fire as I now gasp for air when he broke the kiss

I knew I would fully regret it in the morning but to hell with consquenses. . .

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