The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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Alexia Garcia is the most feared Gangleader in the world, nobody knows her actually name the people who work for her call her ''boss'' and some don't even address her at all in fear that something terrible will happen to them when they are asleep Maya Winston is a nerd in every sense of the word; gets perfect grades and keeps her head down in the hallways so she doesnt draw too much attention to herself and wears big baggy clothes with equally as big thick rimmed glass So what if I was to tell you they were the same people? And what happens when the biggest bad boy in collage happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Action / Horror
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The sound of a gunshot rings through the night air making me feel in control and I like it that way I like the freedom that a gun; the choice that it gives you when you hold it to shoot the person’s brains out and watch as their life drains out from their eyes like I just did or walk away and put the gun down which never happens, or at least not when I’m around

I watch as the motherfuckers eyes drain of life and feel a swell of pride course through me another scumbag off the streets and away from the people who actually deserve to be in this world; and yes I know who the hell am I to say who deserves to liv and die? Well that is easy to answer I’m nobody

“Boss look over there; I think we have somebody tailing us” Bryce my second hand man informs me with a shove to the shoulders and then he points to a brick wall it didn’t seem anything at first but then I noticed the dark shadow against the wall in the shape of a person

“Come out and face me you coward” I call to the shadow not knowing who it was and I didn’t care anyway I just needed them to stop being such a sissy coward and face me so I can look the person in the eye when I shoot them

The shadow seemed to stay still for a minute or two and with every passing second my patience was wearing thin with the shadow and so I yanked Bryce’s gun from his hand and sent a few warning shots at the wall making the person jump and then scurry into the alleyway in surprise and that person was familiar. . .Very familiar in deed. . .

His bright brown eyes that resembled the colour of dark chocolate were so wide that I thought they were going to pop right out of his head and beads of sweat were making his light brown hair damp and the back of his neck probably had sweat on it to, I noted from the amount of time he spent rubbing at it

“Maya?” He squeaked finally closing his slack jaw, for the love of God, he is supposed to be a bad boy but at the moment he is acting more like a scared little kitten who has just seen a lion for the first time

I shake my head allowing the hair to fall over my shoulders and cover half my face as I fold my arms across my chest, my mind was reeling because for once I didn’t know what to do if I end him he wont be able to tell anyone that I just killed somebody but -- but if I did keep him alive at least for the time being he could be my spy and I needed one. Finally I come to a decision and motion for Dylan to do what he needs to do

Dylan walks up to Samuel who’s eyes have never left mine in the five minutes it has took me to come to the decision and raised a fist to the unsuspecting boys face who was still to busy gawping at me to even notice what was happening

When Dylan had done what needed to be done, I motion for two of my other men to collect the unconscious body of Samuel and two others to collect the body of the dead person, within minutes they are hoisted into the air and the dead one was stuffed into a big black body bag and the two carrying Samuel carefully navigated down the alleyway and at the end of the street checked that nobody was coming before tossing the bad boy’s body into the back of an unmarked white van and threw the body bag into a near by dumpster by the time the morning rounds come to get rid of the trash the body will be gone thanks to clean up

“All done boss,” Bryce informs me as he walks away from the van and towards me “Dylan said not to worry and that if you want to head off back to the institute we will meet you there” He then adds making me nod

“Alright okay be careful that nobody sees the bodies and make sure you clean up all the blood this time” I warn him, the last thing I need is the cops coming round to my house a bloody 2 a.m. telling me that I was found on CCTV outside of a club and that their was my blood splattered along with a victims

He salutes me a serious look on his face crossed with fright as I glared at him and he shrinks back into the night and goes back to the van

I chuckle lightly at his reaction even after so many years of knowing me these boys are still scared to death of me and what I can do after all they see the work I do everyday: It doesn’t mean just because they work for me though that they are safe no it means they are putting themselves are putting themselves in more danger because they know if one hair goes out of place or they go against my orders then something bad will happen to them and I will be the one to walk away without even leaving so much of a trace

I jump out of bed full of energy but quickly realise what day it is, Monday, that means I have classes and have to hide behind a fake pair of glasses and big baggy clothes that I don’t even need and to top it of the biggest bad boy that roams the campus (more like a little kitten) if you ask me) was in the wrong place at the wrong time and saw me doing my craft

Fortunately he wont be in collage today. . .

Oh no I didn’t kill him of that is what you are thinking at least not yet anyhow but he is knocked out, the poor bastard still hasn’t woke up from Dylan’s punch last night but when he does Dylan or Bryce will inform me and move him to a holding cell for me to deal with when classes get out

“Hey nerd watch where you going!” A person yells and I step aside quickly before I get rammed over by a stupid kid on a skateboard

Looking back I really wanted to snap the skateboard up and beat the kid over the head with it but it probably look bad or like I was trying to kill him which again probably wouldn’t look good as I am supposed to be a nerd and not look like anything else as that would attract too much attention and we all know nobody ever pays any attention to a nerd, do they?

I face the building ready to survive another day in the hell hole before I walk inside. . .

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