The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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Tears spring to my eyes and it felt like I couldn’t breath as I walk through the foyer of the institute after a gruelling exhausting day of collage seriously if I ever saw that bloody school again it would be too damn soon and not just because those motherfuckers have clues to my real identity but because I am Samuel’s Garcia-Cruz’s adopted big sister

I found out after looking through files that I got illegally of Samuel Cruz that he was in fact the first son of Marie and Pablo Garcia born on 9/11/1999 (age 18) and grew up in a stable home but Marie and Pablo being the greedy people they are wanted another more athletic son after they found out Samuel was really uncoordinated to take over the family ‘business’ when they met their end

But then the doctor said that she couldn’t have anymore babies no matter how hard they tried so they were left with one option: adoption and they wanted to adopt a son but there was only one child left a child that was called Alexa but she didn’t have a last name so when the couple adopted the girl they added Garcia as her last name and put an ‘i’ in Alexa so it made Alexia

And they experimented on the girl in secret making her forget who she was before and made her into a cold blooded killer someone who could shoot without feeling any sort of emotion any they took her so she could shoot without being able to see and hit the target every damn time. Her parents turned her into that of a monster

That orphan, and that monster was me

I knew that I was always forced into this killers world and that my parents always pushed me to my breaking point but I didn’t think it was this bad, I knew my parents had unusual parenting methods but once again I didn’t think that they would go to the extreme that they did

My story just shows you that you cant even rely on the people you thought were always going to be there and love you

“Boss, boss, boss” I hear a voice call but I don’t turn around as tears are now running down my cheeks as I start to shut down the files that still are open on the computer that is still logged on and showing my entire past to those who wanted to read it

Suddenly an hand wrapped around my arm and caused me to jump almost out of my skin as I spun around so fast it gave my whiplash I sighed in obvious relief when I saw who it was and he must have noticed because he cocked an eyebrow

“Are you alright you seem. . .Jumpy” He states for lack of a better word

“Yep I’m perfectly fine” I lie forcefully ripping my hand from his grasp “Did you and Scott check the vault?” I ask him to which he nods

“What’s so damn special suddenly about the weapons vault?” Bryce asks suspiciously folding his arms over his chest his eyes also held with some level of suspicion and I knew they had some right to be suspicious after all I never did tell them why they were checking the vault

“Hey boss we have a breach!” Someone yells out and my head instantly snaps to the side

Bodies lay scattered all throughout the corridor as I stepped over them one by one until I reached the end of the hallway. The rebels of Val’s gang put up quite a fight and they were able to take some and kill a lot of the others in my gang which I admit is a terrible loss all of them lost their life’s in a terrible skirmish

“Do we know who is no longer with us?” I ask a passing member when he saw me talking to him he look startled but when he saw the pissed look that crossed both my features and laced its way in my voice he fumbled for the tablet that he was holding against his chest.

The names of those either captured or deceased startled me all those men and women and the occasional teenager had potential to do something great with their life’s, they didn’t deserve do die how they did

I blink “Contact everyone and put this on every electronic device in the institute”

With a nod of his head the agent went to do his orders leaving me alone in the middle of a sea of bodies all dead and all not coming back I knew I had to flush the warm bodies out otherwise there would be maggots and believe me when I say that I don’t want to deal with that right now

Carefully I step over the bodies again until I reach the one closet to the door and I started to drag it outside I needed to get it out of the institute and into a body bag which can be dumped in the garbage can so the clean up squad can get to him and clean him out and sort out his funeral before the body goes cold

I dragged the body outside it took a lot of effort to move a body twice my size by myself but I guess I’m stronger thanks to the rigorous training I have been put under but remembering that also brought back memories that when I was out that shooting to kill I pushed to the very back of my mind



My parents

Experimented on

And that’s how the most feared gang leader in the world broke down into tears

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