The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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My throat was scratchy and soar I opened my mouth to see if I could speak but no words came out I had cried and cried and cried until I had no more tears to cry and I looked like an honest to God mess

“Boss, what are you doing out here?” A voice calls but I didn’t need to look up to know who it was “It’s late you should be inside we have school tomorrow you know” He adds hoping to lure me inside but I didn’t want to be inside I had to stay here

Samuel perched himself on the edge of the curb next to me and took a side wards glance at the dead body before he screwed his features up and turned back towards me I knew he was worried and shocked for me that part was clear in his sparkling brown eyes

“I...Can’t” I croak testing out my voice for the first time in a few hours

He looked away from me for a few seconds and cocked his head to the side as if he was a bird and I was something to eat and seemed to evaluate my words for a minute or two before coming up behind me and wrapping one hand around my waist and the other slips under my arm before Samuel lifts me up as if I weigh no more than the weight of a feather and throws me over his shoulder

“You can do anything Lex now shut up” He demands harshly making me flinch not just because of his tone but because of the nickname he just called me I haven’t heard it in a long time and I didn’t think I would ever hear it again until Samuel Cruz bulldozed his way back into my life. Though to be completely honest I only let my brother call me ‘Lex’ because although it would piss me off so much that I thought I would explode it felt weird and strange anyone else calling me that and in return I would call him ‘Sammy’ because I knew it pisses him off

But I did shut up which is a first because usually I give the orders

Samuel continues to carry me across the foyer and along the corridors to the dorms where we sleep and luckily for me there was nobody around so I didn’t have to explain why I looked like a fucking mess and why the newbie (ish) was carrying me like a sack of potatoes

“Where do you sleep?” He asks stopping when he reaches the end of the corridor. the confusion in his tone is clear probably because he looked at all the doors plaques and couldn’t find my name engraved onto any of them because I don’t sleep in a crappy two bed dorm (although I tried to make them nicer than my parents had)

“Put me down and I will” I demand but it wasn’t the same harsh tone that I usually use this tone was softer and more warn down after such an eventful day

He seemed to debate this for some minutes before his hands slide from the back of my legs to my hips and with a gentle squeeze of my hips he lowered me as gracefully as if I was a swan down to the ground

I march onwards not bothering to check if Cruz was follow me simply because I didn’t give a shit if he was or he wasn’t I was just really tired and I need to lie in a darkened room for the rest of eternity

Sliding into the back pocket of my leather rip jeans I cautiously pull out a card that will allow me access to my office, I hear a click and wait for a few seconds before I see a flash of green and with another click I open the door and walk inside not bothering to hold the door back for Cruz if he wanted to he could follow me (if he caught the door) he unfortunately had legs and a mouth that never seemed to shut up

“Wow” I spin around quickly my gun raised I was on high alert but I quickly retracted my gun when I saw the stupid awed face of my little brother and I shoved the gun back into the back waistband of my jeans rolling my eyes I snapped him out of trance

“Hey” I snap hotly not meaning to sound so harsh I was just really tired “Let’s roll”

“Why do you sleep in your office” He yapped like one of those annoying dogs that cant stop barking at a ungodly hour during the night. Walking faster to try and stop him from pissing me off any further didn’t help either because he just followed me like a lost bitch at my heels

“Cruz if you don’t shut up within the next five minutes I’m going to be sure to put a bullet through your eye and never leave a trace that I killed you are we clear?” I said my voice dropping deadly low so it was hardly above a whisper, it was an empty threat I knew that I’m not so harsh that I would kill my own brother but he doesn’t know that I know or that I am his sister yet, and I don’t even know how he figured out my name, must’ve found it somewhere. . .Sneaky bastard. . .But I watched in slight guilt and slight delight as his eyes widen with terror and a lump forms in his throat and he swallows it down

Reaching the door I wanted I pulled out my card and once again waited for the two clicks of the door and the flash of green light before I pushed open the door revealing a spacious room coated in light blue walls and white fluffy carpet, in the middle of the room was a double queen sized bed and a small desk opposite the bed and desk hanging on the wall was a 30″ flat screen TV with grey leather sofas underneath it

“Is this yours?” Is the first thing Samuel asks me when he sees the room

I give my head a little shake allowing my chocolate brown hair to fall around my slender face and before I push it up I say to Samuel “No this was my parents gang and room before I took it over and well. . .Modified it”

“Is this them?” He asks once again and I spin around and push my hair up before he wandered over to my dresser and picked up a photo of my parents, the only photo that I posses that makes us seem like a normal family, he studied the photograph for a minute or two as Samuel glanced from the picture of the women and men with dark hair standing behind their children and has an arm draped around the child in front of them and the two children were beaming up at the camera and the boy had his arms slung around the older girls neck. I knew that soon enough he would figure it out and just like switching on a light bulb realisation dawn on the boy and he turned to me jaw slack leaving me to sigh and say

“We need to talk. . .”

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