The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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He hasn’t stopped pacing the room since I began talking (it was an hour ago) and to be honest it was quite unnerving and that scared me because I wasn’t supposed to be scared of anything especially my older brother pacing the room back and forth while his hand swipe and tug at the roots of his hair as a way of distracting himself but I was nervous in fact I was very, very nervous

“Please just stop.” I try to be stern but it comes out like a sigh

“Why?” He shouts and at that moment I saw a carbon copy of my mother except the long curly brown hair. He had the same set of thunderous features that my I guess adopted mom had and his dark green eyes narrowed at me like my mothers would when she got angry with something I did and just like I did when she was angry I shrunk back at the look on his face I keep underestimating people and they always come back and bite me in the ass to show me how wrong I was like it was doing just now

“Because this isn’t my fault if anything it’s mom and dads but I guess there not even my parents so yea it’s your parents fault not mine so stop bloody acting like it is all my fault and grow up it is not just you that has been affected by this so can you stop being an asshole for one goddamn second?” I scream not hiding the raw emotion in my voice before I stomp out not caring where I was going

Anger swelled over me and ignited my veins on ire so much that my muscles actually hurt and I knew I had to release the anger and pent up tension somewhere so I did the only thing I knew how to when I got this angry, I punch away at the wall and turn into the heartless robot Marie and Pablo wanted me to be

They would be so fucking proud if they saw me now and that made me more angry because I didn’t want to be like them not when they were alive and especially not now I know the truth the truth that they tried to conceal from me just so I could follow in their footsteps hold onto their legacy and kill many people ripping families part for a living

And I hated it, I wanted to walk away from it all

But in this business the only way you get away fro stuff like this is if you are dead and quite frankly right now I’m beginning to think that death is the easier option

I run out of the institute telling Bryce and Dylan to keep it going while I went out the obliged without asking any questions when they saw my face they probably thought I was either on the verge of shooting someone or was on crack and I don’t even know whether I was or not

All I knew was I had to get out and fast

Walking around aimlessly for a bit, I then realise how much my fee are starting to hurt and if I didn’t sit down soon they felt as if they were going to fall off. Luckily though I knew there was a small bar on the other side of town a barely ten minute walk


Oh my god I’m so fucking dumb

How did I not realise that the small bar on the shady part of town doubled as a underground fighting arena? Not that I’m complaining I needed a way to get the anger out of my system and now I have one

But the problem was even though nobody knew my name and nobody had any reason to connect the dots to me being the reason that like 90% of the people have nightmares I have probably unknowing taken out -- as in eliminated -- most of these people either close friends or family member

But as guilt flooded through me I realised the only reason I was here was to fight away the anger boiling away inside of me and in a way I’m fighting for all those I’ve hurt or done any wrong to because in an indirect way I’m rebelling against my parents

I ducked my head and pulled my hood up on my grey hood so that the hood securely framed my face so it would be harder for anyone to recognise me if they had ever seen me before and I knew it was a risky game to play because if I lose I could lose everything after all I was a Mafia Gang leader not by choice but that didn’t matter much to the cops all that mattered was I was caught a locked away for the crimes I have committed

There was a loud rowdy cheer and I looked up to see a guy roughly in his twenties knocked out stone cold and there was another guy wearing a cocky smirk as his hand was thrown up in the air by a man in brown khakis

Nobody moved so I did and all heads turned to towards me as I walked into the makeshift arena surrounded by a huddle of humans that have formatted into a large semi circle, nobody knew whether I was a dude or not so nobody questioned me although the guy in the khakis did raise a greying eyebrow at my height and my attire probably thinking I’ll be on the floor in no time

“You all know the rules” The man continued and although I didn’t I guessed that I would pick them up easily. There was a sharp ring that echoed in my ear and then the match began and he started circling me so I followed suit

“I don’t even know why your fighting me because I’m going to squash you like a bug” He sneers and I flinch back like his words effected me but after a few seconds I straighted out and looked him square in the eye

“Don’t be so quick to judge sweetheart” I purr before landing a blow square in his jaw knocking his head back and making him groan and quickly rub his jaw but not before landing a kick on the side of my leg

I buckle but manage to keep my balance and I land another blow to the face, this one hitting him right in the nose and I don’t hold anything back all the anger I had towards my parents went through the punch


More anger spilled out of me




I was feeling more angry with every punch I passed



And he was out

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