The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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Everyone was silent

Everyone in the place didn’t move; from what I saw every single persons face was identical to the person next to them they all seemed to be stunned into an eery silence and it made a shiver run down my spine

That is until someone shouted something that nobody wanted to hear

“COPS! FUCKING FUZZ” someone who was on lookout yelled out so loud that my ear drums burst and before I could even snap it to focus everyone was sent into a frenzy knocking people over in a panic to get out of the bar undetected and I must admit it did take me more than a minute to register what the lookout had said and as soon as it did panic was roiling in my stomach making it turn and twist into a big massive knot

As fast as my legs would carry me I pushed my way through the crowd knocking a few people down by accident on the way out and even know my hood was framing my face and my wig was secured on by multiple bobby pins I still couldn’t get arrested tonight because if I got hauled into one of those shiny unmarked police vehicles when I got to the station they would be required to do a background check and a background check would lead to questions being brought up and secrets being dissected and end in me going away for a long time, a very long time

How do I know this I hear you asking

Two years back (when I first became Gang leader to the most powerful Mafia group in the world) I had to go undercover to scope out an enemy gang member who was close to figuring out my identity but unfortunately a day before I was supposed to go into the Uni where he was studying the bastard got himself arrested for fraud and possession of illegal substances so stay on to the dude I or rather Madison Tayler had to get herself arrested and because it was all planned Bryce was able to hook me up with a fake background that looked freakily real and so the cops never knew the difference and all the while I was afraid that Bryce had created a loophole that wasn’t meant to be there and I constantly worried for my safety

But I made it out with my mission complete lets just say the dude never talked again

Cold air hit my lungs at full force forcing me to let out a breath that I had been holding in ever since I started running away from the bar and the new breath causes my lungs to ache as I continue to run the braid that I had tied my hair into is battering my back and bouncing off my shoulders

The night had turned an inky black with the morning sun trying to leak through the dark clouds it must be later in the morning than I had originally thought but I don’t have time to marvel at how the stars seem to fade into the inky background because I must keep moving so the cops don’t catch me


I smash my hand against the emergency alarm and ringing immediately blared in my eardrums and made me slam my hands over my ears to block out the ringing in them but it barely made any difference

“MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?” I hear someone yell before I hear the scuffle of feet that goes in the direction of my office. Quickly I waited until the narrow corridor was empty before I push myself through crowds of my panicking gang members and their families

“Excuse me!′ I say sternly as I past Michelle and her husband and as I past Bryce I lock my fingers around his in a vice like grip and continued to drag him away from his panicked family I could tell tears were springing from Bryce’s daughter Miracle’s baby blue eyes and I almost felt my heart melt into a little puddle of mush and his son Logan was clinging onto Michelle glancing around the room to see where the hell his daddy was going

“What’s going on boss?” Bryce asks calmly following me to my office not trying to get out of my vice like grasp as I pull him along before sliding the key card along the front of the home made little black box

“I’ll tell you in a minute” I sigh running a hand through my hair and my half fallen out bun which is flat atop of my head since I didn’t really have time to fix it throughout the course of the night from running away from the law to save my own ass to putting the whole place on lockdown including the people inside fixing my hair surprisingly hasn’t been on top of my list

After gesturing for the twenty five year old clean shaven male to sit his ass down on one of my office chairs I sigh and go back over to the door to settle down my fellow employees and tell them about the situation in play and what I think we best do about it

Panicked voices and conversations rise to my ears like shouts the second I entered the hallway and with the siren still blaring on full blast I’m surprised my ears aren’t bleeding out right about now “ALRIGHT EVERYBODY SHUT YOUR TRAPS AND LISTEN TO WHAT I’M ABOUT TO TELL YOU ALL” I shout over everybody and they all instantly freeze at the sound of my voice

“Boss what are we doing here?” Someone pipes up amongst the thousands of people in the hallway at that moment, the voice is quiet but to me it rings out louder than any of the sirens blaring at that moment

I sigh here it is the million dollar question

“The police may be onto us” I state and once again everyone is in animation

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