The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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“Why are the cops after us? They shouldnt find us you assured of us of that much when we started working for you”

“Your telling is that the fuzz are after us now when we’ve got a van of heroine and high voltage weapons on the way to be sold on the black market what if they tail that would be a half a mil quid down the toilet”

After I tell that that the police could have tailed me back from when I was running “Errands” (I obviously didnt tell them that I was at an underground fighting bar because that could lead to questions that I simply dont want to answer and because of who I am some people who are lower in the gang are used to me not explaining to them what exactly is happening all of the damn time) the questions and accusations start up again once again louder than the alarm that was still blaring and once again made me ears feel as if they had started bleeding, finally though I had, had enough

“ENOUGH!” I shout roughly over the towering skyscrapers of men who had shoved everyone else out of the way to get to the front I knew what they were doing though it was obvious because of the rage on their faces, I must admit it hasn’t been the first time that I encountered something like this when men are angry and they have enough body mass to throw a punch they will either that or they decide to drink two dozen bottles of beer or they disered drink until they turn into a shell of the person the person they were before and juding that I didnt have a bar I would say they were going for thr first option “I KNOW THIS UH SITUATION ISNT IDEAL BUT WE ALL NEED TO STAY LOW UNTIL I CAN BE SURE THAT NOBODY IS TAILING US”

One of the angry men who was quite low down in the rangs of the gang not because his fighting or racing skills were bad they were amature but because he told me countless times that he doesnt believe a girl should run a gang and that he was only taking orders from me because I was the one who could protect him and his people and I bet you half of the people in this cramped hallways were only taking orders from me because I could protect them but unlike Mr Buff they were smart enough to keep quiet “Why should we all stay low just because you messed up?” He questions cocking his head to the side and flexing his bulging black muscles

“Well if you want to get shot in the head thats fine by me all I’m trying to do is save everybody ass” I hiss at him the vemon clear in my eyes, he instantly shrunk back most of my men were all bark and no bite wich were good in some respects but annoying in others that why I usally just have three to five people with me when I needed to scope out an target

“THE TWO SCOTTS AND PIERSON COME WITH ME AND THE REST OF YOU GO BACK TO WHAT I’M PAYING YOU FOR OH AN’ SOMEONE TURN OFF THAT BLOODY ALARM” I yell at them and they all had their eyes wide for a moment before I clapped loudly making everyone except Dylan and Daniel jump before they all scurried away leaving the Scott twins and Trevon standing there before I unlocked my door and they followed me inside

Bryce and Dylan instantly looked towards me face trying to read it to the best of their abilty whereas I tried to keep my face as netural as I could to the bst of my abilty not letting how angry frustrated ane exhausted I was to show through my mask that I painted on my face

“Bryce and Dylan I need you to work double and to keep this place running like a well oilded machine” I give them their orders and Bryce’s face fell dramatically as he pouted and stuck his nose in the air like a five year old after a temper fit and although Dylan did the same thing he did a slightly better job at hiding it

“But Boss its Miracle’s and Sarai’s birthdays coming up and well we wanted to see if you would allow us sometime off to celebrate with the family” Bryce interjects a look of pleading crossing his worn out features and his voice was small smaller than it had been for ages and I knew it was partly down to my bad mood and him not wanting to be shot

Normally I wouldnt have minded I would have let them both take a few days off to relax with the family but not now I couldnt allow time off for people as much as I wanted too but I just couldnt and I know that makes me sound like my. . .adopted parents, but I needed all hands on deck at least for the foreseeble future

I shook my head slowly and saw a look of pure devenstion rise on their faces and guilt knotted itself inside of my stomach and the only thing that I could tell was me and not my ‘parents’ doing was the fact that I felt guilty after telling them something that could seprate the men from their familes even more whereas they, they wouldnt bat an eyelid

“I’m sorry” I say in a small voice and everyone including myself had to do a double take to make sure it was I that uttered the words

“No its not your fault” Dylan says with a forced smile “you’ve got things on your plate”

Everyone turns to leave but I still find myself muttering the word “Dismissed” as though it would gain me my control back in the situation but it didnt and that little thing frustrated me even more because I didnt want the monsters who ruined my life to win

But I knew they had

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