The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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It was tough to say the least

Everyone was working doubly hard and working even later to get the orders in on time and everyone was taking their own weight and helping out when they could it didn’t matter who they were and what their position was in the gang or whether they were in the gang at all lets just say that nobody wanted to be caught and their ass to be dragged away by the police

But because everyone was basically running on two hours of sleep every night and huge cups of coffee for literally a week or so, it made me very reluctant to actually get up and go to collage to put on the shy nerdy act when all I wanted to do was face plant my bed and sleep for a week

But I couldn’t do that unfortunately

So I mumbled a few curse words and rolled over in my bed, cracking an eye open only to close it again when light poured into them blinding me for a minute or two and in that minute I wished I could have kept my eyes closed rolled over and go back to sleep

Once again though my door banging open interrupted that

In a swift move I grabbed my gun without even opening my eyes and aimed it at the door blinding shooting once before I hear the fall of the bullet against the sky blue walls that I have and a very familiar voice call “Jesus Christ Woman what side of bed did you wake up on this morning?”

Finally after coaxing myself that I only had to get through the day of lectures and doing illegal work before I could see my bed again I finally sat up and opened my eyes to see Samuel leaning against the wall opposite my door and his arms were crossed over his chest although he did still have a slightly laxed face after almost being shot in the only God knows where. I sit crossed legged and raised an eyebrow in his direction

“Wanna um wanna tell me how you got into my locked room?” I asked my voice flat and annoyed

“Umm no not really” He replied sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck in an awkward fashion and it must be something that runs in the family because I tend to do that too when I’m stressed or am put in an awkward situation that I’m trying to avoid answering questions for

“O-kay” I said letting it slide because of how tired I was and not to mention I havnt had one pot of coffee yet let alone enough caffeine to keep me functioning for the rest of the day and not looking like a undead mutant for the majority of the day “Why are you here?” I ask my voice remaining cold and flat

“I came to ask you for a ride to school” He says not bothered by my cold tone towards him although he is probably used to me like that now so it doesn’t faze him

“Why would Mr I’m too cool for school need a ride from the mute campus nerd?” I spat at him but once again didn’t flinch or show any surprise on his face he simply sighed and wrung his hands together

“Because I don’t have a licence” He mumbles but I catch it

“So what you’ve been living here for what a month and you never thought to ask your sister whether you could have a ride?” I ask suddenly finding humour in my voice instead of it laced with anger like it was previously

“Is that a yes or no?” He says annoyed but his mouth twitches upwards

“Yes just give me a sec to get dressed and sorted meet you outside the institute in 15” I say and lean over to my nightstand before flicking him the keys


The car engine roared to a stop and I killed the engine before glancing through the rear view mirror and smirked at him it probably had less impact because of the big fake glasses I had perched on the bridge of my nose

“Okay you can get out now” I tell him because after a moment or two, he still hadn’t got after the car and we needed to be in the campus building in less than five minutes

“S-sorry” He stuttered and started moving to unbuckle his seatbelt. Normally I wouldn’t be bothered by this behaviour because it is what Samuel would normally do anyway but he has been acting very odd this morning and I mean he doesn’t bat an eyelid when I was snarky with him this morning but now that I am talking to him normally he stutters over every word that he says

“Samuel what’s bothering you?” I ask and a flash of fear crosses his eyes and I almost missed it, it was gone so quickly and replaced by a bored I-don’t-know-what-the-hell-you-are-talking-about look

“N-Nothing” He once again stutters and it took everything within me not to throttle the kid. He was acting very weird today

“Samuel I lived with you for about ten years I think I know when something is up with you” I say to him my voice slightly louder than I wanted it to be making Samuel jump backwards a bit away from me

He sighed running a sweaty palm down the side of his tanned face “Its just its been a month y’know since I came to. . .Work. . .For you. . . and well in that time I found out that you are my sister and my parents ran a gang that I had no idea about and suddenly now my adopted sister has taken over that legacy, it is just all a bit to much and I keep thinking what if I hadn’t of had a fight with my foster parents and stormed out the house and wondered into that alley accidently coming face to face with the worlds most dangerous gang leader my life would be so different right now”

“But would it be for the better or worse?” I question him before hopping out the car leaving Mr Bad Boy alone

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