The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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I stretch my arms upwards and stand on my tiptoes stifling a yawn as I come out of the lecture hall along with everyone else and I was exhausted the extra cup of coffee I picked up on the way to school did nothing to impact how tired I was it may though have made my a little bit more jumpy than usual though

In the hallway I look around for Samuel since I have an extended break and lunch period next I thought Samuel and I could go out for lunch and possible get milkshakes or something from down the road at Josie’s

Don’t look at me like that I may be a gang leader but I am still his sister

I pull out my phone and check the time, 11:55, Samuel should be out of his classes by now but I dont see him anywhere. With the flow of traffic coming from all directions I was pushed more and more closer to the door

Suddenly I spot him, the famous bad boy, talking to a group of dickheads from my American Litetuare class and I try to get his attention, after a few minutes however his tired gaze did catch mine and he excused himself from the little group before I was completely pushed outside into the collage campus

I walked down the steps leading into the actual main building of the collage and I caught sight of Samuel making his way down the steps a few seconds after me, I know this is xollage and most people tell you that collage is way different to High Scholl both on the social sides of things and on the academic side but trust me when I say that there are still those people that are still caught up in the little High School bubble believing that ‘nerds’ and the ‘bad boys’ shouldnt mix with one another

“Hey Lex” Samuel whisper in a hush hush tone just in case any people were walking by, oce he had caught up to me that is “Whats up? You never talk to me in school unless it is something super important, it isn’t is it?”

I laugh which suprises the both of us before shaking my head which made my brown wig that was loose at the moment but still secured on by a number of bobby pins slap around my shoulders before I said “Nope, it isn’t but I thought since you were being all pissed off this morning. . .I dont know. . . that maybe we could go have lunch at Josies” I explain to him which leads to him quirking up an eyebrow at how nice I was being

“Who are you and what have you done with my fearless gang leader of a sister?” He jokes making me punch him in the shouldeer just to show him I hadnt quite gone soft on him yet but nods his head anyway and soon we are off walking to the little 60′s cafe down the road

We make it to the cafe in a comfatuble silence and when we get there Samuel pushes open the door making the little bell that sat atop of the door frame go off making random strangers aware of our presence

But in saying that the small cafe wasnt actually that busy and I put that down to it being because of the time of day it was but there was only a few people scattering around the place including a couple who looked like they were enjoying their time off on this pissy Monday together.

The cafe was also quite cool with its laid back 60 style boothes and red tiling that decorated the walls, hung on the walls were also signed knock offs of the icons in music and art in that decade and it looked nice with the way it was laid out

Taking a seat and sliding in the middle of the boothe, I pull out a menu from the rack in the middle of the table which again matched the tiles, I decide what I wa going to have to eat and drink

Just then a waiter came up but I really wasn’t paying too much attention to who it was as both Samuel and I were in a heated battle on Temple Run taking it in turns to try and beat the next persons high score “Hello, I’ll be your waiter today, are you two ready to order” The famillar voice says monotone and I must admit I didnt clock at first who’s voice it was and it seems both of us realised who we were speaking to at the same moment because the waiter Samuel and I all glanced up at each other again at the same time

“Boss,” Daniel hisses through his teeth “What the hell are you doing here?”

I raised my eyebrows and narrowed my eyes at him as I gritt out through my clented teeth and locked jaw “I think the question is Scotts what the hell are you doing here? You do realise that you already have a job? And I think I pay you quite well considering half the kids your age probably get half of what your getting or even less”

“Its nothing personal I swear and I do like working for you and with the money you give to my brother and I well thats a bonus but recently some of my friends in Uni have been asking me where I work so I told them I worked as a waitor and to back up that claim, I started working here a few days a week taking odd shifts” He says and I know by the slight tremor in his voice that the younger Scott twin was telling the troth

“In that case waiter I would like the all american style burger with a side of garlic bread and curly fries and for a drink I would like Coke” I tell him before he scribbles it down and turns to Samuel and indirectly raises a brow at me as if to ask why I brought one of my newest recrutes to lunch and I knew what was going through his head, that we were dating, and I shot him down with a deadly glare to the side of his head.

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