The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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After lunch was paid for and finished and the fact that I had to give a long hard death glare to the younger Scott who raised an eyebrow at us everytime he brought out our food or drinks or whatever it was sadly time to head back to collage consindering that when I checked my phone we had about five minutes to get back there luckily it was only down the road

The temputer had definately dropped while we were in the cafe because when we came out it was so cold that I had to wrap my arms around myself in a sort of hug to myself but litterally like two minutes before we reached Hope Collage Institute of New York City Samuel notices me hugging myself and frowns “If you were cold, you could have just told me and I would’ve given you my jacket” He says making me shake my head and grin

“And give people more of an opitunity to think we are going out, Nu-hu, I mean Daniel already thinks we are” I tell him and ruffle his hair before his scowl grows deeper like it is going to permently burned onto his face

“Daniel does not think we are dating” He argues with me gesturing between the two of us

“I promise you my brother that he does, did you not see the way he kept glancing at us when he was serving other people or the fact that every time he served us with a new course his eyes would flit in between us and he we raise his eyebrows in question?” I ask him and he shakes his head in reply leaving me to sigh. Boys, especially brothers, can sometimes be very oblivious if there is something that they don’t want to see or do

I almost jump sky high when the late bell rings overhead I must admit for a gang leader I am really jumpy

Looking at Samuel who looks back at me with the same expression we both hurry up the steps and inside to the safety of the building before we do a really awkward side hug thing and we part ways him going off to whatever lecture he had and me mine

Walking into the lecture hall however was probably more awkward then the hug just a few moments ago and that was saying something because when I did walk in all eyes were drawn to me like magnets and some people looked happy about having an excuse not to do shit

“Would you like to explain why you are late Ms Winston?” Miss Maddox says sending me a glare through her big thick chunky square glasses similar to my own and I resist the urge to flat out roll my eyes I may be a nerd but that doesn’t mean I’m every teachers pet and I’m pretty sure that Lydia Maddox saw through my nerdy disguise long ago and knows I am not a really nerd

“N-No Miss I am sorry it wont happen again” I say with a fake stutter before hurrying to my seat


After the distractors thing known as the last lecture I went down to the institute and was thrown back into the world of work when all I wanted to do was take a nap after my more than shitty day at collage

As soon as I walk through the door just to prove my point, some long ranked junior gang member comes up to me he looked scared shitless as his face was pale and his eyes were filled with pure terror and freight

“We neeed a signature on the latest order of drugs” He squeaks passing me a form attached to a clipboard and I snatch it off him and scribble down a messy version of my name before thrusting it back to him and watching the poor sod run away from me like I had sprouted five heads out of my body

I sigh and run my hand through my wig pulling at it until I hear the click of bobby pins and was able to pull the wig off revealing my dark red almost brown hair and I watched as it tumbled down past my shoulders all the way down to my waist and this time sigh in contempt

“That feel better?” A voice says from behind me and once again for the second time today I jump sky high like I said even though I am a gang leader I can get really jumpy when it comes to people just talking to me or bells but oddly enough I never jump at the sound of guns “Fuck, I never meant to make you jump Lex sorry”

“It’s okay Sammy” I say and because I was too busy trying to control my erratic heartbeat I didn’t realise what I had said until moments later when Samuel’s eyes went wide and he grew pale to the point where it looks like he might pass out

“Y-You just called me ‘Sammy’ like when we were little kids and we would always get in trouble from Mom and dad you didn’t call me Samuel or Cruz like you have been doing over the last few weeks to months since you found out I was your brother in a way of stopping you getting close to me” He stuttered looking petrified that I might blow out his brains for speaking his mind, I wasn’t going to do that but I was however going to inflict pain on his body until I realised

That my brother was 100% completely right I had been avoiding calling Samuel ‘Sammy’ because for me it brought back the memories of my past that I’d rather forget and that is why -- scratch that -- why I know I had been pushing Samuel away in hopes that he would just forget about all of this and I can just move on with my life

But I didn’t hit him instead I did something that surprised both of us and I hugged my brother

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