The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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After the hug we break apart and both of us look pretty sheepish in nature but I hid it better considering I didn’t have a faint pink blush scattered on my nose ears and cheeks “See I told you Dyl the boss has gone soft and fell for the collage bad boy look they are hugging an’ all” Daniel snickers from underneath his hands making me glare at him as I turn around and Samuel jumps at least a meter away from me as the blush on his cheeks worsens and he bevames more of a maroon shade than anything

“Shut up Scotts, I do not date my fellow employees and Cruz is getting no special treatment and before you open that damned gob of yours why we were hugging is none of your fucking corcern so please before I bawl your eyes out with nothing but my little finger and a paper clip go do something useful” I tell him, my voice low and full of acid which makes fear flash in his eyes before he runs off scared that I might actually do such a thing followed by his older twin who lingered on me for a few moments and I swear he looked dissappointed at my statement about no-dating-employees

I turn back towards Samuel to see he has cooled off and is no longer a deep shade of red and see him also trying to muffle his not so innocent chuckles using the back of his hand before he chokes out “That was halerious Lex you should have seen the tough boy act drop before you could even finish your sentence”

Rolling my eyes I fold my arms over my chest “Whatever” I say

“It’s true it was fan-fucking-tastic the look on his face I nearly pissed myself with lauughter” Samuel assures me and I crinkle my nose at the new found infomation that was just a little bit too much information to share between siblings

“Look Samuel I have work to do and I’m sure if you really want you can ask one of the low rank gang members to give you tell them I sent you if they give you any trouble. Bye” I say and turn around and start to walk away before I heard a call from behind me from amuel which made me pause for a moment

“Bye Sis”


I collaspe tiredly on my office’s leather sofa and draw a long breath before swiping an almost limp hand through my hair and my face aches and my lungs are soar from the workout that I had just put myself through

I’ve never been so tired and all I want to do is crawl into my bed and sleep however I know I cant because I still have a shit ton of work to still get done both school related and gang related so I relucantly drag my ass up off the sofa and over to my office chair which sits behind a desk with a stack of paperwork on it that I still neeed to fill out

One thing about being a gang leader is that the work is never done and sadly thar leads to a lot of sleepless nights, I drag the stack over to me and inwardly groan when I read what is on the first page

I have always hated doing paperwork

Suddenly there is a knock on my door that makes me look up and distracts me from doing anymore of that Godawful paperwork and I sigh before waving my hand about and calling them to come in

Once again Samuel, Bryce, Dylan and Daniel all walk in with a worn out puffy eyed look on each one of their faces, they all had dark purple rings around their eyes making them look simillar to that of a panda and immediatly guilt pulses through me I hate to see my employees -- my friends and brother -- look like their half dead I can take it because I have to but these people in front of me have familes that live here but they never get to see and it is all my fault

So again I’m faced with a decision and hopefully this time I will make the right one “All of you, take the night off and rest of tomorrow off be with your families, rest, do whatever but I expect to see you back in working and fighting condition on Thursday alright?” I say firmly and all of them looked shocked at my softness except Samuel who just raises a brow leaving me to nod subtly to him

When they don’t move, I pull a gun out the draw and click the safety off it before aiming it towards the dart board at the other end of the room and squeeze the trigger making a loud bang echo throughout the room causing everybody minus me to jump and to mutter thank yous at my gesture before running out of the room before I did something I would regret and changed my mind again

I look back down to the paperwork and pick the purple ball point pen again and begin busying myself with the paperwork yet again but a few minutes into it and I still couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was there watching me so with caution I lift my head before leaning back in my chair when I find it is only my little brother

“What” I state flatly I was in no mood to put emotion into my voice because I was tired as shit and it was already two in the morning and I was supposed to be up at six but here I was still working, I think I may have to pull another all nighter

“Nothing it is just that you did a really nice thing, if you’re scared that you are a monster I assure you, you are not seen as Mom and Dad probably wouldn’t let anyone have time off” He says softly before walking out of the office leaving me to stretch out my legs and go over to the window to look at the night sky when I could a glimpse of the dart board the bullet going straight through the middle of the board

Bulls eye

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