The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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The cold night air whispered around me, and the alleway I was stood in was even colder making me shiver but I keep a straight face as I hear the footsteps coming up after me I clicked the safety pin off my gun again as the footsteps got heavier as the figure got closer to me

But what made me stop shooting widly at the figure was the fact that it appeared to be limping and seemed to be badly hurt so instead of shooting at it I click the safety back on and tuck the gun into my waistband of my black track pants and run over to her

When I got closer to the injured figure I noticed that she was in fact a girl probably slightly younger than I with long dark brown hair that fell past her shoulders in a tangled mess and that she had green eyes that were vibrant this late at night “What’s your name?” I ask her as I kneel down and begin to inspect the bruising and damage done to her face and lips

“Macy” She rapes clutching onto her ribs as she wheezes for a breath “Macy Connors”

“Alright Macy how did this happen to you?” I continue to ask her, if I was going to help her then I needed to know how and why she was covered in bruises the way she was. Macy shakes her head as if she cant tell me that bit of the puzzle and I sigh I needed to help her I know I did I just needed to get her away from here and back to the safty of the institute

Looking into Macy’s pain filled eyes, I sigh once again and pull out my phone to phone my brother I know I said that he could have today off to sleep and recover but I dont think will mind as this is an emergency

“Hello?” He says his voice laced with sleep like he has just woken up

“Hello, Sam is me I need you to do me a favour I need you to come to the alleyway when we first took you in?” I ask him before adding in “and please hurry it is kind of urgent” I tell him in a stern but rushed tone as I check that the girl with the injuries is alright

“Oh-Kay but why?” He asks to which I shake my head before realising that he couldnt see what I was doing

“You’ll see when you come!” I nearly shout into the phone before clicking it off and putting it back in my pocket before once again turning my attention to the girl leaning against the wall hunched over her kness in an effort to get her breath “How old are you?” I ask her

“18” She replies a little bit breathlessy and I know that if Samuel didnt come soon the poor girl would pass out. The next ten minutes is spent with me trying to keep the girl awake until I hear another round of footsteps and on instinct I pull my gun out until I saw that it was only Samuel and that he was here to help us

It seemed the girl had been around guns before as she didnt flinch when I pulled my own out like I thought she would eventually when I was sure that there was no danger apparent I tucked the gun away again

“Lex who is this” Samuel whispers trying not to be rude but it comes out that way causing both Macy and I to shoot him a glare and under the intensity of both glares Samuel puts his hands up in surrender and shrinks back

“Samuel, this is Macy Connors, Macy this is Samuel Cruz” I say and wait a few moments for the introductory shit to sink in before I move onto the more pressing matter that is getting Macy out of here before she looses any more of her blood considering how bad that head wound is right about now “Sam I need you to help me carry Macy back to the institute” I tell him seriously and he nods at me like I was a captain

He instantly got to work kneeling in front of Macy before picking her up and Macy just to make sure she didnt fall wrapped her thin limp arms around Samuel’s neck and now she was off the ground and in some sort of fain light provided by the streetlights as we walked it was easy to see how thin and underfed this Macy chick really was

It took about fifthteen more minutes along with multiple rest breaks for Samuel and to check whether Macy was still consious and breathing to get back to the institute where we were met with strange looks but one person ran to our side and took Macy off of Samuel

“Macy Mace what are you doing here?” Mason asks a look of confusion crossing his features before he looks down at her pale and bloodied skin and only then does he notice her injuries and lets a curse slip through his lips “Oh God, fuck, your injured, boss do I take her to the infirmary” He asks me

I roll my eyes at his obvious question but nod none the less before walking over to Samuel who’s shirt was now soaked in the blood from the dark haired girls injuries and said “Thank you if it wasnt for you I may not have been able to save her life so thank you”

“This is another reason why you are not like our parents and certainly not a monster” He whispers in my ear before like last time leaving me alone to probably go find a new change of clothes

I dont know what would have happened to the barely an adult if I hadnt been there tonight trying to hunt down a suspect who has been spying on the gang from afar and giving it to demonite it seems everytime I get close to inflitraiting the gang something else comes up pushing it futher down my prioty list

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