The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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“Is our guest awake yet?” I ask slamming my fist down on the table making everyone jump back in freight and the all shook their heads nearly in perfect unison causing me to goan and slam my fist down on the table just to itterate how mad I was “Scott did you have to punch him so hard?” I ask glaring at Dylan who just shrugs but I cant help but notice the scared spark in his green eyes

Suddenly another voice comes over the earpiece that I always have wedged in my ear so I always know what is going down and when plus it’s like I have ears and eyes everywhere so you better watch out “Boss, we have him, he’s awake and getting angry you might want to get here quickly this little fucker is putting up a fight” Bryce who is down in the holding chambers tells me

I quickly stand up and all eyes are on me but I don’t say anything and move to the doorway before going to the holding cells when I arrive Bryce looks shaken up and has a couple of scratches and cuts on his face however when he sees me the twenty five year old man cries out to me and points towards Samuel Cruz

“That. . .Bastard. . .Needs. . .To. . .Be taught. . .A lesson” Bryce pants doubling over so he catch his breath leaving me to shake my head in amusement, Bryce was never the quickest or that flexible so when their was a person who was quicker than him, he could easily be beaten and it seems that the nineteen year old was in fact faster than the twenty five year old

Nodding at him a small smirk plays on my lips and it seems like he noticed because he glared at me which only caused my smirk to grow even wider as I stepped into the room and like da ja vu he stared at me with his eyes wide and jaw nearly sweeping the floor and I walk over to him and punch him square in the jaw something that I have always wanted to do ever since I met his ratty little ass

“M-Maya?” He stammers and once again I shake my head at him and fold my arms

“My name is not Maya” I correct him trying to keep my voice steady and intimidating and he opened his mouth to ask me that one simple question that everyone asks me when I recruit them “My name doesn’t concern you, you will know me as Maya in school so that I can keep my cover or as boss when you are working for me”

“Working? No! I don’t work for bloody murderers’ like you” He yells at me letting his mouth run away with him, god this dude never learns when the time is to just shut up does he?

“Would you rather I shoot you in the head?” I ask him mockingly as I shove the gun up to his head pressing hard I watch as he swallows before he shakes his head and I smirk before pushing the gun further into his skull before I pull back “Alright then lets get to training”


Samuel stares at the ceiling in a haze a grumble of protest falling from his lips, but I poke him in the ribs and after he groans, he flips onto his stomach and pushes himself into a push up position and while he was occupied with that I put my boot onto his back and push him back down “Would you stop doing that please?” He lets out another tired groan

“You need to have ears and eyes everywhere. Again” I command him and he flips me the middle finger before he gets up and gets into an armature fighting stance, throwing a tired punch my way which I could easily block with my eyes closed and I throw a hard punch to his left shoulder making him hunch forward in pain

“I’m done, I’m done working with you and I’m leaving” Samuel hotly shouts at me but I didn’t flinch back like I would do if I was in my nerd façade and I could tell that surprised the boy a bit because his eyebrows shot up as I folded my arms over my chest and block him from exiting the room

“No you are fucking not” I tell him pointing towards him “You think I chose to work with you, you actually think I give a damn about you well I hate to break it to your highness but not everyone has to fall to the floor and bow in your presence there is only one reason why I kept you alive is because I need you to do a job but until I know you are not going to call it quits every time something gets hard I’m sorry but if you cant promise me that then I am going to have to kill you”

I watch as his facial features cross from anger to distraught to upset before he nods finally understanding that I wasn’t just about to ‘let him go’ and he may of seen me as a nerd for the last year but I think last night was a wake up call for him to not judge everyone because not everyone is what the seem to be

“Okay lets get back to work. Again”

This time Samuel did catch me off guard as sticks his legs underneath mine before he brings them back towards his own body making me trip over him and land flat on my back and he was quick to see the opportunity to start throwing punches at me however I grabbed him from his sides catching him off guard before continuing to grab his arm and twist it around his back making him yelp and roll off of me in pain allowing me the chance to stand up and smirk

“Good. We will do this tomorrow Bryce will show you to your rooms” I tell him and he nods before leaving the room

This kid might be more resilient that I am giving him credit for. . .

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