The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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“She’s awake” I hear the cry of Mason say on Saturday morning as he burst into my office

Apparently just before Mason got to the institutete infirmary Macy had collapsed in his arms from the blood loss and we all had our fingers crossed that she, the small frail girl would wake up soon but as the days marched on everyone started to lose hope -- but Mason didn’t -- he stayed with her even when he was nearly pryed off one of the plastic chairs that our posisition by the bed

I smile a genuine smile, I didn’t want the girl to lose her life that way it just seemed a terrible way to lose someone all battered up with no explanation as to why suddenly an thought popped it to my head “That’s great, hey by the way did Macy ever tell you why she got beaten up in that way?”

Mason shakes his head slowly as if consindering it but then says “No. . .But she used to street fight before she left as a way of gaing income so we could look after Gracelyn there’s a possibilty she could have continued it and got beat up pretty badly?”

“Oh that is a possibilty but did she ever loose a fight before she left you and your daughter?” I ask I know it sounds like I am interrogating the boy or something but I need to know whether Macy could have got hurt that badly during one of her fights or whether something is going on that is part of the bigger picture

“No. . .I dont think so but I don’t really know about that however even if she did I’ve learnt from my time doing street fighting that if you were knocked out they would let you bunk in a back room or something like that until you recovered” He answered honest evident through his tone

“One final question before you go get some sleep you look like hell” I order him and he pouts at me but at the same time made no arguement against me and looked at me for me to continue “Did Macy have any ememies?” I ask him to which he shakes his head again

“One but I haven’t seen him or her in six months so I really wouldnt know now would I?” He said sassily but I could tell that was just because he was over tired by the weary look on his face so with one final glace at his face I let Mason go before leaving the office myself as I needed to talk to Macy about who attacked her


“Hey how are you feeling?” I ask gently knowing that I am tip toeing on eggshells until I get some answers to answer some of the burning questions with in my head when vibrant green eyes met my own I continued “You know Mason didnt leave your side and sat in this plastic chair until you woke up?”

She chuckles lightly but that quickly ends up with her having a coughing fit so before she could choke on her own spit I pull her up into a sitting posistion and slap her on the back a few times until the coughs subside into occasional hiccups

She looks up at me again her green eyes sparkilng as she whispers a barely audible “Thank you and not just for tonight I probably wouldnt be alive if you hadnt of helped me that night in the alley”

I nod in a silent conversation where I tell her not to worry about it and she relaxes into the mound of pillows that she has proping her up until I say the next bit “You took quite the beating last night what happened?” I ask her and see her visibly stiffen of the pillows and her hands ball into fists and she looks just about ready to punch something

“I was walking home from a fight that night, I’m sure that Mason told you that I’m a streetfight right?” She says and I nod before she continues “Suddenly these four men dressed in an all black suit came out of nowhere and covers my mouth with their hands saying if I scream they’ll shoot me” She pauses for breath

Macy drew a long deep breath as she shakily explains the next part “They. . .They dragged me into an allley, the one alley before the one that you were in and two more men appear and they hold me down while the leader trails slimy kisses down my neck”

By now Macy was in tears, they were streaming down her face freely and she made no attempt to stop them from coming “I was. . .raped and then beaten but it probably wouldnt hsve been so bad if I hadnt of. . .hadnt off tried to fight back because thats when they slammed me against the wall thats how I got the head wound”

I am guilt ridden and there was nothing I could have done because I wasnt there but somehow it still had that effect on me and it was sickening that some people in life would go as far as raping an innocent girl, slowly i asked the million dollar question “Macy I know how hard this is for you right now but I need you to tell me whether the people that rapd you had a red demon on their jackets?”

She laid her head back on the pillows again as her eyes dulled as she thought about the questio before she nodded her head confirming my suspicions and Macy asks “Why do you know who they were?”

I nodded my head “Demonite an enemy gang of mine, they want to know information on me, but now my darling Macy is the question will you join me in bringing down your rapists and putting the pieces of scum behind bars?” I ask her

Macy looks up at me before nodding her head with a weak smile and now I really know that I must kill every single member of Demonite

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