The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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The next few days pass by in a blur and I find myself with only one thought occupying my mind -- I need to catch Demonite’s ring leaders before anyone else gets hurt -- and even the teachers have noticed the change as my focus has shifted off of my school work and onto the matter at hand: catching Demonite

Samuel and I had both been hanging around the hallways after the warning and late bells hiding behind lockers or anything really that can hide our frames and trying to catch out illegal trades in the hallways such as a bag of weed being swapped out for cash anything really to crack down on my enemies gang but so far every search has come up blank so ever since the little Oliver shit they must be doing their dealings very carefully

Anger bulbbles inside of me at the very thought of that because if the can do it to an innocent girl, how many more innocent girls can they do it to? I’m just glad that Macy didn’t get pregnant as the child doesn’t deserve one of bastards as a father

“Hey Oli do you remember that wussy girl that I knocked a few days ago? Apparently the boss of the shadows caught her” The slimy voice said to his sidekick unawaare that I was creeping on hm from behind the lockers curling my fists and controlling my boiling blood as his last statement

“Yea dude I do but she gave you a good few knock in before she cried like a baby” Oliver says and although I’m supposed to keep my nerd cover in school I couldnt help but think that I could just get rid of them and nobody would know they were ever alive or who got rid of them

“But what are we going to do about the Boss for the Shadows?” Will asks

Better watch out because I’m coming for you

After my mental response to Will the motherfuckers question I peek out from behind the lockers just in time to see Oliver shake his head in response his long shoulder legnth hair slapping his cheek as he does so

“What are you kids up to? You should be in class, you’re are not sellin’ drugs are you? ” The janitor creeps up behind us making both me and Samuel jump sky and accidently coming out of a spot where we were covered from both Will and Oliver and because of the noise the janitor and we made Oliver and Will both snapped their heads towards both Samuel and I

“The nerd she works for the shadows I’m positive Willy” Oliver says making me snort at the nickname and for Will to turn red in both anger and embarrassment before he turns to his friend a storm brewing in his grey eyes

“I told you not to call me that” Will hisses a venom edge to his voice

“It just slipped out, it just slipped out” The terrified boy squeaks holding his hands up in serious surrender

Will before he decides to knock the boys lights out to turn his attention back to me, much to my dismay if I was being honest I was enjoying the reality entertainment, he takes a step forward and I take one back trying to keep myself in the role of ‘nerd’

“Do you work for the Shadows” He says voice low and as hard as stone

“I-I D-Don’t know what you are talking about?” I fake stutter making my voice higher at the end to make it seem like it was a question but Will just shook his head and his shoulders shook with laughter as he drew a gun from the back pocket of his jeans and pressed the barrel into my forehead

“Maybe this will jog your memory do you work for the shadows?” He asks again his tone the same as before

“No” I said quickly rearranging my facial features from scared to pissed in a matter of two seconds before looking him dead in the eye and adding “No, because I am the leader” I smirked and before anyone could react I bring my leg up to my face before kicking the gun out of Will’s hand and onto the floor

“H-How?” He stutters eyes full of fear as I hold the gun at point blank in between his eyes “Although I should have known” He adds in an almost mutter

The smirk on my face only widen as I said the next part “Oh honey you don’t need to know all I need from you is specifics on how you would like to die, a bullet through the skull or I could just choke you or even better I could claw your face in with my nails and watch you bleed out” I taunt him as I was trying to get a reaction out of him which moments later I do get when he kicks me in the side of my hip

Or tries to at least

At the last second I dodge his attack -- only narrowly though -- before I kick him the ribs and am rewarded by the sweet sickening crack of Will’s ribs before he hunches over in pain a few groans falling from his lips

His breathing becomes sparse as he begins to pant for breath and he manages somehow to kick me in the gut which has me coiling back in pain as I try and catch my breath before I yank him up and he is towering above me by at least a head

“You wanna try that again?” I threaten in a low voice

His eyes fill with terror once again as he quickly shakes his head and I nod my head against his to knock him out he slumped to the floor trying to bring me down with him but I was much stronger once he’s on the ground and unable to attack me I pull out my own gun and aim at him

The way he died was by three bullets to his chest

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