The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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Guilt swallowed my body as I walked home that night, I had killed three people today and I know you supposed to feel some sort of guilt when you muder someone let alone three but when you’ve killed as many people as I have you learn to supress the feeling of guilt and yet for some reason I could supress it or shake it off today

Of course I couldnt have my cover blown so unfortuantly Will’s sidekick had been the first to go, the poor lad didnt know that the bullet had been lodged into his skull until he had fallen with a small thud onto the floor

The next to go had been the janitor Walter because he had seen both murders and had known my real identity and just like why Oliver had to go it is why Walter had to follow the same fate as the boy that had been the second to go

When I turned back towards Samuel to tell him to go and get away before he got caught up in all of this, I could see his face and although his face seemed calm and bored his were alight with confusion and fear and I knew why, he was confused because I switched to rutheless gang leader in less than a second and he was scared to see me like that I couldnt blame him either it scared me as well how quickly I could muder three people in cold blood

Now I’m walking home, the guilt of cold blooded murder heavier on my back than the backpack I carry on my shoulders, the wind whips around me and makes the braid in my wig slap my across the face and land in my eyes

“Fuck” I curse softly and I look around the streets to see if anyone was watching but nobody was because it was so far off of the main road that people only wounded up here if they didnt know the town very well and got lost before I pulled at the wig on my head snapping off all of the bobby pins that held in in place and sliding the wig off of my head sighing in some sort of content

I run the rest of the way home because I feared that if I walked I might get caught and that wouldn’t be good for me or for anyone working for me, however the guilt was still there laying thickly on my chest making it near impossible to breath as I sucked in an uneven breath and carried on running back to the institute

Once I was safely back to the institue I saw that Samuel was waiting for me in the sitting room lounging around upside down on one of the large leather sofas that was stationed around the large 78″ flat plasma screen TV that was hooked up to every time of games console that you can imagine mostly for Bryce, Dylan and Daniel but I wasnt to shabby at playing myself

I knew what was going through his head so to offer him some sort of distraction in that head of his, I toss him an old PlayStation controller and raise an eyebrow at him in a silent challenge and he smiles at me and turns to the still blank screen

Going up to the TV I turn it on before loading the home screen of the Playstation and grabbing my own controller before settlimg down on the sofa and nudging Samuel beforee I loaded up Call of Duty: WWII

We load into an isolated area hidden by tin crates that are all around us boxing us in and the only escape was a narrow path in between the crates and I turn to Samuel who shakes his head knowing what I was planning but I just shake my head and smirk

I knew about this glitch in the game that would let you run through the crates if you run towards them at exactly the right time then you can pass through it like your character isn’t solid. As soon as I made my way through the crates I was surrounded by other players including Samuel who took the boring way around

The only difference was he was not shooting bullets at my character onscreen

Instead he made his solider throw me a spare gun and I took it not sparing him a glance as I would have to take my eyes off of the screen and I don’t want to do that now so instead I take one hand off the controller and give him a hand signal to go around

Samuel can easily slip away then because these people are to focused on me

It takes up about ten minutes to win that game because we were both shooting like crazy and Samuel is actually good at shooting in a video game so I wasn’t far off when I said that this wasn’t call of duty black ops

We spend the rest of the night shouting at our virtual soldiers and shooting at the ones that didn’t have a blue tag above their heads and because I’ve spent so many hours trying to supress the guilt of those three murders I only realise what time it is when sun starts seeping in through the curtains, blinding me for a short while and allowing me to get shot and for the game to be over

And the worst part even after all of this distractions the guilt was still laying thickly on my chest

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