The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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The sky was still the flaming colour of fire when I woke up the next morning. . .Well not really the next morning seen as both Samuel and I went to bed when the stars were being chased away by the peach dusky sky.

I was still drenched in a cold sweat and a shiver ran through me as I bolted upright in my bed knocking the covers off me and I watch as they slowly tumble to the floor in a messy heap as I try to get my breathing back to some sort of normalcy

I look over my shoulder and glance back at the wall behind be which showed my digital alarm clock, the liquid white letters showing the numbers in bold cursive lettering 4:05 and since I logged out of the Xbox and like 3:30 my guess is that I have had like twenty minutes of haunting sleep

Wiping the back of my hand across my forehead I try and take a deep breath in before I let out a long exhale since my breathing from my nightmare still hasn’t gone back to normal and it was like I was close to having a full blown panic attack although I haven’t had a panic attack in years or that nightmare in years and truth be told it scared the crap right out of me

I don’t get scared very easily or very often I mean I am a gang leader. . .

But the nightmare that I had once a year on the same day every year of my parents death still though it was like five years ago terrified me to the bones

Because I know I said my parents were killed by an enemy gang but that wasn’t entirely true because I though it truly was an accident was the one that killed them and therefore that is another reason why I had them buried so well because I didn’t want anyone to link me (especially not Samuel) to Pablo and Maria Garcia’s death

My eyes begin to feel heavy as I lie back down on my bed before throwing random covers over myself and leaving the ones that fell on the floor alone before I was succumbed by darkness and transported back to that nightmare

N i g h t m a r e

Rain splattered on the window and somewhere in the distance there was the faint boom of thunder but I didnt even flinch I stood as still as a statue an as rigid as a metal pole, the wind howled like a hungry wolf as well but still I didnt move from the posistion I was in

My feet were slighly apart one foot just slighly infront of the other and at my sides my hand were balled up and clenched into tight fists so tight in fact that I think that if I hadnt been trained so harshly with methods that some people would say were questionable I would have sure dug my nails into my palm deep enough even to draw large specks of blood

The sound of foosteps were hardly heard over the battering of the rain on the widow and the booming of thunder that in the last few moments has gotten a hell of a lot closer but still I showed no signs of terror of fear because I wasnt scared I couldnt be

I honed into the sounds of footsteps and how close they were to me mentally counting in my head and I wait until the very last second before I swing my body around my foot still in the air and go to the side of his ribs

But he sees it coming and tugs on my legs making me fall flat onto my back pain spreads throughout my muscles but I don’t acknowledge it before I am back up on my feet my fists flying in front of my face

I am a solider. No emotions. No pain. Get the job done

I punch Pablo in the face and he stumbles back a little before he regains his balance and charges me down once again at the last second I weave my way to the side so he couldn’t grab me and he falls to the floor

Taking this as an advantage I straddle over the man before clutching his throat in my hand soon though he runs quick out of breath and his face turns a deep shade of purple and I knew I should stop soon otherwise I was going to seriously damage something inside of the man but it felt so good so I gave his neck one last squeeze and I was just about to let go when he felt lim in my arms and I started to panic

“How’s training going down there? Has our little solider beat you yet?” A voice travelled down the stairs void of any real emotion that’s when I really start to panic the voice inside of me going into overdrive and I quickly get out Pablo and drag him into the other part of the training room the one with all the beat up equipment

I heard footsteps come down the stairs my panic levels going through the roof as I sprinted across the room and grabbed a heavy metal weight one that I use for training when I’m not fighting skills like today

When I saw the figure I just blindly swung before I heard a thud I didn’t know what I had done but I knew it had to have been bad

E n d o f n i g h t m a r e

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