The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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I dont know what came over me or what kind of sprites possesed me to do such a thing but I carefully took out the carfully wrapped brown parcel from the weapons vault where I had hidden it all those months ago

The pad of my the thumb grazed over the brown piece of paper that was wrapped around whatever the hell was in this thing carefully tearing a hole in the middle of it and slowy but carefully (I didnt know what was in the parcel and I didnt want to accidently rip or break it by hastily unwrappping it) I open up the parcel and nearly drop the thing when I see what the hell is inside

It was a note along with a ruby red necklace and a lock of my own my hair

I pick up the note and start reading it with shaky hands

Dear Alex

Can I still you call you ‘Alex’? After all I havent seen you since you were a little girl . If you don’t believe it is me just from the nickname we used to call each other when we were little then I have also enclosed the ruby necklace I gave you for your ninth birthday that you gave back to me just before you left me roughly four years ago and if you still need more proof that it is in fact me writing to you then I present to you a lock of your own hair that I yanked out your head when we go into our first fight after our mothers caught us trying to sneak out to go to our first high school party

Now you believe it is me, I need to tell you that you have been a very bad girl and I know you have because I have been following you, now don’t think I’m stalking you because I wouldnt call it that it makees me seem like i’m a bad person when in reality all I wanted to do was to do was look after you

I know you dont think I’m looking out for you but believe me when I say that I 100% am and that will never change no matter who you become or what you have done I will always be looking out for you and that is the sole reason why I gave Willy and Ollie the package because I knew that it would eventually fall into your hands

If I know you at all Alexia Garcia it means that I probably will never see either both Oliver or Will again because you would have ended their lives one way or another because they either pissed you off of you made a mistake that cost them their lives and thats okay I will miss them but it was the way it had to be for you to end up reading this l believe that it was the only way

Yes I am the boss of the Demonite just like I know you know I am and I know that you are the boss of the Shadows after you took over from your parents legacy but I am not the enemy like you are pinning me to be and I know that deep down you know that to you just want someone to distract you and keep your mind off whatever happened four years ago

Anyway I am writing this to inform you, you probably wont be seeing me again as I am moving to London in the UK and wont be able to keep in touch it was nice talking to you anyway and I will love you and miss you


I drop the letter as if it was on fire, I dont know why he was getting in contact me now but I do know that if he was telling the truth about everything in that damn letter then I would truly never see him again

I didnt know what to think I truly didnt all the words in the letter were spinning around my brain making me feel both sicck and dizzy; Val was not the enemy he never was, not really I was juar making him into one because like he said I needed a distraction to take my mind off what happened four years ago

He was always there for me, he didnt turn on me like I did him

It was really confusing and weird knowing that your former friend turned enemy has always had your back even if you didnt know it and thought that your one and only friend had turned away from you when in reality it was the exact oppisite you turned away from your friend but he forgave me because that is in his nature: He is a forgiving person

I always wondered what I did to derserve a friend such as him

Picking up the letter I read it again just to make sure that what I just read wasnt a fragment of my imagination and that it was real and it was I was wrong all along about him maybe not ‘Willy’ and ‘Ollie’ as such but I was certainly wrong about Val

I heard footsteps and I quickly pivot on my heels to see Bryce walking towards me, confusion was written on his face and I knew that it was because I was still holding onto the note and the necklace “What’s the note about?”

“Nothing” I say quickly before continuing “But I do know that Demonite is no longer a problem let’s just say they decided to leave us alone” I could see that now Bryce’s expression was one of surprise confusion and excitement

“H-How” He stutters in amazement

“It doesn’t matter” I wave my hand around dismissively and shut it down but he didn’t seem surprised by this at all and instead rolled back on his heels rolled his eyes and crossed his arms before saying

“Like hell it doesn’t”

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