The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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It was the only way to keep everyone safe from the monster that had grown inside of me

I don’t want to do this but it was the only way to keep people safe, I had many enemies and now that Valetine was back, I had my own family to look after, Sam, Val and the two girls that had no idea I was their mother I had to put my own selfish needs and wants behind me and focus on what everyone else needs from me

And this was the best solution

I was wanted in three states and over fifty countries for multiple murders and fraud and drug related crimes but I was always ten steps ahead of everyone around me and was able to be gone from any crime scene with my crew within minutes of the crime taking place and I was able to hide because I wanted to, fooling the cops and the system to make it look like I was in one place when I was actually in another

But no more running. Not this time.

I couldn’t out run my demons anymore I had been doing that ever since I was fourteen and accidentally killed my parents in training combat, and I couldn’t even let my own brother into my life afraid that he would see me for who I truly was and turn away from leaving me alone once again so I focused my energy on controlling the things I could control like the gang

I was a solider and I had won the battle but now it was time for me to go to war.

I sigh as I get out of my car and look towards the sky it was an overcast grey colour seemingly matching my mood but there was a little sun peeking out from behind the clouds and that gave me hope that while I may be going to prison I could make something out of it and actually be there for my two daughters that I know are beautiful and I’ve yet to meet them

Silence. Silence. Silence!

As I walk towards the cop station, everything around me has become silent, no-one argued with the people in uniform as they tried to cuff them and no-one moved at all, it was like in that moment everything around me had become still and it seemed that only I held the play button so as I looked at everyone in the courtyard my eyes narrowed into slits the show of life started up again with a criminal yelping and almost leaping back into an unserspecting officers arms and other officers charging forward to apprehend me

I just let them, I deserve it

Leaving the gang in the capable hands of my second in command Bryce I knew it was in good hands and also I had made them untraceable because I knew the cop’s would most likely search my house and freeze all my bank accounts and assets, luckily I talked to Val and before I handed myself in I mad Val put money into a bank account that we could both reach for the girls under fake names and such since I am a criminal most of what I earn and use is under a fake name

The copper tightens the handcuffs and I put my head on the car in front of me

“You have the right to remain silent, anything you do say may be used in a court--” The burly man stated but I switched off half way through his sentence. I knew my rights, I had studied them religiously as a child hoping to become a lawyer when I was a child before everything went to hell and I ended up taking over the gang but he whispered in my ear something that caught my attention “You won’t be seeing the light of day again, not where your going so take a good look at it now”

He then yanked my head back and forced me to look at the sky

“I don’t care” I shrugged defeated and it was the truth I didn’t care. I had to pay for every sin

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