The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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“What should I do with it we all know that if it gets in the hands of the boss for The Darkest Shadows then it’ll all be over” I hear and I lean in closer to hear what the boys are saying, I am currently waiting at my locker pretending to put my books into it and it seemed like these two idiots didn’t notice me lurking at me locker either that or they just didn’t care

“Fuck like I’m supposed to know Oliver you know what boss said pick it up at the school grounds and keep it in your pocket and don’t let it out of your sight whatever it is it does have immense meaning to The boss of the Darkest Shadows so you need to keep it with you so nobody working for her get the parcel” He states and my mind hangs onto the second part of the sentence they have a package for me and they know that someone is working for me, how did that get out?

I heard enough for me to make my move carefully I shut over the locker so it makes minimal noise and crept around the corner I kept my head down so my brown wig that was secured by bobby pins flopped over my face and walked over to the boys bumping into the two of them

“S-sorry I’m s-so sorry” I stutter as I heard the rewarding splash of the coffee spilling over one of the boys who decided to mess with me as the two boys focus there attention on the coffee soaked shirt I set to work retrieving the parcel that the boy had very idiotically put onto the floor -- he must be new to Val’s gang because he doesn’t know much I quickly took the package and stuffed it into my bag before I turned back to the boys who were too busy fussing over the shirt to even notice me as I run down the corridor laughing mentally in my head

But the laughter was cut short when I came to a screeching halt at the end of the corridor when Mr Pickett walks up to me face as hard as stone “What are you doing out of class Miss Winston?” He asks arching a greasy grey eyebrow

I make myself a tinted pink and once again I find myself looking at the ground muttering “Looking for a way out of this hellhole” but realise my mistake when he looks me over a bewildered look on his features

“What did you say?” He questions

“S-sorry I will get to class now” I correct myself and watch as the Principle stalks away an oblivious and fake smile upon his face I know he hasnt been truly happy since an accident happened with his daughter killing her an accident that I or rather the boss for The Darkest Shadows was responsible for. . .

“You are doing good, improving to put it at its best” I tease Samuel and he looked at me a shocked expression obvious on his face and me actually cracking a joke for the past week he has either seen the cruel rutheless teacher side of me where I do actualy give no mercy I put him in at the deep end and watched him either sink or swim or the shy nerdy side of me that blushes everytime a boy talks to me

“Huh I guess you didnt help that much then and my toned body did all the work!” He retorts back fitting an amused smirk on his face making me roll my eyes and look away from him trying to keep the amused look off my face

“Anyway lets get back to training” I say standing up and walking over towards the shooting range and handed him his a Sig (that I would give him to keep after the training session) I was now teaching him how to shoot a gun since he might need one out in this world that he has suddenly entered most likely for self defence or to injure someone

“Mmm do we have to, I already know how to shoot a gun” He whines and it takes everything in me not to burst out laughing and how childish he sounded

“Okay, Cruz, playing Call Of Duty Black Ops doesnt count because that isnt like real life. In real life you dont get to spawn into the game again to get another shot, you only get one try” I tell him, partly teasing with him but he could sense that my playful tone had some seriouness unlaying in it because he gave me a sharp nod

I motion for him to fix the yellow headphones onto his ears just like I had done and I picked up the gun from the side holster that was attached to the wall before typing in a password on a keypad to start the training exercise

The dummy on a machical track came up first and I shot it multiple times all of the bullets carving there way into the dummy’s heart or chest before it moved back against the wall and then the wall opened swallowing the dummy hole before replacing it with a new oneand then another dummy came onto the track, this one going backwards and forwards at a rather quick speed but it didnt face me because I shot it five times and it followed the fate of the first one

When the exercise was done I clicked the safety back onto my gun and set it down before looking over to Samuel who had his eyes wide with fear but also awe and it was stupid really because he still saw me as an innocent nerd even though he saw me kill a idiot a week ago but whatever

“Get to work!” I snap at him making him jump out of his thoughts and nearly fall when he lost his balance but luckily he managed to grab onto the glass ledge that mine and his gun was on and keep his balance but then his fingers slipped from the ledge making him land on his arse and it took me for the second time that day everything in me to not buckle over with laughter

Oh my god what was going on with me?

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