The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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It was a cold and chilly Friday afternoon but what made it even colder to the point where I was frozen to bones was the fact that I was staring face on at a cold stone slab that just about took my life away and what was worse was the fact that my parents names were carved onto the stone and to top it all of every single word carved on there (except their names. Maybe) was a lie

They were rutheless cold blooded killers who just happened to have a daughter and then dragged that daught as soon as she was old enough into their cruel world and when the daughter hit sixteen, a week later they died, police say it was an unexplained accident but I know what really went on

I stand up I dont even know why I decided to come here because no matter how many times I decide to come here it always ends up the same way: me being so angry that I want to shoot somebody

Twigs and dead leaves snapped and cruched beneath my feet as I walked away from the gravestone and back through the forest when Mom and Dad died I asked if they could be buried here and not in a graveyard because the local graveyard was full of people that they had killed and I thought that was a bit disrespectable to have my parents buried at the same sight that most of their victims were buried

As soon as I made it out of the forest, I started to make my way back to the institute along some back roads that I found which makes it easier for me to slip in and out the institute because although my men have been working for me for a good few years I dont trust them with everything and knowing who my parents are and where they’re buried tops the list.

I crept back through the doors considering the late hour everyone was probably in bed resting and they need it to because tommorow I’m taking everyone who works for me to play paintballing as a special treat because we need to get serious on how to caputure Valetines meb so he gives me back something he stole from me long ago

What I wasnt expecting though is to Samuel to be up and to be waiting in the common room with a furious look on his face and he stormed over to me and I tried my hardest not to let slip a laugh as he fumed “Where were you?”

Suddenly I didnt want to laugh anymore I was consumed by one emotion and it was anger, why did a guy I barely knew and just so happened to save his life for my own gain need to know where I was constantly? and why the hell was he acting like my big brother when I didnt need one? So without saying a word I glare at him and walk out of the room

“ALRIGHT EVERYONE LETS SPLIT THE TEAMS IN HALF BRYCE AND ME WILL BE TEAM CAPTAINS BRYCE YOU CHOOSE FIRST” I yell over all the noice of the noise of my men they havent stopped buzzing with exciment ever since I told them about the suprise, all the men quickly simmer down at the sharp tone in my voice and Bryce gives me a firm nod before moving to the front next to me and selecting the first player to be on his side

“I chose Daniel” He says

“Trevon” I say



“Dylan” He says and cackles a high pitch cackle when he realises there is only one person left that hasnt been sorted into any group I glance at him and notice Bryce and notice that he is smirking his signature smirk and I flip him the birdy only to see his grin widen at the sight of me being frustrated with him because I knew what he was doing

“Samuel” I groan and a dumbstruke expression appear on his face as he points to himself almost asking if I had called to him “YES CRUZ YOU ARE WITH ME!” I shout at him loosing all patience with the boy and he fumbles over to where the rest of my men were standin, they of course were laughing their asses off and me not so much

Soon enough my temper had died down and the game started; we all split up going in different directions instead Samuel stuck annoyingly close to me in fear that he was going to be shot but finally I had enough of him and turned around “Why are you sticking to me like fucking glue?” I hiss

“I don’t want to get shot and besides both Bryce and Dylan threatened me that if I didn’t something bad would happen” He whines like a kid that didn’t get what they wanted from a toy shop

“Little motherfuckers” I mumble before gesturing to Samuel to follow me which he does without argument and we stop behind a tree letting us take some cover but not for long as a splat of paint was spread across the entire opposite base of the trunk I reached for my gun but Samuel was faster and bent right over and sniped the hell out of Daniel hitting him straight across the chest

“How did you just do that?” I say hiding how impressed I was with a bored tone but he easily picks up on it because he arches an eyebrow in my direction as if to to tell me that he didn’t believe my bored expression “But you cant even hold a regular gun”

“This isn’t a normal gun this is a paintball” He speaks slowly as he was stating the obvious and when I rolled my eyes he continued “I used to play with my family before I got adopted and my sister Lex and I were always the best”


I have heard that name before but where?

Samuel. . .Sam. . .Sammy

“Sammy” I blurt out

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