The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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“Would you just slow down, Jesus Christ Boss” Bryce comments trying to keep pace with my very fast pace but failing at keeping up with me, he falls behind me as I speed up my pace more trying to get me trying to get away from him as he was trying to get me to slow down so he can talk to me

Finally he snatched my arm up and held it firmly and since I didn’t have much energy left from the exhausting day at school and trying to avoid Samuel so I let him drag me backwards and into the office room that doubled as our meeting rooms

Bryce closes the door while I make myself comftable on the one of the leather sofas that were position all over the room and it sinks as I sit on making me sigh at least it feels how I do? I reach over to the coffee table and pop open a beer resting my boots and feet on the table afterwards before Bryce starts talking to me again

“Boss please dont blast my brains out for asking you this but are you alright?” He asks well squeaks more like with fear lighting up his eyes and soon that fear spreads over the rest of his features

I shake my head in silent reassurence that I wasnt going to do such a thing to him although if someone else asked me that question I might have doe what Bryce said “I’m fine Bryce its that what you wanted to hear”

He suprise me by shaking his head his scruffy black unruly hair falling to the side “No. No it isn’t. Boss I’m worried about you hell the whole gang is worried for you and you know that Daniel and Dylan only care about themselves” Bryce jokes making a jab at Dylan and Daniel, it was sort of an inside joke that made me laugh a half hearted laugh. It wasnt true at all, all these people had people they wanted to look after and care for them included hell, why would they be working for me if they didnt? But Daniel and Dylan were twins and they were definatly the vainist of all the men working for me but were definatly sweethearts “You know we cant take down Demonite without our leader”

Awe shit I forgot about demonite. . .

In all that running around trying to advoid who I might believe is my brother and pretending to be a nerd I totally forgot about trying to think of a plan to break in to the demonite institute and I was their leader that made it all fall onto my shoulder

“Yeah its fine, I totally have it sorted” I smile lying through my teeth and if Bryce noticed this he didnt pull me up on it probably knowing that it would in deed end badly for him if he ever did such a thing

“Ms Winston would you mind repeating what I just said?” The Professor who has been teaching me for about two years now but I have never actually bothered to learn the name of him asks

Even though both sides of me the nerdy and the fierce gangleader knows the answer I shake my head signalling that I dont know the answer before I open my mouth and close it again like a gaping fish futher getting into the role of the nerd and when I heard the snickers of not yet mature adults I know I’ve done my job

“Sir why did you expect the mute to speak up?” Someone calls making me have to breath in and out so that I dont flip out on them I know it seems like a harmless imature comment but it wasnt and when I turned around I could see Amy smiling at me innocently

“Ms Kennedy may I inform you that it is not kind to call students out like that” He says sternly looking over his half moon glasses in that moment he actually looked like Albus Dumbledore

Believe it or not at one time, Amy and I were friends and I used to tell her everything including the story of when I told her that I couldnt speak until I was eight she swore that she wouldn’t tell anyone and I may have kissed her once or twince then she suddenly ended the friendship

I dont know why

“S-Sir can I go t-t-to the bathroom?” I ask stuttering and making myself blush

He nods not quite sure of exactly what to do in the situation so he nods making my grin a shy smile and stand up before walking out of the lecture hall and down the corridor to the end of it before I let out a frustrated groan and a few tears spilled from my eyes as I punch the wall

Suddenly arms wrap around my waist and pulls me into that persons chest, the person then grabs my wrists to stop me hitting the wall again “Maya, what the hell do you think you are doing what if someone sees you” The voice hisses and immediatly reconigse it as Samuel’s. Shit

“I dont care!” I say like a stubborn child

“Yes you do” He counters and just like that we are in a childish spat

“No I don’t”

“Yes you do”

“Nah I really don’t”

“Yea you reall-” He starts but I cut him off

“FORGET IT!” I yell as I watch the poor boy flinch back in fear I really didn’t mean to scare him I guess I was just super pissed off “Look Samuel I’m sorry --” I start to apoligse but he holds his hand up to get me to stop talking

“No you forget it, I just wanted to talk to you to see if you were okay because it seemed like you’ve been avoiding me ever since I told you that childhood story but it doesnt matter clearly your fine as your back to being a heartless bitchR” He says before walking away leaving me to stand there like a sour asshole

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