The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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It seemed like the roles were reversed because now Samuel was ignoring me while I was trying to use every open oppitunity to get him to talk to me even at collage but it earned me a few death glares and weird looks and because Samuel once again blew me off so I stopped trying at school and would only try around the institue but he made it fucking hard it was like he was playing a game of hide and no seek

I don’t know why but a bubble of both upset and anger built up inside of me with every passing day that Samuel refused to even look in my direction whenever we were in the same room and it seemed the gang picked up on my anger because they all seemed all to eager to oblige when I snapped an order

Even now as I wander the corridors of the institute with a cold hard stare and a set face I couldn’t help but notice a part of me was upset at the fact that Samuel was dodging me with every known chance he got

Suddenly there was a flash of red lights hanging over head that flashed constantly along with the constant siren that went along with it however that became just a dull buzz as I picked up my pace and began running along the corridor erratic thoughts filling my mind that matched the erratic beating of my heart

Panic stricken faces were all around me and even if I did want to panic I couldn’t let myself I needed to be a strong authentic figure; someone who other people looked up to in their time of fear

On my way to the foyer I see a pair of late teens trembling in fear and snap”DON’T JUST STAND THERE YOU KNOW WHERE THE WEAPONS ARE IF THIS IS A BREECH THEN THEY ARE PROBABLY LOOKING TO GET INTO THE WEAPONS VAULT RIGHT?” I scream when I didn’t really mean to all that panic just transferred into anger I’m not the best at controlling my emotions I watch a they nod but don’t move “WELL GO GUARD THE VAULT THEN IDIOTS!” I add screaming once again and I watch as they flinch look at each other then run off

Continuing down the hallway in the same manor, I pass many teens that look just as lost as the poor girls and of course I had to bark ab order to point them in the right direction I might have been harsh but I was only wanting them to survive after all many of them had the potential to be a great asset to the gang in due time

Pulling out my gun before I enter the foyer I cross my feet in front of me and creep along the wall as if I was trying to blend into the wall to give the element of surprise if there was any danger however as I rounded the corner I found nobody trying to shoot their way in only an arrogant asshole trying to go out the foyer door and two twenty something men trying to hold him back

“Cruz what the hell do you think you are doing?” I ask in a nervous whisper I knew what he was doing that part was obvious even to a blind person could see it all I really wanted to know is why he wanted to escape but I fear I already knew that part too

“Why do you care?” He snaps coolly not looking at me but I notice how his eyes narrow into paper thin slits and how he stopped thrashing in Dylan and Bryce’s arms for a second before he started up again throwing tactically punches left right and centre

“Settle down bastard before she does anything to you” Dylan warns trying to push fear into him its like mine and his own little game we like to torment our victims before we kill them but this time I just shoot the idiot a look that shuts him right up and I hear Bryce snicker before I go to stand beside Samuel

“You may not think or believe that I care but I do I care about everyone who works for me and it is tragic when I have to end their life to save other people -- but that is exactly why I do it to save others and the ones who have been round me long know this and except this besides I know everybody’s names that live here not just the ones that work with me for example Bryce has a wife called Michelle and two kids age four and two called Miracle and Logan and Dylan has a eight year old daughter named Sarai but isn’t married” I say and I see both Bryce and Dylan have a proud smirk on their faces while Samuel has a stunned expression lingering in his eyes

“But just because you know names and that it doesn’t mean you actually know me or care for me does it? Because you are just a heartless bitch of a gang leader ” He counters a determined look crossing his fatures at his attempt to prove me wrong beside me I see both the boys stiffen because they know that he is wrong and that I do care but I hold my hand up to stop them from pouncing on the boy that just made a big mistake

“I may be a gang leader but it certainly doesn’t make me heartless, I may be heartless and put up a front on the streets but that’s only because I have to do what I do to survive I thought The Big Bad Boy of the Collage would understand that” I mock him before continuing “But I really do care about everybody here, including you Sammy”

I then pivot around on my heel and walk away leaving Samuel alone with Dylan and Bryce his quest to escape soon forgotton

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