The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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“Thats it for today’s lesson you may go but REMEMBER to do the homework assigned to you if you need a copy will be online if you loose that copy” Mr Clark dismisses everyone but not before reminding us that the dreaded essay that I havent even started yet and it is due in a week

I sigh before picking up my backpack and sliding out of my chair, I nod my head towards the professor who smiles at me in return before I walk out pushing my fake glasses futher up my nose as I enter into the corridor

People rushed around me several of them knocked into me not even bothering to utter an apology as they made their way home for the lunch period and I had to clench my fists so tightly together to stop me from lashing out that I ended up with nail marks embeded into my palm along with the tips of my knuckles to turn a shade of white

“You know boss is still angry that you let the parcel go missing that was the one piece we had against the bosses enemy and you let it go” An eeirely famillar voice says causing me to aburplty stop and for some people to push into me and nearly knock me over

They walked around me, of course but not before grumbling a few cuss words at me to which I mentally rolled my eyes at their lack of imanagtion they couldn’t think of a better thing to say to me?

And so now I’m standing akwardly in the middle of the hallway like a total asshole but I dont even think the boys have notice that I’m standing here because they are having a heated argument or if they have they have just ignored me and continued with their heated conversation

“You know you never did tell me how you lost the parcel Oliver” The one that I remember as Will states but I dare to look around and see his reaction and simply just stood with my back to them to see what Oliver’s reaction was going to be

“I don’t know I mean I had it before the stupid freak of a nerd bumped into. . .” Olivers voice gets smaller and smaller until he trails off and he looks over and I could feel eyes on the back of my head

“It’s her the nerd shes the one who took the package” Oliver screams, time for me to make a time escape before either one of them turned around I was running down the empty corridor trying to get away from them who would likely follow me

The footsteps followed me not even two seconds after I took off and quickly followed me unfortunately with their longer legs and because there was two of them they could easily catch up to me and because I couldn’t fight back that just made it easier for the pair

Dragging me into the janitors closet they made me sit on the floor and I have to bite my tongue to stop me from coming out with a witty response and I have to hide my clenched fists behind my back to stop me from reaching out for my gun and shooting them both in the forehead

The blonde head shorter one shut over the door and turned to me, anger evident in his dark green eyes “Where is it?” He demands towering over me since I am currently sat criss-cross on the dirty floor

I decide to play dumb and I rearrange my facial features into one of confusion “Where’s what?” I ask playing the innocent card

“The brown parcel that was in my hand that morning when you spilled coffee on Will” He tells me through gritted teeth and when I glance over at the coffee haired boy I see his teeth and jaw are clamped together while his fists are balled he obviously has anger issues meanwhile it takes everything in me not to burst out laughing at the memory

“O-Oh that I-I remember now” I stutter as I pretend to be intimated by these idiots they obviously haven’t been trained by Val on how to interrogate properly and that’s just sad seen as he is supposed to be the second feared gang in the world after me of course

“Well where is it?” He snaps growing angry

“Where is what?” I ask

“The parcel goddamnit” The second guys finally interjects growing impatient with my jabs and oblivious act

“S-Sorry but I don’t know where it is!” I lie making a sorry face and looking to the two boys who I obviously have pissed off to no end, in reality I do know where the parcel is; it is one of the weapon vaults back at the institute that is partly why I lost my mind for a moment when the alarm blared because I thought someone was trying to get to it and since I haven’t actually opened it yet I don’t know what is in it. It could be something like a bomb that could destroy everything I worked hard to create or it could be something from my past . . . Something I want to forget . . .

“Hello?” One of the boys yelled snapping me out of my thoughts and back into reality “God we thought you were dead” He adds and at this I notice it was Oliver the shorter blonde that said this to me

I couldn’t help the eye roll that followed god sometimes people could be so fucking dumb without even trying “If I was dead then I wouldn’t be here would I? Listening to the dumb shit that falls from your lips no being dead would be an upgrade!” I quip

Their mouths slightly parted at my words before Will recoverd and he pushed Oliver out of the way and began towering over me “Ohh Nerdy has a smartass mouth” He says grinding his teeth to make a horrible noise

“Glad you noticed seriously how dumb are you?” It slipped out before I could stop it

“If you don’t know where it is you’re no use to us” I held my breath in anticipation I didn’t know what they were going to do to me for all I know they could shoot me right here and now and leave me here to bleed out it also seemed like Will had a hard time decided before he whispered “Go”

I didn’t need to be told twice; I ran out of the closet before they could change their mind and I headed back to the institute knowing that Will especially would be keeping a close eye on me I need to keep a low profile

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