The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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The sky became a hazy kind of blue as I looked out of the window from where I sat in my chair, it twinkled with thounsands and thounds of stars I knew of how late it had gotton because of the darkness that lumed in the sky but I had to get things done otherwise I might never get things done again if I leave it

Suddenly a soft knock at the door caused me to tear my eyes away from the paperwork that was stacking up and towards the door and Saw Dylan along with Bryce and Samuel standing there and I gesture for them to come inside

They piled inside and sat at the chairs at the other side of the huge desk that stretched almost from the door to the window, my office wasn’t that big it was actually one of the smallest rooms in the place but I had to have it because I fell in love with the view

“What do you all want?” I say in a bored tone since they haven’t spoken to me since they were let in all they were doing was staring at each other and were looking unconfutable as they looked back to me and to be honest it was starting to annoy the hell out me

“Well that was a nice conversation okay bye” Samuel says and stands up before heading to the door and Dylan and Bryce quickly follow him but before they could get out of the room I stood up picked up my gun took off the safety and fired it into a dart bored that was hanging off one of the walls

“BRYCE ADAMS WILSON GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE” I yell furious at them they know they should never walk away from me when they wanted to talk to me well at least Bryce and Dylan knew that maybe not Samuel. Bryce’s eyes widened in fear before he scurried back to his seat and I turned to the rest of them who followed suit “NOW DOES ANYONE WANT TO TELL ME WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?”

They all looked at each other and it was starting to get on my nerves so once again I had to interject and slam my fist down on the table making them all jump away from the staring competition that they had gotten themselves into and they looked up at me expecting me to say something but I don’t and just point towards Dylan who eyebrows arch in reply

“Explain” I whisper to them, I don’t whisper very often but it is even more scarier than when I shout just because I don’t do it that often normally to get my point across I would yell shoot or break something

“Wefoundsomeonewonderingoutsideoftheinstituteandwedontknowwhattodowithhimsowebroughthiminside” Dylan said all in one breath and at first I couldn’t make out what he was saying but eventually I did and it filled me with curiosity

“Bring him to me” I stated calmly folding my arms over my chest

The door opened again and in walked two of my men with a blonde haired boy who looked around my age with green eyes he was also carrying a cute little girl in his arms who had the same blonde hair and green eyes and was possible around the age of four or five

“Hi miss” He says in a even voice he didn’t look scared of me which was because most people were scared of me when they stand in front of me I mean I am the worlds most feared gang leader Bryce fainted the first time he met me but instead a sense of knowing flashes through his eyes

“What is your name?” I ask once again calmly

“Woodley” He states “Mason Woodley”

“And why is it that you are here?” I ask him calmly again and I see the three boys eyes widen in surprise that I haven’t done something to him yet but something about him fills me with curiosity maybe it’s the fact that is not afraid of me or the fact that he is holding a small girl in his arms like his life depends om her

“Because I would like a job” He states still managing to keep his voice even

“What makes you qualified?” I ask

“Because my. . .Girlfriend -- uh sorry Ex Best friend kind of let me in a sticky situation she kind of packed up her bags and left all she left was about $250,000 that she got from her time as a street fighter and a letter but the money barely lasted a year and I had to figure out how to make money so I could feed this little monkey here -- my daughter -- Gracelyn so I tried my hand at street fighting but it didn’t quite work out like I wanted it to and I got in trouble with the law so I packed up moved here and I am not stood in front of the most feared gang leader in the world asking for a job to keep my daughter safe” He says explaining to me his whole backstory which kind of makes my heart melt

I nod my head and try and decided whether he deserved a place in my gang I mean he did have a background in fighting from what he’s told me and he could be useful besides I don’t want to turn him away as he has a daughter and all he wants to do is keep her safe in the end

“Okay yes I’ll give you the job” I say and at this his face splits into an excited grin and for a minute I thought he was going to start jumping up and down but he manages to contain himself and runs up to me shaking my hand vigorously

“Thank you miss thank you” He says excitedly

“Call me boss not miss it makes me feel old when in fact I probably around your age” I say

“Okay ‘Boss’” Mason says and I know he will be a great asset to the gang

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