The Bad Boy Knows My Secret

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Mason sighs and I laugh before clamping my hand over my mouth when I realised what I just did and even Mason raised an eyebrow at me as if to question me laughing just like Samuel I decided to take Mason under my wing and train him myself much to the confusion of everyone else

He flips over and just like when I was with Samuel I put my high leather boots to his back and press down but unlike Samuel (at first he has gotten a lot better) he supported his weight on one arm and with the other turned onto his side so my foot slipped off and then Mason grabbed my ankle and pulled on it so I landed firmly on my back

I flipped back up and landed on my feet quickly I got into a fighting stance and nodded for Mason to do the same and he does get into a typical street fighting stance. We started bashing punches around and to be fair he wasn’t half bad, he knew how to land a punch hard enough for a purple bruise to form on the skin however his technique could use some work

At the end of our training session we were both doubled over and panting like dogs sweat dripped from our foreheads and body. My brown hair was stuck and matted to the top of my scalp making me feel gross

“Alright Boss well I’m going to hit the showers” Mason tells me finally catching his breath before he walks out of the training room to the boys locker room leaving me alone, I was probably going to grab a shower in a bit anyway but I might as well hang around here for a bit and work on my hand to hand combat because the boys from Val’s gang knew there was something off with me and they will probably keep an annoyingly close eye on me and tat could lead to an attack


I have to keep it together for the gangs sake


I need to think of a plan of attack if Val’s gang infiltrates


I cant have emotions get in the way


What happened with Samuel it all sort itself out. . . I hope

“Damn girly who got on your bad side?” Bryce goes to joke although it really wasn’t that funny seen as the punch bag that I had been working on was now laying on the ground because with my last kick I had kicked it so hard that it ended up flying off the chain that held it up to the ceiling

“No one what makes you say that?” I ask even though it is pretty obvious as to why he said that I mean the punch bag was still lying on the floor and off the chain

He chuckles before turning around and walking out of the room probably thinking it was best to leave me alone when I was like this or his head might have been next on my knock out list I sigh before turning off the light and I went off to clean up

I slam my locker shut after gathering my books for my afternoon lectures, I actually had quite a short day today I only had to be in at 10 and my lectures end at 3 meaning I only have to be in two classes today, I spin around and my eyes connect with Samuel his eyes are cold and his hair was in its normal ‘woke up like style’ slightly tousled and gelled to the side

“S-Samuel C-Cruz” I stuttered already in my nerd façade as I was at school and I needed to make it look like I was scared and that I didn’t know what the bad boy was going to do and to be fair I didn’t know what he was going to do as he hasn’t spoken to me in several weeks

“Maya ‘the nerd’ Winston” He snarls and I stared at his blank cold eyes trying to calculate why he was here what he wanted from me that couldn’t have waited till we were back at the safety of the institute

He grabs hold of my arm it may look forceful to other people wondering along the corridors which I think at least that what he was going for but to me it was just like a tickle and it nearly made me giggle and I had to scold myself for entertaining such a thought then he pulls me into his chest forceful enough that it looked like he was hurting me and leaned in close to my ear then whispered “You’ve been discovered, people know your not a nerd”

“Shit” I said calmly even though on the inside I was anything but

“Yeah shit ” Samuel pulled away from me and his eyes were no longer the cold blank stare that his eyes usal held at school but instead they were laced in fear and curiosity of how I was going to get us both out of this situation “So what do we do?” He goes on to ask

"We do nothing I will figure something out” I whisper heatedly as I glance around to see if anyone was paying attention to us. But nobody was.

“What?” He almost yells making a few heads turn in our direction he quickly covers it up by calling me a few names and then drops his voice back into a whisper “You know you never would have found out about people being onto you if I hadn’t have told you?”

“Yeah I know but you cant help me you know I have to do this by myself” I continue in the same harsh manor as before “You have served your purpose”

“Why are you doing this, why shut me out?” He asks trying to mask the pain that mixes in with his features “Is it because you fear that you were getting to close to me or is it because I’m your brother Alexia Garcia? Because I am your damn brother Lex”

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