Kidnapped: Everyone Loses

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He got closer to the helicopter with happiness present on his face. “Looks like I won. I guess you were right Lina. There can only be one winner,” When he was getting in the helicopter I put my finger on the trigger. I was tempted to shoot him right then and there, just like that but couldn’t find myself to do it. I wanted to do it so badly. Just end him right there and hold Lina in my arms but I refrained from doing so. He tried to get Lina in the helicopter but she was fighting him off until she got out of his grip and just as she turned around to run towards me everything went in slow motion and my heart dropped to my stomach.

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Chapter 1

Excerpt One:

The sack was snatched off my head and I looked around. It stunk in here. It smelt of blood and must. I tried to see if I was going to see any people but there was no one there. I tried to move my arms as well but couldn’t. What the hell is going on? All I remember was I was with Lina and then…

Lina? Is she okay? I couldn’t turn around to see who took the sack off my head so instead, I spoke.

“Who are you?” I asked. I got no response. I got nothing but silence. “Why did you bring me here?” Still, I got nothing. “Is Lina okay?”

“Lina is fine...for now,” I heard a dark and disembodied voice say.

“What do you mean she’s fine for now?”

They didn’t answer. What does that mean? They stepped in front of me but I couldn’t see their face. They had a mask on. Good thinking considering I’m a cop and I will get out of here.

“She will join you shortly,” they said.

Excerpt Two:

“Who are you working for?” I asked again.

He said nothing. It was starting to infuriate me. One of my cops has been taken and I want to know by who. On top of that Lina has disappeared and I can guarantee she’s out for blood. “Who do you work for?!” I barked.

Malcolm only chuckled. He had a huge smile on his face and he didn’t seem to care about the threat. He knew who took them and I needed to figure out who. “You know maybe you should start listening to me,” he said.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“I told you that this was only the beginning. I may not have been able to kill Lina but I know my boss will. There’s more to the story than you think Lieutenant Lizarde,” he smirked.

I was done playing his games. “If anything happens to them you’ll have me to deal with,” I growled. I walked away and Cobson followed behind me. Don’t worry Landon we’ll find you. We walked out of the jailhouse and then Cobson got another call.

Excerpt Three:

I knocked on the door but didn’t get an answer. I needed an answer. I knocked again this time harder. I was growing impatient. Once the door opened I saw my pathetic excuse of a mother. She looked at me but she genuinely looked happy to see me. I stared at her and she smiled at me. She was about to speak when I kicked her in her throat.

She fell back while grabbing her throat. I walked inside and closed the door behind me. She tried to get up quickly but I kicked her down. I turned her around and punched her in the face. “Who do you work for?!” I barked.

“Go to hell,” she bit.

She punched me and my head went back. She got up and so did I. She got in a fighting stance while I did too. “Who would’ve thought I’d be fighting my daughter,” she chuckled.

“I am not your daughter,” I gritted out.

And then the fight began.

Excerpt Four:

“Got a call saying they heard fighting going on,” I said. I looked at the address door and gently turned the knob before letting it go. It was unlocked. I looked at Tina and Mya before nodding. I twisted the knob and pushed the door open. I took out my gun and walked inside. We looked around with our guns pointed ready to shoot at anything that posed a threat. When we got to the living room we saw an unconscious Mari with a gun in her hand.

I looked around and searched the room and bathroom but saw no one. We walked up to her and saw she had a bloody nose, bruised knuckles, and a broken leg. Who the hell was she fighting? I called Jimmy and told him what happened. “There were signs of a struggle. You think she was robbed?”

“No, I think Lina got there before we did,” he sighed.

Well, I’ll be damned. Lina is not taking this well as she might be willing to kill anyone who helped in the kidnapping of Landon. Malcolm was right. Anything is possible.

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