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Emersyn Maddox or "Emmy" as her older twin Natasha likes to call her is a trouble maker one that is sarcastic and doesn't think about the consequences before she either does or says what ever the hell she wants So it is no surprise when that mouth of hers (one that she isn't supposed to use whilst pretending to be a nerd) gets her in trouble with the resident bad boy when she bumps into him spilling food on him and tells him that he can go die in a hole But Emersyn just isn't quite sure what she has gotten herself into. . .

Action / Fantasy
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The streets were dark and only a few street lights that flickered on and off allowed me and my best friend Alexia to see where we were going. The bitter cold nipped at my skin but I was far too concerned about something else to notice the goose bumps that layered thick across my skin and about the possible frost bite I could be getting

When I got the call around midnight from Alexia saying that our baby daughter Emersyn had gone and was no where to be found around the house I practically sprinted over to Alexia’s house and we began the search

Now around two in the morning fatigue was starting to creep its way into my veins but I was too spurred on by adrenaline to even notice how tired I really was, about ten minutes later we both stopped in front of an old warehouse which Alexia just happened to know was a base that a rival gang of her parents used to sell black market drugs

And where they could be keeping our daughter

Alexia grabbed hold of my wrists tight enough that I couldn’t take another step without it hurting and so I turned to her to see what was wrong, she wore that of a pale grim expression and I could see the hurt and sadness swirling in her eyes that made them darker however she didnt say anything and just gently opened my palm before placing a gun in it, I have never used a gun before but my best friend has since her parents used to be gang leaders and pretty ruthless ones I also know that she never got over their deaths even though they never gave a shit about her and just trained her a weapon

She gave me a sad smile before disappearing around the back

With a shaky hand I tucked the gun into my leather jacket praying that I didnt have to use it because I wasnt sure that if it came down to it that I could or if something did happen to go amiss hopefully Alex can deal with it

I tried as much as I could to stick to the dark shadows of the building as I crept further inside, and instantly my ears are met with the unhappy cry’s of Emersyn Maddox the cry that I have become accustomed to especially when her and her sister Natty wants their midnight feed but this cry seems different somehow almost like a plea for help

“Sir she doesn’t want to take anymore of the drug” A voice says through the darkness which alone sets an queasy feeling in my stomach and I have to cover my mouth and tip my head back a little to make sure I wouldn’t actually throw up

They were putting drugs in my daughter

“Then force her to swallow them” Another voice snapped back “How hard can it be she is only a baby?”

That was where I drew the line

I stormed out of the shadows and into the light so they could see me and Alex could hopefully get the drift of my plan and rescue Em while I keep the two bastards occupied and distracted but with a crying baby they both had their hands full and didnt notice me until I shouted

“Hey get your slimy hands off my baby!”

For a moment they dont seem to have heard me until one of the guys in a spinning chair turns to face me interlocking his hands as he raises a groomed eyebrow at me and I must say that it does look like he is some kind of super villain in some kind of crappy horror movie and in some ways he kind of is I mean who the hell steals a two month old baby just to get revenge on some people that aren’t even here anymore?

“And what if I don’t?” He asks leaning forward and almost cackling

“Then I’ll shoot you” I try to sound confident but my voice cracks at the end

“Yea do it then punk” He says like he doesn’t believe that I’ll actually do it

Shakily I lift my gun out of my leather jacket and point it at his chest and I say “I’ll give you one last chance bastard or you brains will blow” but when he just laughs mockingly at my threat I look away and go to squeeze the trigger but before I can squeeze it all the way Alex gets in the middle

“Wait” She says “Let me do it”

“What?” I exclaim taken off guard completely and she moves forward and gently pries the gun out of my shaking hand and takes it in her own before turning around and holding the gun stead in her hand before she squeezed the trigger and the echo of a bang sounded throughout the room

When I saw the dead body I squeezed my eyes closed

But Alex just collected Emersyn and began cooing at her to calm her down while bouncing her up and down on her hip completely unfazed by the two dead bodies in the room and when she sees me standing there she says “Come on Val you have to take her go back to get Natty and get out of here!”

I feel like a broke record but I repeat “What?”

“You need to take the twins and go somewhere to raise them in peace away from all of this away from me like maybe go to England and raise them together without them knowing that I’m their mother, they dont need a monster like me as a mother” She tells me before stashing the gun in her jacket and running back into the shadows

I guess I have no choice but me a fifteen year old boy to go to England and to raise two girls on my own

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