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09 | Don't Believe Everything You Hear

Natasha was mad at me when I saw her after I got out of the nurses office

How did I know this? Well it could of been for some insanely cool reason like I could see into her mind at pick up on her rage towards me but alas it wasn’t anything to do with that even though it would have been awesome if it was but what gave me my clue was the fact the my twin stormed away from me the second I got in her eye line and if that wasn’t enough proof for you she had refused to look or even talk to me and if you needed even more evidence the little bugger even straight out yelled to me “I’m mad at you Emersyn so just piss off and leave me alone”

It was safe to bet that our little firecracker was more than mad she was furious

Even dad couldn’t get her to talk to me he tried but after that one night at the dinner table where she may have accidentally pulled the table cloth off making all the dishes and food smash to the floor in a less than heathy fit of rage he gave up trying to make her talk and sent the seventeen year old storming off to her room

I didn’t know what she had heard so I didn’t know how to make it better

When a week had been and gone and she still hadn’t said a word to me if you didn’t count the yelling and screaming at me to “just leave her alone and piss off” but it wasn’t a nice thing for a sister to say to another sister and so I didn’t count it

It was still hot as I walked into school the following Wednesday having taken my bandage off just before I went to bed Sunday night as it seemed to have been healing nicely the only visible thing that the knife attack actually happened was a long white scar stretching down my forearm but that was it so now I could wear a t- shirt that hung loosely around me instead of a jumper that was three sizes too big

I stop at my locker coffee flask in hand as I transfer the stuff from my backpack into my locker and get the books that I needed for the day out of it I shut over the locker and nearly get a heart attack from Colton who is standing behind my locker

“D-Do you want to give me a...heart attack” I stutter which causes Colton to chuckle

“I see the stuttering side of you is returning” He smirks leaving me to smack my head did I really for a moment show him who I was?

I am so stupid

“I-I don’t know what you’re on a-about I always s-stutter” I defend my stupidity even though the attempt is futile because the bad boy shakes his head as his smirk grows ever bigger and it makes me want to smack him so hard that his children’s children will feel it

“No you don’t remember the other day when you we’re being all sarcastic and shit you weren’t stuttering all over the place then” he counters and his smirk grows into the widest most evilest grin I have ever seen

That’s when I lose it “Why are you even like this many people wouldn’t even question it it’s just you why?”

“There’s something about you Emma” He mutters darkly causing panic to build up like a balloon in my chest “I’ve heard each and every rumour about you and someone that quiet and mysterious is only like that because that someone is hiding something”

“Don’t believe everything you hear rumours are rumours for a reason” I snap

“True but see my father used to have this friend called Jaden who acted as a nerd because of her haunting past and then was killed weeks after her twin Caleb by the hands of their father I know their reasoning but what is yours” he says in a hollow whisper

A shiver ran through me at the chilling story and I shake my head trying as hard as I can to get the images of the poor dead girl out of my head but I couldn’t get them out of it and it worried me that I couldn’t but I also couldn’t allow Colton to make any more accurate guesses about my life because that will lead to trouble

“So what just because your dad’s friend was pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes that you suspect that I am doing the same thing because I call bull!” I snap at him again and he seems to shrink back into the lockers

“Maybe because look at you, you are not acting the way a normal nerd was, a normal nerd would just mutter and scurry away from me if I shout at them whereas you do the complete opposite because when I yell in your face you just throw it back in my face and correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure you are not a real nerd so I’ll ask again what the hell are you hiding Emma?” Colton accuses leaning one shoulder against my locker that he shrunk into earlier before crossing his arms over his chest

But luckily it seemed somebody was looking over me because before I could get a word in edgewise the bell rung for all of us to get to class so with a fleeting glance towards the boy who was still leaning against my locker I run as fast as my legs would carry me nearly knocking into someone but I didn’t apologise because I wanted to get the hell out of there

But when I was down the corridor I hear Colton chuckle loudly and mutter something along the lines of “Now she runs. Typical”

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